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1937 Midget Racer: Almost Across The Finish

This race car, #78 is in Hereford Pennsylvania and listed here on eBay. It started life in New Hampshire where it was constructed in 1937. It was campaigned there until 1942 when it passed to Ferris Rand of San Diego, California and was registered with the United Midget Association. Its original plaque is still installed on the car’s dash.

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1958 White Lightning Dragster Shed Find

This dragster posted here on eBay is the thirteenth Green Monster. It’s being sold without a reserve and with four days left is already up to $7,800. Can you imagine going over 200 MPH in this dragster in a seven second quarter mile? That’s a V12 Ranger engine, an engine used in several World War II aircraft. It was built by Walt Arfons, his thirteenth Green Monster. He sold it to Fred Sibley in 1959 who repainted and renamed it White Lightning. Fred raced it until 1968, at which time it disappeared. It was found in a shed in his backyard. There’s a YouTube Video of Fred drag racing it. With that crude steering, suspension, tires and such, it would be a very scary ride. Thanks to Peter R for spotting this listing.

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1927 Buick Speedster: Real Racer?

I love the looks of this Speedster and the seller claims that it is a real period race car! That makes me want it very badly. The only problem is that the seller doesn’t provide any real evidence that it’s authentic. There’s a plaque on the dash from El Mirage and a few other things that make me wonder if it’s the real deal though. The seller claims that’s it came out of a millionaire’s estate a couple of years ago. Apparently, they drove it regularly, but still only managed to chalk up 55k miles. Take a look at the eBay listing here and let us know if you think it’s legit. Thanks goes to Paddy M for the tip!

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Team Barn Finds Racing Report: Marina Takes 2nd!

Last weekend was our 6th race with the Marina, and while the result was a good one (2nd in class, 36th overall out of 108 cars), it was a difficult route to get there. Some of you have asked for details on the Marina and how it became a race car. I purchased it from a Craigslist ad after it had been “totaled” in a collision with a Lexus. A friendly body shop straightened it out and some body filler was applied, along with a rattle can paint. Just as I finished it and was trying to decide what to do with it, my stepdaughter needed transportation to go back and forth to college. For the next year and a half, the Marina faithfully served that role.

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Rally & Ice Race History: 1970 Alpine A110

The A110 was a sports car built by Alpine that used Renault components. It was light and fast making it a serious competitor. In fact, the A110 dominated rallies across Europe there for a while. This particular car has some race history of its own. It was rallied by Marcel Rainville of Renault Canada from new and then saw some ice racing action in the late seventies by the hands of Bill Burch. After the fun was over, it went into storage for about 35 years. The current owner hasn’t gotten around to restoring it so they have decided to list it for sale. The car includes a bunch of spares and is listed here on kijiji for $35k Canadian. Because of its history, the seller would like the car to stay in Canada. Thanks goes to Matthew D. for the tip!

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Mystery German Racer Found In A Barn

In today’s racing scene, most if not all of the cars are based on production models. While production cars have always been important players in racing, there was a time when it wasn’t uncommon to see custom built racers dominating race tracks all the over the globe. Of course, many ended up wrecked along the side of the track, which might explain why you don’t see many home built race cars anymore. Reader Michel S tipped me off to one of these home built racers that has popped up on PrewarCar.com and boy does this car have an interesting and mysterious past. Based on what information the seller was able to dig up, this was one of those racers that ended up wrecked along the side of the track, but clearly someone has put it back together. The history seems to be composed of a lot of hearsay and lacks much in the way of documentation, especially for a car that the seller is asking $185,000 for! Drop a zero or two off that number, and than I wouldn’t care so much about documentation.

