Never This Nice: 1989 Toyota VanWagon

By Jeff Lavery - These spaceship-like Toyota Vans (also known as the “VanWagon” or the “LiteAce” overseas) will never cease to intrigue, what with their flat noses and glassy four-eyed stare. More uncommon is to see one that has been… more»

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Hess & Eisenhardt Heritage: 1984 Chevy Celebrity

By Jeff Lavery - Hobby cars reflect the owner’s interests and obsessions, even if it’s a lowly Chevy Celebrity. Interestingly, this drop-top conversion has an extra dose of history attached to it, as the convertible conversion was executed by a… more»

One Southern Owner: 1974 Volkswagen Thing

By Jeff Lavery - Volkswagen’s memorable Thing allowed drivers to experience a little bit of what life was like driving a military-grade vehicle on the road. Ironically, it ended up as the vehicle of choice for beachgoers and outdoorsmen rather… more»