Worst Idea of the Day: 1982 Datsun 200SX

1982 Datsun 200SX Convertible

We love automotive oddities. There is just something about them that we can’t resist. Some of the oddballs we find seem like great ideas, others not so much. Some of them came from the factory as oddballs, while others were customized or coachbuilt. Richard R sent us a link to the bad idea you see above. This 1982 Datsun 200SX is newer than most of the cars we feature and it wouldn’t normally pique our interests, but when we realized it had been converted into a convertible, our minds started picturing all of the various reasons this was simply a bad idea. Have a look at the worst idea of the day here on craigslist with an asking price of $1,300. Thanks Richard for the tip! Read more »

The Niki Lauda Edition Alfa Romeo Spider

1978 Alfa Romeo Niki Lauda Spider

Oh, how times have changed. There was a time when you could slap a professional race car driver’s name on a car, add some special decals, and a few other visual changes to it and sell it as a special addition. That kind of marketing doesn’t seem to work real well today, but then again maybe it wasn’t that effective back in 1978 either. Alfa Romeo tried it with their special edition Niki Lauda Spider. They only built 350 of these convertibles in ’78, but given that it lacked any actual performance upgrades, it’s easy to understand why they didn’t produce more. That being said, they are rather rare today and having one of the few left would make for an interesting conversation starter. Be sure to take a look at this one here on eBay, where it is being offered without a reserve. Thanks for the tip Connor B! Read more »

Citroen Sighting in Wisconsin

Citroen 2CV in Wisconsin

It can be a challenge trying to decide what cars should grace the pages of this site. We want to make sure we don’t ever show a bias to one make, model, or origin. We strive to make sure we feature things that are interesting, unusual, or just plan cool. So when we hear from a reader who is excited about spotting a car that they had never heard of until they started following the site, it brings a big smile to our faces. Part of what we love so much about our jobs is learning and sharing with other car guys! It doesn’t matter what cars are your into, what matters is that we all learn something new and maybe even gain a new respect for something you would have otherwise overlooked. Reader Brandon P is a muscle car kind of guy, but when he spotted this Citroen 2CV, he knew he had to share it with us! Read more »

Morbidly Intriguing: 1948 Chrysler Sedambulance

1948 Chrysler Sedambulance

We aren’t sure why old funeral and ambulance cars are so fascinating. There is something about them that is both intriguing and disturbing. We find this 1948 Chrysler Sedambulance to be especially interesting, as it was designed to serve as an ambulance/funeral car and a day to day sedan. We aren’t sure about hauling a corpse in the same car we haul our groceries, but if utility is a major concern then this is the car for you! Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $1,200. Thanks Mike J for the tip! Read more »

Retromobile Sighting


Reader Harit T was at Retromobile this last February and spotted this oddity. He has been a car guy all his life, but had never seen anything like this. It was held together with duct tape, but he was impressed nonetheless. If you have followed the site for very long, we bet you can identify it quickly. Go ahead and take a shot. Thanks for the submission Harit! Read more »

Scooby-Doo Van: 1964 Ford Econoline

Ford Econoline Van

The moment I saw this short wheel base 1964 Ford Econoline Van, I thought of the Mystery Machine. Scooby-Doo’s transportation of choice might not have had a personality like Herbie, but it was an important part of the crime solving cartoon team. Even without the ability to drive or cause mischief on its own, it is still almost as recognizable and iconic as the Love Bug. The seller admits to having bought it with the intention of creating a Mystery Machine out of it, but lost interest and has decided to let it go to a new home. After being parked in a barn for 20+ years, it can now be found here on eBay. Read more »

Jeep Commando and “Mini Me”

Jeepster and its Mini Me

Alright, so maybe a 1957 King Midget isn’t exactly a “Mini Me” version of a 1967 Jeep Commando, but we just couldn’t help ourselves given how uncanny the resemblances are. The King Midget and the Jeepster that this Commando evolved from were introduced just a few years apart and would make for a better comparison, but these two are for sale right now and are close to the same price. Take a look at the bigger Jeep here on eBay and then take a peek at its miniature, the King Midget here on eBay. Thanks Jim S for tipping us off to the King Midget! Read more »

Futuristic Micro: 1957 Goggomobil Dart

1957 Goggomobil Dart

Those of you who have been with us since the start or those of you who have spent many a late night reading our old posts might recall the first Goggomobil we ever featured. It’s interesting styling left us intrigued and ever since we have been fans of these quirky little micro cars. We’ve only come across a few of these over the years, so when we saw this 1957 Goggomobil Dart here on eBay, featuring it was a no-brainer. It was restored about 10 years ago, but has been parked since and currently isn’t running. If the TS400 wasn’t oddball enough for you, then this Dart should be! Read more »

Eight Ladybirds Under the Porch

Subaru 360s under the porch

We have found cars parked in a number of interesting places, ranging from basements to living rooms. After seeing a Corvette walled into a grocery store, finding a car parked under a porch isn’t all that unusual to us, but finding eight 1970 Subaru 360s parked under a porch isn’t a common sight. The 360 was Subaru’s first Kei car and gained a surprisingly dedicated following. As you can see, the owner of this collection obviously liked them enough to buy eight of them and park all of them under their porch, although prior to being under the porch six were in a barn and two were in a garage. This could be a great chance to buy your own small fleet of micro cars, so take a look at the collection here on eBay, with a BIN of $12k. Read more »