The Flying Spur: 1995 Rolls-Royce Estate

I love hunting for oddball and unique cars. I was recently surfing the internet and spotted a dealer with some pretty interesting cars. That’s when I spotted this wagon! You really can’t get much more unique… more»

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High Tech Oddity: 1962 DAF 750

This odd looking little car may not look like much from the outside, but it was actually very advanced for its time. Not only is it powered by a flat-twin engine, but it’s one of the… more»

Four On the Floor: 1984 Ford E-150 Van

There’s rarely a vehicle that tells you so much about what consumers wanted in a work truck than this stick-shift 1984 Ford E150 van. In an era where the manual transmission is quickly disappearing from even… more»

Tough Mudder: 1965 Ford Pickup

If lovin’ you is wronnng, I don’t want to be right… Here’s one that could drive over your barn! This 1965 Ford Pickup has been turned into a monster mudder and it’s located in Russellville, Alabama…. more»

Futura Shock: 1980 Ford Fairmont

Put your seatbelts on for this one. Or, maybe some of you will need sunglasses… This creation is a 1980 Ford Fairmont custom and it’s… interesting, to say the least. It’s here on craigslist in New… more»

Snowy Driver? 1945 Studebaker M29 Weasel

I’m not 100% sure about the identification on this one, as most Studebaker-produced Weasels I found online were open vehicles, and I didn’t see any with a cab structure like this one listed as a 1945… more»

Coal Rollin’ Buick: 1983 Buick Century Diesel

A diesel Buick!? What is the world coming to?! Wait, this one is 34 years old already. This oil-burner is a 1983 Buick Century diesel and it’s just northwest of gorgeous Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It’s on… more»

Happy Easter From Barn Finds!

We had a hard time finding a bunny barn find or even a carrot car to feature for Easter, so this big collection of eggs will have to do! These all came from the Easter Egg Roll… more»

$1,000,000! Evel Knievel X-2 SkyCycle Artifact

A show of hands for those of you who have $1,000,000 to spend? That many? Nice! This is the oddest vehicle-related item that I’ve run across in my tenure at Barn Finds. Up for auction is an artifact… more»

Powered by Renault: 1958 Berkeley Roadster

Buying an old race car is always such a romantic idea, especially if it’s a car you had seen racing back in the day. That’s the story this seller tells, reminiscing that he spotted this beaten-up… more»

Buford’s Bus: 1968 Chevy 90 Van

Do celebrity connections help move inventory when it comes to project vehicles? I’m not sure, but the seller of this weathered rescue van for the McNairy County municipality in Tennessee throws out a curious anecdote about… more»

One of 24 Left: 1971 AMC Javelin Police Car

For once, I agree with a seller’s hyperbole: this AMC Javelin is far more special than the garden-variety Camaro and Mustang police cars that show up with some frequency on classifieds sites. Said to be one… more»

The Dude: 1981 Ford Durango

Car names sure can be interesting, some seem to fit and some don’t quite seem to fit. When I think of a “Durango”, I think of a rough and tumble truck, made for farm and ranch… more»