Race Worn: 1957 Chevy Drag Car

This is one rough looking drag car, but boy is it cool!

The Kenosha Cadillac: 1968 AMX Dragster

This AMX dragster is known as the Kenosha Cadillac, but it’s no slowly luxury cruiser!

1979 Zastava 750: Abarth Wannabe

I’m not sure why, but I have a soft spot for the classic Fiat 500… more »

1967 Porsche 912: Interesting Stablemates

Sometimes, the most interesting thing about a car for sale are the vehicles it shares… more »

1968 Datsun 2000 Roadster: Low-Buck Racer

While there’s rarely such a thing as a cheap race car, this ’68 Datsun Roadster… more »

Period Drag Racer: 1931 Ford Model A

This Model A is claimed to have been raced throughout the 50s and 60s before… more »

1966 Fiat 1500GT Ghia: Exotic Looks

While just about any car looks better on wire knock-off wheels, this 1966 Fiat 1500… more »

What A Buzz: 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360

This AMC Hornet has been done up for drag racing and from the looks of… more »

Engine Needed: 1929 Austin 7 Special

This charming little special is just begging for someone to finish it – engine needed!… more »

1959 Corvette Dragster: Period Gasser

Now this is a hot looking machine! I’m not usually a fan of gasser Corvettes,… more »

1975 Porsche 914 Lakester: Single Seater

With the abundance of project-grade 914s on the market at a given time, it can… more »

The Milk Man’s Midget Racer

As I was on the hunt for an interesting motorcycle to feature, I came across… more »

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