Found in a Grove: 1964 Dodge 330

This Dodge 330, sadly, isn’t a Max Wedge hiding out in a base model’s body. No, it’s your standard, Slant 6-equipped model that is basically suited for commuter duty and that’s about it. But we don’t… more»

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Rabbit Beater: 1976 Dodge Colt GT

The Dodge Colt era in America represented an interesting phase when rebadged Mitsubishi products made their way to our shores in multiple flavors. Although we’ve documented the Colt here previously, this GT-spec trim is less frequently… more»

Runs and Drives: 1961 Mercedes 180

1 It’s rare to find a Mercedes still wearing its iconic hood ornament after so many years, but this 1961 Mercedes-Benz 180 wears the three-pointed star with pride. This vintage sedan is located in Colorado where… more»

Warehouse Cleanout: 25 MGAs!

Many of us who collect a particular type of vehicle end up with more than one of them. My wife claims they¬†actually multiply when no one is looking. Based on my shop contents, she might be… more»

Near Extinct: 1989 Isuzu I-Mark RS

From the archives of 1980s hot hatches comes one of its more surprising contenders: the Isuzu I-Mark RS. Packing a Lotus-tuned suspension, Recaro seats, factory body kit and a slick-shifting manual transmission, these were formidable packages… more»

Dealer Painted: 1981 Delorean DMC-12

The painted DeLorean: this is the stuff of folklore and urban legend, with armchair quarterbacks often debating how many DeLoreans were painted and who was responsible for the color change. This 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 here on… more»

Farm Find: 1969 Rover V8

Rover’s famed V8 sedan remains an under-appreciated classic today, offering stately looks, a comfortable interior and reliable Buick V8 power up front. This example hails from California, where the previous owner collected it from a farm… more»

Last Registered in 2000: 1984 Corvette

C4 Corvettes aren’t exactly rare, but hey – a cheap V8 sportscar is a cheap V8 sportscar. We don’t often see cars like the C4 Corvette pop up in the San Francisco Bay area as a… more»

Manual Trans + Gray Market: 1981 Mercedes 280SL

Gray market Mercedes are really the only ones I’d be interested in taking on as a project, as they tend to be a bit more special than their U.S. equivalents: more powerful / less restrictive motors,… more»

The Other GTI: 1989 Suzuki Swift GTi

There are certain cars that I will absolutely concede are past the point of saving – even cars that I love. It’s easier to make this determination when thinking about production volume, and how many of… more»

Gordon Gekko’s Garage: Jaguar XJ6 & BMW 325E

As many of you know, I dig 80’s imports – and own a car like one of the ones featured here. It seems this garage or storage building in Western Massachusetts houses some leftovers of 1980’s… more»

Name Your Price: 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom

This stunning 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom limousine with coachwork by Brewster is said to be a recently discovered example that was apparently stored in relatively intact condition. Photos show that not much has changed aside from the… more»

One Of 267: 1974 Jensen Interceptor Convertible

You may recognize the familiar backdrop in these photos, as we’ve featured a few different cars from this seller of wrecked vintage exotics. This Jensen Interceptor convertible is one of a very few drop tops made… more»