De Plane, De Plane! 1973 Honda Jolly

No, this isn’t the vehicle that they used on Fantasy Island, but if a regular Honda Civic isn’t wacky enough for you, maybe this custom 1973 Honda Jolly would be? This unusual vehicle is on eBay with a buy it… more»

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Mighty Tiny: 1986 Suzuki Mighty Boy

Do not adjust your set, this 1986 Suzuki Mighty Boy SS40T pickup is really this small, about 10.5 feet long. If you have a tiny load to haul and you like unusual Japanese vehicles, this is one… more»

4x4x4x4, etc… 1970s Quadractor 4×4

There are a lot of 4s on this one! This may be something that I bet a lot of you haven’t seen before: a 1970s Quadractor 4×4 with 4-wheel steering and it’s not a homemade thing, believe… more»

Confusing, Awesome, Terrible: 1968 Jaguar XKE Roadster

First, yes, this is neither a barn find nor a survivor, but this “Confusing, awesome, terrible” listing as TJ described it, is just too, uh, something to pass up. Thanks TJ for the find and for your… more»

Grand Camino: Custom Grand National

When it comes to modifying collector cars, the Buick Grand National is typically off-limits. Most are enshrouded in an air bubble in a collector’s garage, waiting for the day it rolls across the auction block. Not… more»

Dodging Electrons: 1980 Dodge/Jet Electrica 007

This one is recognizable as a Dodge Omni 024 or a Plymouth Horizon TC3, but it’s actually a 1980 Jet Electrica 007! Dang, that’s a cool name, at least until most people find out that it’s… more»

Woman Power: 1950s Fairbanks-Morse Mower

A riding mower?! Come on, guys, you’re losing your focus! Ahh.. it felt good to get that out of the way.. This one may seem weird, but Barn Finds isn’t always about dusty, hidden muscle cars…. more»

Campus Find: As-New 1995 Saturn SL1

Colleges benefit from many things, including non-profit status, tax breaks, great deals on desirable properties, and the ability to take over once-public streets for the privilege of sticking parking meters on them. Oh, and the salaries… more»

Drop an SBC in it… 1982 AMC Eagle SX/4

Jeff showed us a nice SX/4 about a month ago and it sold for a little over $700 more than the $2,800 asking price of this 1981 AMC Eagle SX/4 project car. This one is on Craigslist in… more»

Rare Dutch Swede: 1966 Volvo 66 GL Estate

If you like unusual vehicles, it almost literally does not get any more unusual than this 1976 Volvo 66 GL Estate! I can hardly look at this car, I keep picturing it in our driveway and… more»

Turbo Custom Cab! 1985 Toyota 4×4 Pickup

Here’s a truck that checks quite a few boxes: it’s a 1985 Toyota 4×4 Turbo Custom Cab pickup! The seller is “asking” $2,500, which of course means that everyone will go all Rick Harrison on them with excuse-filled… more»

Coachbuilt Oddball: 1986 Honda CRX Straman

We have all seen and remember the Honda CRX as a small and short wheelbase hatchback. Fun, with a charming character, and often a thrill on back roads and tracks, the Honda CRX is a Legendary… more»

Funky Flatbed: 1977 Lincoln Town Car Flatbed

This is one crazy custom, it’s a 1977 Lincoln Town Car Flatbed. What?! Someone must have gotten a set of cutting torches and a welder for their birthday. This funky flatbed is on Craigslist in Morris,… more»