German Power: 1967 Ford Falcon Diesel

Now this is an interesting idea! The owner of this Falcon decided they wanted better fuel mileage and something truly unique, so they dropped a Mercedes-Benz inline six diesel engine and 5 speed transmission in it…. more»

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Make An Offer! “Ferrari” Daytona Spyder

Just so you all know, we weren’t going to tell you about this epic discovery. But, being the generous souls that we are, we’ll let you in on this secret Ferrari Daytona Spyder that’s been locked… more»

For Short Hippies: 1966 Volkswagen Bus

Your eyes are not deceiving you. This VW bus was shortened by two feet before a band of paintbrush-toting hippies descended on it. The seller claims that this bus could have been at Woodstock. That may… more»

Coming Up Short: 1981 Cadillac Grandeur Opera Coupe

The cropped down photos make it a bit difficult to see what exactly is happening with this Cadillac Seville, but you can definitely tell that something isn’t quite right. Thankfully, a quick search reveals what is… more»

(Mini) Truck Stop: Dodge Rampage Collection

When you’re a hoarder of Dodge Rampages, you’re allowed to be a man of few words. OK, I just made that up – but it sure seems like that’s one of the perks based on this… more»

Saved from Scrap, Part II: 1987 Nissan Pulsar Sportbak

There was a time when car designers dreamed big and manufacturers allowed those dreams to live on in real-life vehicles. Nowadays, a tantalizing concept is unveiled and the production model looks like a warmed-over (and that’s… more»

V8 And Chickenwire: 1967 Triumph Spitfire Custom

What do you get when you take a Spitfire, stuff in a V8 connected to a Corvair transaxle and apply some chicken wire and fiberglass? Well, you get something like this. Whatever it is, it’s listed on eBay… more»

Stay Off the On-Ramp: 1980-81 HMV Free-Way

Are you more of an original vehicle lover or a resto-mod vehicle lover? How about with three-wheeled vehicles? Hello? Hey, where’d everyone go? These wacky things are a 1980 and 1981 HMV Free-Way and the orange… more»

Theme Park Memories: 1960 Autopia Car

Did anyone watch The Wonderful World of Disney that was on Sunday nights.. ohhhhhhh.. a few years (decades) ago? I did, it was a must-see, especially when we got a color tv. This 1960 Autopia Car… more»

Flower Power: 1953 Cadillac Series 62

This old Caddy must have been an elegant sight in its day, festooned with flowers in a funeral procession. Everyone (well except the guest of honor) must have enjoyed it. There have been a number of flower… more»

Tennessee Built: 1980s Trike

I, for one, have never understood the point of a trike. If I’m going to own a motorcycle, I want to own a crotch rocket banshee that will scare the bejesus out of me. If I… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Two Seater Project 1975 Rupp Centaur

Update 6/16/17 – After having a buyer back out due to sudden heath problems, Glenn has decided to lower his asking price to $5,300! He also sent over photos of the Sprint parts car, which can… more»

1954 Allied–So What Is It?

Being car folks, I’m betting you will know what a Cisitalia is–a rather rare (~170 made) Italian sports car that was considered so beautiful when produced it was one of the first, if not the first… more»