Renault GTAs

Two French Follies: Renault GTA’s

I have a typical American trait of rooting for the underdog. Naturally, I liked AMC products growing up, and even got in trouble in elementary school when I drew a poster of the new AMC cars for 1975 when asked to draw a “New Year’s” themed picture. As the Renault/AMC “merger” proceeded, I even tried to like the Alliance/Encore… but I couldn’t. They weren’t ‘sporty’. Then they brought out the GTA and I was in love… and then they were gone. Having driven one since then, I was pleased to find they were really pleasant drivers with a sporty feel. No, not VW GTI levels of performance, but nothing shabby either! And since their value plummeted like a rock immediately after introduction, they were affordable too. 28 years later, they are very affordable. Thanks goes to reader Rich G for finding the convertible for us, which is available here on craigslist in Columbus, Ohio for $550 and if you prefer the hardtop version, there’s one here on craigslist in Roseburg, Oregon for only $300! Read more »

1959 Borgward Isabellas

Borgward Isabella Barn Finds

When it comes to German brands, most of us think of names like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi, but at one time Borgward was a major player in Germany. The brand built well over a million cars before it closed its doors. Only a small number of these cars were imported to our shores, making this find rather special. The seller has not one, but two Borgward parked in their barn. One is an Isabella coupe and the other an Isabella Kombi wagon. Both can be be found here on craigslist in the Detroit Metro area. And to only make this find even more interesting, the brand could be making its return! Read more »

1949 Chevrolet Canopy Express

Patinaed Rarity: 1949 Chevrolet Canopy Express

I love finding cars that I have never seen or heard of before, but finding something new and unusual is typically rather difficult. You certainly wouldn’t think there would be many cars from a major American manufacture that hasn’t already crossed these pages, but as it turns out there are still a few American cars out there that I have neither heard or seen of. Until today, I certainly had no idea what a 1949 Chevrolet Canopy Express was, but that’s because they only built 270 or so of these specialized trucks. Find it today here on eBay with a starting bid of $5,600 and no reserve. Read more »

1971 AMC Gremlin Dragster

Estate Dragster: 1971 AMC Gremlin

Estate sales can be great places to find classic cars. Most of the cars we see that have come out of estate sales are low mileage cars with minimal wear and only in need of a good detailing. Usually these cars can best be described as granny cars, but every once in a while we spot estate finds that are just plain odd and unusual. Well this one fits both categories and then some. How can you get any odder than an AMC Gremlin? Oh I know, turn it into a wheelie popping dragster! If you’ve been wanting to fulfill all of your ’70s drag racing fantasies, you can find this 1971 Gremlin here on eBay, but you had better act fast! Read more »

Fiberfab Avenger

Not Quite A GT40: Fiberfab Avenger V8

You may remember Fiberfab, if you’re old enough, from their dreamlike ads for their kit cars in the back of motoring magazines. Promising exotic sports car looks with only a little effort, I remember thinking how easy it looked. Boy, was I ever wrong. As a current kit car owner, although not a Fiberfab, making a bunch of component parts all come together to make a running car is a lot more difficult than it seemed, and many kits ended up incomplete. Despite being incomplete, this one has an interesting makeup that certainly intrigued me. It’s listed here on eBay and is located in Florissant, Missouri. Read more »

Breadvan wannabe

Can You Identify This Kit Car?

We have all seen a lot of VW based kit cars over the years, but this one caught my eye when one of our readers sent it in. I’m not sure what the creator was going for when they laid the fiberglass body, but I personally think it looks like a crude squared off version of the famous 1962 Ferrari 250 GT “Breadvan”. Read more about the breadvan here and see for yourself. Ok, so maybe you have to squint a little to see that, but this is probably the closest any of us is ever going to get to that beautiful shape. Find it here on craigslist out of Las Vegas, Nevada for $1,500. Thanks for the tip Chuck F! Read more »

1976 Chevette V8 Hot Rod

A Bit Badder: 1976 Chevy Chevette V8

It became clear to us that the Chevy Chevette is still quite the conversation piece, based on the discussion that followed our posting of this diesel-equipped fuel-sipper from a few days ago. Many of you were surprisingly positive about the little tyke, even going so far as to endorsing the impressive range of the diesel models. But a good portion of our readers complained about the subpar quality control and lack of power; well, we were able to find a way to correct at least one of those ills with this V8-swapped ’76 Chevette found here on eBay, with just one bid and the reserve unmet. Read more »

1968 Moskvitch 408

Imported Oddball: 1968 Moskvitch 408

When I first saw the pictures of this car, I thought English Ford, then Italian Fiat. I was surprised to find a Moskvitch for sale in Florida with a clear title; all the import work has been completed already. This unusual Russian economy car is for sale here on eBay with reserve not met. Read more »

1950 Crosley Farm-O-Road

It Goes To Town! 1950 Crosley Farm-O-Road

I know something about the various Crosley cars, but this version was completely new to me. Right after World War II, the Jeep was familiar to returning servicemen and became useful on farms all over the United States. The Farm-O-Road was Crosley’s attempt at a smaller version of the versatile Jeep; a vehicle suitable for farm work and driving to town as well (as long as one drove slowly). This nicely kept example is for auction here on eBay and is located in Anaheim, California. Read more »

1953 Allstate 213 Deluxe

It’s Been In Good Hands: 1953 Allstate

Did you know that Sears & Roebuck sold cars at one point? Allstates were offered through the famous Sears catalog in the early 1950’s. It wasn’t the first time Sears had sold cars; they sold high-wheelers in the early part of the century, but this was a mainstream automobile, powered by either a four or six cylinder engine. This particular Allstate is offered here on eBay in Glendale, Arizona. Read more »