Tiniest 1957 Thunderbird Around!

Yes it is small, this tiny 1957 Thunderbird is listed here on Hemmings in Dallas, Texas for $3,650, which is $242 dollars more than the full-sized real 1957 Thunderbird was brand new! This is a highly detailed model and the white walls are a nice touch. Was this a Shriner’s car, a film prop, or some lucky child’s toy? We just don’t know.

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Ferrari 328GTS: Ultimate Project

We’ve seen posts on these pages that show rack after rack of wrecked Porsche 356s in the background, appearing more like a hoarder-grade auto body shop frozen in time. Now, a new contender for world’s most exotic repair specialist has arrived, this time with racks stacked with Ferrari bodies. The car for sale here on eBay is a late-80s Ferrari 328GTS body, with no chassis, interior or mechanical equipment included. Said to be a great answer for someone who has crashed their 328, I don’t think buying an entire, non-matching body shell is the most logical solution, but I suppose it’s a better answer than just sending it to the crusher. It would also make for some excellent garage wall art, but you’ll need to shell out close to $20,000 for the privilege. What do you think the future holds for this 328GTS body shell?

Yellow Fire Cracker: MG Midget Project

Listed here on eBay in Tucson, Arizona with a BIN of only $3,500. Here you have a rust free 1979 MG Midget with a Nissan SR20DET redtop engine and transmission. The Nissan all aluminum 2 liter turbocharged engine is making 205 horsepower in factory configuration, as compared the 50 BHP that the Midget had leaving the factory. You better hold onto your hat!

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1950 Crosley Fire Truck: Ain’t It Cute?

There have been a number of interesting Crosleys featured lately, as well as a number of fire trucks, so why not combine them? Well someone did and this is what you get! It’s actually an amusement ride, of course. The owner has done the mechanical work to get it running, but the fuel system still needs attention. The floor has a few holes and the siren is not working. What would your spouse say if you brought this home, once they stop laughing? It’s listed on eBay in Gladwin Michigan with only a day left and bidding just over $3,000.

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1942 American Lafrance Fire Truck Find

This old fire truck is listed on eBay with a BIN of only $2,000. The engine is not stuck and the truck is complete. There is some rust but it seems restorable. It would be a shame for the old truck to be scrapped or parted out and this bit of history lost. Can you imagine how great this little fire truck would look once restored. Perhaps someone will find another use for it? It’s just an hour or so down the road from me, so if someone is really interested I’ll be glad to have a look! Any ideas for what this old fire engine could be used for today?

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1987 Mazda RX7: Gullwinged Rotary

The Mazda RX7 has always caught my eye for being an affordable hobby car with some excellent ’80s qualities, from pop-up headlights to clean, clutter-free Japanese interiors. This generation was really a high watermark for manufacturers like Mazda, Honda and Toyota, in my opinion, with lots of desirable enthusiasts cars within their mainstream ranks. This 1987 Mazda RX7 here on eBay throws some of those mainstream qualities out the windows with its exotic gullwing door conversion and a claimed 256 original miles. I’m not sure what the “Shoemaker” moniker represents, but the seller doesn’t give us many clues as to where this car originated or how it stayed in the wrapper for so long – but the asking price of $50,000 may scare most buyers away, regardless of details. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim S. for the find.

#511 of 600, Another 1980 Toyota Sunchaser

Jeff did a story back in December of 2014 on a different Sunchaser, so if you haven’t ever heard of a Sunchaser and would like more background be sure to read his post here. This one is listed here on craigslist with an asking price of $1,000 in Ferguson, Missouri. The owner states that the “Sunchaser” was a $2,600 option. The car runs, drives, and stops with a 20R motor mated to a 5 speed gearbox.

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It’s All Downhill From Here…Part 3

That’s right folks it’s Soap Box Derby time again! If you’ve missed part 1 or 2, be sure to check them out! Now for part 3! Above is a late 1930s to early ’40s racer that is listed here on eBay and rolling in Hamilton, MI with a BIN of $1,500. We love the style of this slick little derby car!

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It’s All Downhill From Here… Part 2

And now for part two of our look at some period soap box derby racers! This cart was called Greek Power II #44/28 and is available here on eBay with a starting bid of $799. This beautiful “golden rod” is a nice ride and with a little work, could be a winner again! And if this one is a bit too flashy, be sure to check out The Red Baron and a car that was sponsored by Nationwide Insurance below!

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1989 Nissan Be-1: Yes You Can!

I know, I know, this isn’t a dirty, dusty or rusty old car, but I believe it has been in a garage most of its life. It’s also rare (a two year run of 10K), chances are you and many others haven’t ever seen one or had the chance to purchase one of these Nissans. This one is listed here on craigslist in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. It has that interesting retro design and would be fun to own and drive.Read More »

1971 VW Type 3 Notchback: Assembly Required

This is what the car looked like in the ’90s. There has been one owner since 1990 and he is now selling one of his “most prized possessions”. There are very few examples of this model in North America and I do like them a lot. The owner drove the car, then garaged and slowly disassembled it. Then he had to move to a tiny garage. There he separated the body from the pan, stripped and epoxy primed the body.He now has less time and you know the rest of the story.Read More »

1939 Studebaker Hearse: Last One on Earth?

We see bold claims in car classifieds all the time. Most of the time they are on eBay and have to do with the level of restoration or the one, careful grandma owner. But this 1939 Studebaker Hearse here on craigslist makes the biggest claim of all: it’s the only one left on Earth! I don’t know how to confirm this proclamation, or how a guy in British Columbia knows for a fact his is the sole survivor. To be fair, though, a quick Google search does not reveal many references to this extended Stude, aside from some historical photographs. This particular car looks like it has decent trim around front including the grills and bumpers – which may be specific to the hearse configuration, along with the interior and glass. Do you think the seller is correct that his car is the only surviving example? Thanks to Ed B. for the find.

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