Aussie Special: Cadillac Fleetwood Ute

Cadillac Fleetwood Ute

In my never ending pursuit of automotive oddballs, I’ve been hunting the globe for cars never seen before. While some are models that I simply haven’t ever seen, others are specials custom tailored to meet the needs of the market they were sold in. This Cadillac Fleetwood Ute is the perfect example of a car that was modified to meet the demands and style of Australia. If you didn’t already know, Australia is known for its love of all things utility. This Cadillac started life as a regular Fleetwood Brougham but had the back seats removed and a truck bed installed in the rear. Find this luxury ute here on eBay out of Melbourne, Australia. Read more »

Luxury Wagon: 1963 Cadillac Vista Cruiser


When was the last time you saw one of these? I bet the answer was never because this seems to be the only one in existence. The seller claims that it is the holy grail of Cadillacs! I’m not so sure about that, but the combination of a Vista Cruiser’s roof line with the plush accommodations of a Cadillac make this one worth a look. You won’t be able to experience it for cheap though. The seller is asking $38k here on eBay in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. That seemed high to me, but Cadillac wagons are always intriguing so I did a little digging… Read more »

American Pride: 1937 Ingalls Special


Update Dec 16, 2014 – This cool little racer is still for sale, but has taken a $25k price hit!

From Jan 24, 2013 – We know, we know, it is not a barn find! We think you need to take a look at this though. Ed Ingalls, the creator of this little hot rod, wanted to go racing in the late forties, but he wanted to drive something from home. American manufactures were not yet producing sports cars, so he had little choice than to build his own. He scoured local junkyards and constructed what became known as the 1937 Ingalls Special. Read more »

Orange Gold:  1978 Mini Midas

1978 Mini Midas

When I was little, my father used to bring me back 1/43 scale die-cast cars from his business travels.  My favorite was a metallic burgundy Mini Marcos. What’s a Mini Marcos, you ask?   First sold in 1965, the Mini Marcos was a British kit car designed to take the mechanical bits from the simple original Mini and put them into a somewhat swoopy…ok…cute, lightweight fiberglass body. Believe it or not, in 1966, a Mini Marcos was the only British car to finish the 24 Hours of LeMans. Over the years, the design and molds were sold several times, but by the mid-1970’s, the design was starting to look dated and it was updated into the Mini Midas. Eagle-eyed reader Jim S found this one here on eBay where you can buy it now for $8,000. Read more »

Cobra Competitor: 1971 Marcos GT


We have featured only a small handful of Marcos GTs over the years. They are rare cars and I feel that every single one of them deserves to be saved so when Barn Finds reader Graham L. sent in a link to this one, I knew we had to feature it! These cars offered unique engineering, stunning good looks, and easy to maintain engines. This one has some issues, but it is a later model so the restoration shouldn’t be too complicated. The seller is asking $6,500 here on Kijiji in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Thanks for the tip Graham! Read more »

El Camino Alternative: 1982 Dodge Rampage

1982 Dodge Rampage

As many of you with older siblings likely know, coveting your brother’s possessions are standard rules of engagement. Despite having a fairly large Matchbox and Hot Wheels collection of my own, I still tried to barter for a few of my elder sibling’s collection, which included the extra-cool “Real Riders” edition of the Dodge Rampage, complete with a dirt bike in the bed and real rubber tires! Well, here’s your (or my) chance to own a pair of life-sized editions, find them here on eBay in California. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Drew V for spotting this twofer! Read more »

Microwave Not Included: 1979 Subaru Brat

Subaru Brat

When it comes to utility vehicles, the Subaru Brat has to be one of the more interesting ones ever built. It was based on a Subaru station wagon, but with the rear roof section cut off. To get around the tariff placed on small trucks, Subaru mounted a set of jump seats in the back. It circumvented some taxes, but it was also dangerous passengers. In the past few years these things have actually gained some serious collector’s status. This 1979 Brat is in need of a new home, where it can receive some much needed love. It appears to have endured some rough times in its life, but has weathered the worst of it quite well. Someone started rebuilding the engine, but never finished. The seller didn’t provide any photos of the engine bay, but I see some vital engine parts in the truck bed, along with a microwave. Hopefully everything needed to make it run again is still here, but you won’t know until you start putting it back together. Have a look at this project here on eBay in Montague, California. Read more »

Rotary Powered Sedan: 1969 NSU Ro 80


Some of you expect to only see rusty old heaps on this site, but every once in a while we like to feature something a little more usable right out of the box. The possibility of getting a bargain on a project car is tempting, but it sure is a heck of a lot easier to buy something that has already been sorted. Take this 1969 NSU Ro 80 that Barn Finds reader Wiley R. found here on eBay for example. It is being offered by a dealer so you’re not going to get it cheap, but I can guarantee that it will be a better experience than trying to restore a worn out example of one of these cars. Well, that is if you can even find one to begin with. Thanks for the tip Wiley! Read more »

Isetta Hoard in Canada

Isetta Collection

During college I spent many hours exploring the small town of Laramie, Wyoming. I was actually on the hunt for a good storage unit, but that’s a whole other story. As I was pulling into a storage facility on the south end of town, I spotted the most unusual of cars to be hiding in Wyoming. As I started to look closer, I discovered there wasn’t just one odd ball, but an entire field full of them! There before me was the single largest collection of BMW Isettas I had ever seen – I counted 15 in total. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I figured I would be back a few months later and I could get photos then. That was a bad choice, because when I returned all but two of the Isettas were gone. I just assumed I would never see such a sight ever again, but that was until I had a look at Dimitris K’s latest submission. This collection of BMW Isettas might not be as large as the one I witnessed in Wyoming, but there are certainly plenty of these tiny oddballs in there. The collection is located in Canada and is listed for sale here on TooToo. Read more »