The Four Door Ranchero

1959 Mercury Truck Wagon

You might be saying to yourself that Ford never built a four door version of the Ranchero and truth is you would be correct. That might also lead you to ask why someone would need a Ranchero with seating for four, but apparently the owner of this 1959 Mercury Colony Park Wagon asked that question and decided they had a need for one. They took this massive wagon, cut the rear roof section off and turned it into a truck bed. It is obviously going to need considerable work, but could be a fun project. It would certainly turn heads and you wouldn’t see another one like it anywhere. Take a closer look at it here on Craigslist or find it in Roseville, California with a $7,500 asking price. Special thanks to Mike J for this tip! Read more »

Siamese Oddball in Ohio

Siamese Oddball

Everyday our inbox is filled with interesting finds you guys have come across. Some are interesting because of the car’s story or its rarity, while others are interesting simply because of how odd they are. Well, I think the find you see above has to be one of the more interesting ones I have ever seen. While traveling through Ohio, Heidi and Gary W spotted this oddball alongside the road outside of Newark, Ohio. They hadn’t ever seen anything like it before and thought it might be something everyone here would enjoy seeing. After the initial shock and laughter had subsided, I inspected it more closely and I have to say, the craftsmanship that went into creating this two headed curiosity is actually quite impressive. I just want to thank Gary and Heidi for sharing this with us! Read more »

Retro Before It Was Cool: 1989 Nissan Pao

1989 Nissan Pao

Over the past decade, nearly every car manufacture has introduced some sort of retro throwback of their previous models. VW did it with the Beetle, Mini Cooper was reborn by BMW, Chevy reintroduced the Camaro, and Ford redesigned the Mustang to look more like those of old. While I appreciate their efforts to recapture some of that classic appeal, one manufacturer built a throwback before retro was even cool. That company was Nissan and although they were careful not to put their name on it, I have to give them credit for going out of the main stream to build something unique and fun. The micro car you see above could easily be mistaken for one built in the ’60s. I know it isn’t a real classic, but this 1989 Nissan Pao is just too cool to not take a look at. With just 50k built, it is already becoming collectable, so in another 20 years this could actually be a very desirable car. Have a look at it here on craigslist in Seattle, Washington for $6200. Thanks goes to Matt K for the tip! Read more »

Lost Scenicruisers and Found Memories


From Sid Cannon – My wife and I were in Baker Oregon this past weekend for the Baker City Memorial Cruise. We were told that the best place to get a great meal was in Haines, Oregon so we headed that way. Haines is a very small town on Highway 30 about 10 miles north of Baker. When the interstate by-passed Haines many years ago the city went into decline like many other small towns that suffered the same fate. The steak house definitely survived and is still the best place to eat in the Baker Valley. That’s not the point of this story though. Read more »

CVT Pioneer: 1961 DAF 600


Continuously variable transmissions may be commonplace today, but they were unheard of back in the sixties. You have probably never heard of DAF, but they were one of the first companies to employee such a system. They called it a Variomatic, but the concept is the same. This 1961 DAF 600 is fitted with one of these innovative transmissions and although it has been parked for many years, is claimed to run and drive. It is still going to need lots of work, but the quirky nature of the car and the $3,000 asking price make it a tempting proposition. Find it here on eBay in Dolgeville, New York. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip! Read more »

My Secret Dream Car: 1972 OTAS Grand Prix

1972 Otas Grand Prix 820

From the first time I drove a Fiat, I have been a fan of Italian company and all the oddball cars they have built over the years. I have since had the pleasure of driving a number of different Fiats, but there is one that I yearn to drive but so far has eluded me. That car isn’t one of their early cars or even one of the Abarth tuned rally cars, although these did come in Abarth flavor, it isn’t even really a Fiat. It is the OTAS Grand Prix 820, also known as the Abarth Scorpione and the Giannini Grand Prix, and while it might not be a true Fiat, it is based on the Fiat 850 chassis and drivetrain. This 1972 OTAS 820cc isn’t one of the highly desirable tuned versions, but is still quite desirable in my book. It has been in storage since the ’80s and has just recently pulled from storage. It is now located in Austin, Texas and can be found here on eBay. Special thanks to Jim S for the tip! Read more »

The Anti-Concours: 1918 Stutz Hot Rod

Stutz Hot Rod!

Sure wish I was at Pebble Beach right now… Back in 2011 Josh and I had the opportunity to attend many of the events that take place every August on the Monterey Peninsula. We sure had a great time. It seems that everyone else did too and they must have told all their friends about it. Hotel room prices have skyrocketed as a result so we will have to be content watching from a distance yet again this year. To honor all those fancy machines sitting on the manicured lawns this morning, I wanted to featured this 1918 Stutz. Now, this is not like any Stutz you are going to see at the concours. Some might call it a blasphemy, but I think it’s just plain cool. Find it here on eBay in Lansdale, Pennsylvania for $21,500 or best offer. Read more »

Oddball Truck: 1957 Tempo Matador

1957 Tempo Matador

There is nothing like discovering a vehicle that you previously didn’t know existed. Well this 1957 Tempo Matador is the first I’ve ever seen, as a matter of fact I’ve never even heard of the German manufacture Tempo. This one is in need of a complete restoration, but the seller is asking just $1,400 or best offer. This could be a really interesting and fun project, so find it here on craigslist in San Francisco, California. Special thanks to Robert J for the tip! Read more »

Fish Face: 1962 Daimler SP250


It may be an acquired taste, but I actually the looks of the Daimler SP250. Its awkward curves and fish-mouth grill make it stand out amongst a crowd of more aesthetically pleasing machines. I would love to have one, but current values and limited supply keep them just out of reach. This could be the chance to get into one on the cheap. Just don’t expect it to stay that way. Find this project here on eBay in Dallas, Texas with bidding is currently at $4,650. Read more »