Sox & Martin Tribute Car: 1970 Plymouth Duster

This Sox & Martin tribute car is a 1970 Plymouth Duster. It’s in Plainfield, Wisconsin and is listed on eBay with six days left on the auction and a current bid price of over $11,000, but… more»

A Strong Cup Of Tea: 1970 Lotus Europa V8

When thinking of a classic Lotus, we all want and imagine that Lotus having the DOHC Lotus engine that is all too familiar. But not every lotus had that wonderful twin cam engine. Some Europas came… more»

Barn Find Funny Car: 1949 Triumph Mayflower

What do you do with the rotted out British car that’s sitting behind the house? Well, you could build one of these! A 1949 Triumph Mayflower provided the body for this funny car. Someone did a… more»

Shed Find: 1966 Costin-Nathan Works Prototype

Costin isn’t a brand that many people know about these days, but if you’ve every heard of Marcos or Cosworth, then in some ways you already know a little about the company. You see the Costin… more»

OG Gasser: 1930 Ford Model A

While this Model A isn’t one of the first Gassers ever built, I’d say it was built some time in the early ’60s, it has a great look to it and is definitely the real deal…. more»

1985 Indy 500 Pace Car: 1985 Oldsmobile Calais 500

Speaking of Indy Pace Cars… This one is a 1985 Oldsmobile Calais Indy Pace Car and it’s located in Lenoir, North Carolina, a state that knows a thing or two about racin’. This gentle racer is… more»

Incredible Body: 1968 MGC GTS Tribute

Before the Miata came along, the MGB was the world’s most popular roadster. Most people still know what one is today, but few remember the MGC. That’s because the C was only built for two years…. more»

That’s The Way It Is: 1958 Goggomobil TS400 Race Car

Thanks to Barn Finds reader and fan, Scott S., for tracking down this one! This is an unusual vehicle, to say the least: it’s a 1958 Goggomobil TS400 Race Car that was raced by none other… more»

Long Lost Top Dog: 1997 CITGO Car

Are you a NASCAR fan? If so, you’ll likely recognize the name Michael Waltrip for his surprise victory at the Winston Cup in 1996. For those of us who don’t know the story, he started out… more»

1969 MGB GT Race Car Project

One of my all time favorite cars was my MGB GT! I loved the way it looked and drove. I always thought it would make a fun little race car too. My first racing event event… more»

1 of 17: 1981 Porsche 924 GTR

When we think of valuable or rare Porsches, it’s almost inevitable to gravitate towards an early Speedester or turbocharged 911. The 924 and 944 cars rarely enter that same plateau of desirability and success, but a… more»

Barn Finds Race Team Report: 24 Hours Of LeMons

  photo courtesy Murilee Martin That’s us in the near car to the camera, the purple and black 1994 Ford Mustang of Grim Reaper Racing. If you’ve never heard of the 24 Hours Of LeMons¬†and you… more»

Pow, Right To The Moon! Moke Mooncraft Racer

As the owner of an Austin Marina race car, I feel fairly competent when it comes to the area¬†of turning unlikely British Austins into racing machines. There’s even a “standard” Mini Moke that races in the… more»

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