Melting Pot of Style: 1964 Facel Vega Facel III

1964 Facel Vega Facel III

French cars just have a certain character and flare that not even Italian cars can claim to have. Of course they aren’t fast, loud, or high strung stallions like what comes out of Italy, but they are quirky and unique. Facel-Vega was one of the few French brands that aimed to build a French car that could rival the Italians on the style and class front, while still retaining its French character. This 1964 Facel III is highly original and was under the same ownership for over 40 years. It needs some work, but looks to be in solid shape. It is one of only a dozen or so in the States and is definitely worth taking a closer look at.  Be sure to check it out here on eBay. Read more »

First Dibs: 1951 M.I. Special Roadster

MI Special in barn

Last June we featured a roadster that had been built using instructions and designs from the 1951 Mechanix Illustrated magazine. We haven’t seen or heard of another one since then, but recently John K got on and posted a comment about his. So we decided to see if he still had it and if he would send us photos. He quickly responded with these pictures and more information. He has a lot of other projects going on right now, so he has decided to let this one go. Since it’s a barn find, he thought our reader’s deserved to have the first chance to buy it. It needs some work, but comes with all the pieces to put it back together. He is asking $4,200 or best offer, so if you’re interested in having this interesting little roadster, you can get in touch with John by sending him an email here. Read more »

American Built Import: 1972 AMC Gremlin

1972 AMC Gremlin Deluxe

The 1970′s were tough for American auto manufacturers. Foreign imports were flooding the market and American drivers just couldn’t get enough of these overseas fuel sippers. In an attempt to compete, American brands rushed their own econo-boxes to market. Some were hits and others were complete misses. AMC wasn’t known for building winners, but every once in a while they built a car that was just right for the times. For the 1970′s their Gremlin turned out to be the right car for the right time, at least for AMC. They went so far as to even call it the first American built import. It might have been a good economy car, but there was a lot more to these little devils. Most of the ones we come across were driven hard and put away wet, but the green 1972 Gremlin above is still running and the seller claims it has just 31k miles. Have a look for yourself here on eBay. Read more »

James, James 1967 Bond GT4S

1967 Bond GT4s

We’ve never been bashful about our love for quirky oddball cars, so whenever we come across a rare sports car that just happens to share its name with our favorite British secret agent we tend to get excited. Now we understand if you haven’t ever heard of Bond Cars, as there just weren’t many brought to our shores, but we think they are a car worth learning about. Sure they aren’t that fast and they don’t have a loud V8, but they are just such fascinating little cars. There aren’t many cars as rare as the 1967 Bond Equipe GT4S that you can still find all the parts for. It is the perfect car for someone wanting something unique, but doesn’t want to break the bank in the process. This one has been listed here on eBay with a $4k starting bid. Read more »

Another Double Bubble: 1959 Abarth Zagato

1959 Abarth 750 Zagato

Oh the aluminum bodied oddball that is the Abarth Zagato Double Bubble! It is quirky, unusual, maybe even a bit cute but for some reason we thought these were supposed to be rare. Sure we haven’t seen as many of these as we have seen Camaros, Corvettes, or Mustangs, but we keep coming across these little Italian coupes. For some reason most of the ones we see are stripped down to bare aluminum and in need of complete restoration. We assume this is in part a result of the high cost to restore and the fact that they fit in a rather unusual niche. Micro cars are definitely going to be the next big thing, but still haven’t caught on with the high dollar collectors who would at this point rather have a Ferrari or Lambo. We have a certain love and respect for the Abarth Zagato, but the cost is prohibitive. Well until you win the lotto, you will just have to keep dreaming about projects like this 1959 Abarth 750 Zagato we found here on eBay. Sure it is unrealistic, but why not dream? Read more »

Compact Tank: 1962 Rambler American

1962 Rambler American

Modern compacts aren’t always known for their durability, but there is one compact that we know of that can best be described as a tank. Sure there are other durable compacts built during the ‘50s and ‘60s, but few proved to be as efficient and durable as the Rambler American. Not only was it a cheap and efficient car to own, it was actually relatively fun to drive for a compact. It was such a good little car that it won a number of awards and AMC kept it around for over a decade. The problem with most early Ramblers today is that it’s hard to find one that hasn’t been driven to death. The seller of this 1962 Rambler American claims it has seen just 12k miles. We have our doubts about the mileage, but anything is possible. It’s definitely worth taking a look at it here on craigslist. Thanks to bizfinguy for the tip! Read more »

The Short Bus: Dodge Postal Delivery Van

Dodge Postal Van

Finding a car built in the 1950′s isn’t all the difficult, as they were heavy and well-built machines. Like most things built in the 1950′s, the vehicles built in this era were built to last. That being said, we don’t typically see ’50s work vehicles that have survived years of hard work and the effects of being left outdoors. This is likely because most tended to be so well built that they were used until they just couldn’t go anymore. It also didn’t help that most companies didn’t tend to keep them after they had been replaced. This 1950′s Dodge Postal Delivery Van was recently pulled from a barn in Montana and while it needs to be restored, it is in solid shape. Life as a work vehicle in Montana couldn’t have been easy, but somehow this one has survived and looks as cute as ever. Take a look at it here on eBay with a $4,500 BIN. Read more »

French Nomenclature: 1960 Renault 4CV

1960 Renault 4CV

For all their issues, quirks, and peculiarities, there is just something about French cars that fascinates us. We love the unusual and simplistic engineering, but we have to admit some of the names they gave their cars were less than interesting. One would think the French would have some of the most creative and profound model names for their cars, but that wasn’t always the case. Now don’t get us wrong some of their cars were given great names, but the ones that went on to be huge successes got titles that were more designations than names. We hadn’t really given much thought to some of these names until we looked at this 1960 Renault 4CV that Harley505 found here on craigslist, which the seller happened to get wrong calling it a C4V. We were actually a bit confused when we searched for it and realized it was supposed to be 4CV, which happens to be very similar to one of the most prolific French cars ever built the Citroen 2CV. This got us wondering how it happened that Renault and Citroen both offered cars in the late 1940′s with similarly bland names. Like usual, the answer turned out to be a rather simple one. Find out what it is right after the break. Read more »

Nash Metropolitan Stash: 4 for $2,500


I’ll see your 4 Subaru 360′s and raise you 4 Nash Metros for only $2500! That was David C’s comment when he emailed us the other day. Good one David! If you want a small classic, but the Subies were a little too quirky for you then may we recommend these Nash Metropolitans? While other American manufacturers were churning out land yachts, Nash decided to build something a little smaller. Find this quadruplet here on craigslist out of Oxford, Mississippi. Thanks for the tip David! Read more »