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1960s Dragster: The Card Shark

This front engine rail dragster from the 1960s is listed on craigslist in Seattle. It’s “The Card Shark” dragster from Doug’s Racing Stables. It’s all there except for the transmission and it’s all period correct. Sometimes called slingshots, some of these cars reached speeds over 200 mph. They were often built using junk yard parts and modified production car engines. They could be really dangerous from both accidents and from engines or transmission “grenading” or exploding and sending out lots of shrapnel. Don Garlits’ famous accident when his transmission blew up on the start line really woke folks up to the dangers of these dragsters. This is a really cool find but I have no idea what one would do with this except for perhaps as display in a museum or in a collection. The seller is open to offers and hoping for at least $9,500. 
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Barn Finds Racing Team In Action This Weekend

The Barn Finds Racing Team, aka Austin Powerless Racing, will be in action again this weekend at the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina. There is a possibility that this will be the Marina’s last race, as we have plans for a slightly faster but just as unreliable British car in the future. If you’d like to come out and see us and the rest of the racers, we’ll be racing from 10 am to 6:30 pm on Saturday and 9 am to 4 pm on Sunday. There’s also a race car parade and street fair in downtown Camden, South Carolina on Friday night from 6 to 9 pm, where BS Inspections take place from the LeMons Supreme Court. If you’ve never watched this, it’s good for a LOT of laughs.  You can also follow race updates on our Facebook page throughout the weekend. Hope to see you there!

What’s This 1969 Camaro Stock Car Worth?

One of our readers just sent in a link to this 1969 Camaro and asked if we thought it had any value. They mentioned that most old race cars have been cut up and are missing their titles so unless you are going to go racing, there isn’t much value beyond parts. They may have answered their own question there, but we thought we would throw it out there and see what you guys think. Find it here on craigslist where the seller is asking $2,000. Personally, I think any ’69 Camaro costing two grand is worth a look!

Ex-Racer: 1968 Arkley SS

Back in 1969, a Brit by the name of John Britten designed a kit that replaced the front fenders, bonnet (hood), and rear panels of Austin-Healey Sprites and MG Midgets to get a whole new look. The front is somewhat reminiscent of a Lotus 7, the rear more of a Morgan. I remember looking at the brochure for the kit shortly after getting my first car, a 1969 Sprite in need of a lot of help. If you’re interested in what nice street-legal ones look like, we’ve featured Arkleys before. This one was converted into a race car in 1977, and then received a Datsun driveline transplant in 1988, in which form it was raced until 1996. It’s been stored since then, and comes with a lot of spare parts. I don’t think this would be competitive in SCCA racing without a lot of modifications, but it would be a cool vintage racer with some organizations, and probably a pretty good autocross car. Thanks to Robert R. for this find, which is located in Landrum, South Carolina and is being sold here on eBay. There is a good description there, as well as a link to the 118 pictures the seller has posted here. As it turns out, you can even still get a new Arkley kit, so I guess there’s still time for me to build one! Read More »

Bean Bowl Racer: Vintage Midget Project

This old racing car has been on its trailer for over 35 years now, and it’s time for it to get some love! The seller states it was originally built by servicemen working in their off hours during World War II. The car then supposedly raced at the Bean Bowl, otherwise known as the Jelly Bean Bowl, which was a small oval that is now part of the Disneyland complex in California. I’m not sure about that, because from what I can tell those were 1/4 midgets and this looks like a regular Midget, but maybe some of you readers can help. Either way, it looks like a cool car that comes with it’s own trailer. Obviously, it would be a labor of love to restore rather than a sensible thing to do, but that never seems to stop me! Anyway, it’s located in Brookings, Oregon and is available here on eBay with the trailer for less than $1,000 (although reserve is not yet met). Anyone know anything about this little racer?Read More »

Ex Rally Car: 1976 Dodge Colt GT

There’s something about cars with driver’s names on the doors: it just screams history, doesn’t it? This old 1976 Dodge Colt GT found here on eBay may not be the most exciting car in the world (remember, it’s essentially a 70s Mitsubishi underneath), but the fact that it  was used for rally events ups the cool factor a little bit. I can make out the shape of a roll cage inside and there are still some racing stripes on the roof and trunk lid. The hood is a replacement, perhaps due to the original flying off on a high-speed jump! It’s fun to think about, anyway. Would you put this old Colt back into rally action? That answer probably depends on how bad the rust is.

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