MGA Update: Body Work Underway

This past week, we’ve been very busy with the MGA. This is easily the biggest project we’ve taken on yet! So far, things are going quite smoothly. With the body and chassis separated, we have devised a… more»

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We Just Scored Another MG!

With the Dodge gone, there was a big empty spot in our shop. I mean really big! Well, it didn’t take long for us to fill it back up. Projects seem to come in pairs around… more»

MGA Update: The Body Is Off!

Here’s a quick update on what Josh and I have done to our MGA since it arrived at the garage. Just keeping the site running takes up most of our time, but we have been able… more»

MGA Update: Need Any MGA Parts?

Yesterday we spent a few hours organizing all the spare parts that came with our MGA. Turns out there are a lot of roadster bits that we don’t have any use for. There’s a pair of… more»

Introducing Our Next “Big” Project!

“You should never buy someone else’s unfinished project”. I’ve said those words a thousand times, but I just broke my own rule. We have hinted at the fact that we were getting a new project. You… more»

Our 1970 Dodge D100 Is Up For Auction!

Since listing our D-100 for sale we’ve had a lot of nibbles, but no bites yet. The main obstacle for most prospective buyers seems to be the cost of shipping. Unfortunately, we can’t control that aspect… more»

BF Exclusive: 1970 Dodge D-100 Adventurer

Update: It’s now listed here on eBay with a $0.99 starting bid and low reserve. The auction is only going to run 3 days too, so it might end up going cheap! Should be fun to… more»

See How We Did On Our Spitfire!

We were planning on doing a little more with our Spitfire, but an opportunity just came up that we could not pass by! We will share more about that later, but first let’s talk about the… more»

How To Start A Barn Find

When we bought the Spitfire, we were already busy getting the TVR cleaned up so there wasn’t much time to dedicate to our little roadster. I did find some time between projects though to prep the… more»

Our Triumph Spitfire Barn Find!

Some of you may remember that we scored a Spitfire back in February. This little Roadster had been off the road for almost two decades so we were really sure what we weren’t getting into. For… more»

Our TVR Finally Shipped Out!

After weeks of waiting, a truck finally picked up our TVR  the other day and hauled it over to its new owner place. Justin was happy to have the car in his garage at long last… more»

BF Exclusive: Our 1983 TVR Tasmin!

You’ve watched us find, fix, and drive our TVR, but now it is time to let someone else have a turn. This car had been parked for many years as the result of a failed fuel… more»

I’m Keeping The Blakely Hawk!

So, after bouncing it back and forth last night on whether or not to take the offer received for my Blakely Hawk, and getting tons of great feedback from you guys, I finally decided to keep… more»