Long Lost Top Dog: 1997 CITGO Car

Are you a NASCAR fan? If so, you’ll likely recognize the name Michael Waltrip for his surprise victory at the Winston Cup in 1996. For those of us who don’t know the story, he started out… more»

1969 MGB GT Race Car Project

One of my all time favorite cars was my MGB GT! I loved the way it looked and drove. I always thought it would make a fun little race car too. My first racing event event… more»

1 of 17: 1981 Porsche 924 GTR

When we think of valuable or rare Porsches, it’s almost inevitable to gravitate towards an early Speedester or turbocharged 911. The 924 and 944 cars rarely enter that same plateau of desirability and success, but a… more»

Barn Finds Race Team Report: 24 Hours Of LeMons

  photo courtesy Murilee Martin That’s us in the near car to the camera, the purple and black 1994 Ford Mustang of Grim Reaper Racing. If you’ve never heard of the 24 Hours Of LeMons and you… more»

Pow, Right To The Moon! Moke Mooncraft Racer

As the owner of an Austin Marina race car, I feel fairly competent when it comes to the area of turning unlikely British Austins into racing machines. There’s even a “standard” Mini Moke that races in the… more»

Rusty Racer: 1974 Pontiac Ventura

Let’s be optimistic: maybe that’s just surface rust on this mean looking 1974 Pontiac Ventura found on Craigslist in Hillsboro, Oregon. And that’s not a fake, plastic thing sticking out of the hood–this is one hot… more»

Logbooks Included: 1977 Mazda RX3

It looks like a member of the Barn Finds community is moving along part of his collection. This 1977 Mazda RX-3 race car here on eBay first appeared on our site as part of a write-up Josh received about reader… more»

1969 Lotus Cortina For $135!!!

If you missed out on that great Mk1 Lotus Cortina we featured last week, then here is your second chance. Sure, it’s a Mk2 that was assembled at the Ford factory and not at Lotus headquarters…. more»

Abarth Replica: 1978 Fiat 600

This may not be a barn find, but I think it’s seriously cool. Lately, I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to have a dedicated race car that I could use for the local hill… more»

Sixteen Or More Oddball Imports For Sale In New Mexico

Thanks to reader Bentleyguy for sending in this great find! There are a total of at least sixteen foreign cars offered for sale, and some are very unusual. They range from looking like a tuneup would… more»

No Racing In The House!

This little racer does look good parked in this climate controlled setting doesn’t it? With the tags hanging on the merchandise this might be an”antique” shop? This Quarter Scale Racer is said to be circa 1955…. more»

Salt Flats Racer: 1929 Ford Model A

If you thought the Model T from earlier was cool, have a look at this amazing racer! It was built for setting records on the salt flats back in the ’50s. It apparently changed hands several times… more»

Scary Fun: 1927 Ford Speedster

Driving my Blakely Hawk around, I get lots of comments on how crazy or courageous I must be to drive it in traffic, but after seeing this old Model T Speedster I’ve decided I’m not the craziest… more»

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