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1964 Plymouth Valiant: Ready For The Apocalypse?

We often wonder what to do with nice old cars that aren’t terribly collectible, like this… more »

69 Citroen Mehari

1969 Citroen Mehari: Plastic Party

There are few cars that put a smile on my face more easily than the… more »


Custom Chevy Hauler: Backyard Build

Yup. That’s an old school bus with the back-end sawed off and converted into a… more »

Gullwing Wannabe

Mercedes Gullwing For $6,000?

One of my buddies, Chip Lamb, just posted a link to this Mercedes on his… more »


Baldwin Motion Buggy: A Rare Berry

It’s hard to keep track of the multiple variations of dune buggies built on VW… more »


1989 Oshkosh T-1500: Airport Fixture

I blame Legos for my fascination with airport rescue vehicles. There was a set I… more »

1941 Packard 90 Tour Bus

1941 Packard 90: Open Top Tour Bus

We’ve seen some very interesting stretched vehicles, but this 1941 Packard 90 that was stretched… more »


1934 Mercedes Series 200 Cabriolet: Tall Tale

While every car has a story, some have chapters and chapters of fairytale-grade material that… more »


1978 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon: 70s Style

There’s a car that keeps burning a hole in my brain, and potentially, my wallet:… more »

1977 Pontiac Trans Am Sport Wagon

1977 Trans Am Sport Wagon

We’ve featured a number of Corvette wagons and while I can appreciate the idea of… more »

front left54

1954 Justicialista: Porsche Powered

This 1954 Justicialista is not only great for “what is it” trivia, but it’s also… more »


German Collection: 21 Garage Finds for 5,200 Euro

Wow! Kudos to reader Olaf E. for this very unusual find! Located in Oschersleben, Germany, this… more »

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