How Brave Are You? 1967 Maserati Mistral

This car is the opportunity of a lifetime–for the right, very brave individual who’s wanted a vintage Maserati exotic car for a long time! It’s listed for sale here on eBay at no reserve, and with… more»

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Unfinished Project: Original 1940 Buick

This 1940 Buick two door coupe looks very original. It was purchased by the current owner from a long time previous owner in 2006, and was intended to be a father-son restoration project. Unfortunately, the father was… more»

Ol’ Rusty Goat: 1965 GTO

Full restoration needed here for this “barn find condition” 1965 Pontiac GTO. It was originally teal, although little to no factory paint remains. Now it’s listed for sale here on eBay, with an opening bid of… more»

Plain As Can Be! 1955 Chevrolet 150

When the 1955 Chevrolets were introduced, they came in three models; the Bel Air at the top, followed by the 210, and then the 150, which was the plain car of the bunch. This plain as… more»

Riot Victim: 1967 Dodge Charger

This 1967 Dodge Charger was a victim of rioting in 1974 (I couldn’t find a mention of it, so it must have been pretty small) and received a repaint from white to red as a result…. more»

Not What It Seems: 1973 Chevrolet Vega Barn Find

As the seller quite correctly points out, the “GT” trim has been added to this base level Vega. But that doesn’t make it a bad car! As a Pinto and Vega fan, I struggle with the… more»

Winter Project: 1959 Triumph TR3A

This TR3A looks like it was used for promotional use by a sandal shop at some point in its life. Now, after having been stationary since 1996 after twenty years on the road with the same… more»

Pint Sized Sedan: 1959 Triumph Standard 10

Small, efficient, and capable of hauling an “entire” family, this neat little Triumph is solid, and would make for a great space efficient classic. What is a space efficient classic? Well, it’s a cool old car… more»

Barn Found Ranger: 1958 Edsel Ranger

Edsels tend to fall into a few categories in the automotive realm. Unique, rare, different, strange, and named after the famous automotive tycoons’ son, Edsel Ford. Living up to all of the above, these uncommon Edsels… more»

1930’s Playboy: 1930 Buick Country Club Coupe 64C

Whoever owned this 1930 Buick at the beginning of the Great Depression most certainly had to have been well off,  and perhaps even a “Playboy” with this Country Club Coupe. With room for only friends, and… more»

Two Tone Original: 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

The dry and solid southwest finds are always a treat, just like this 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. Found in Texas about 10 years back, this Chevy was moved to the Chicago area where it has been… more»

You’re Kidding, Right? $115K Porsche 911 Barn Find

Older Porsches tend to polarize people. On the one hand, you have folks that say there’s something magical about them that just isn’t present in other mere automobiles. On the other hand, you have folks that… more»

Ripe For The Picking: 1955 MG TF

Often when I run across semi-completed projects during my research for Barn Finds, I find myself wishing for more information. Often, the simple lack of information that could be easily provided by the seller in the… more»


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