1959 Corvette With A Nose Job!

For those of you who either know about or have attended the variety of car shows and swap meets in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, you likely know that there’s a community of weird and wonderful vehicles that reside… more»

Early Ranchero: 1931 Ford Model A Coupe

This “truck” is listed on craigslist and is exactly as it was on it’s last work day. It has an interesting history. During the war it was converted from a coupe to a pickup of sorts. In 1957… more»

Life After Death: 1936 Packard Henney Hearse

Packards with Henny bodies were a popular choice for a hearse in the 1930s and 1940s. Barn Finds has featured a few in various states of repair. Here is another one listed on eBay. Bidding is over $8k with… more»

The Stojadin: 1977 Zastava 101

Now here is one we don’t see in our part of the world very often! Reader Vanco out of Thessaloniki, Greece has decided to part ways with his sweet little Zastava. The 101 was Zastava’s first vehicle… more»

Full On Fun: 1958 Offyette Quarter Midget

When I found this very cool looking 1958 Offyette Quarter Midget race car for sale here on craigslist near Agawam, Massachusetts, I thought it might be a very realistic looking toy. But this is a real… more»

Pucker Up! Ex-Museum 1965 Goggomobil TS250 Coupe

Sorry, but I can’t get the image of the front of this car out of my head–it looks like it’s puckered up for a kiss! We have covered Goggomobil’s before here at Barn Finds, but this… more»

A Puzzle: 1926 Star Speedster

After Billy Durant, co founder of General Motors, was forced out of GM he founded Durant Motors. The Star Automobile was one of the Durant Motors Brands designed to compete with the Model T. They were… more»

Crazy Dually Van Conversion

Centurion was known for finding niches that the manufacturers didn’t think about and filling them. They took new trucks, cut them up, and combined them to created things like four-door Broncos and, apparently, even dually van/truck… more»

Take One Citation, Remove Wheel, Blend Well!

Now this is something you won’t see every day! Thanks to Barn Finds reader Alan from Michigan for calling this unusual creation to our attention! It’s located in Omaha, Nebraska and is offered for sale here… more»

Little Landie! 1/2 Scale Land Rover Defender

Barn Finds reader Dik S. writes: Hi folks, I found this in the UK. Kind regards from the Netherlands, Dik S. It’s an approximately 1/2 scale Land Rover Defender, or at least it loosely resembles one. The miniature is… more»

Orange Peeler: 1973 Bond Bug

This floating car (there’s actually a wheel under there!) is a 1973 Bond Bug and it’s in lovely Burntwood, United Kingdom, 30 minutes north of Birmingham. This unusual three-wheeler is listed on eBay with a current bid… more»

Rare Ragtop: 1983 Subaru GL Convertible

This is a 1983 Subaru GL Convertible and it’s in New Milford, Connecticut. This rare ragtop is listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $3,000 and three days left on the auction.

Sleeper Potential: Town & Country Turbo Estates

Lately, I’ve been having thoughts of mixing up my collection. I own a few older BMWs, and while I love the things, life is short. Variety is good. I wonder if the seller of this pair… more»

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