Freaky French Folly: 1984 Renault Fuego

By Scotty Gilbertson - In keeping with the Scotty G tradition of showing unusual, some would say oddball, vehicles, I present this 1984 Renault Fuego. This fregger (more on that later) is listed on eBay with a somewhat ambitious $4,500… more»

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French and Therefore Better: 1984 Renault R5 Turbo 2 Rally Replica

By Todd Fitch - Street-going versions of Rally cars typically amount to a stock car with a turbocharged motor, all-wheel-drive, and upgraded suspension. This one is a whole different story. Few if any rally versions differed more radically from their… more»

5,207 Miles from New: 1985 Renault Alliance

By Jeff Lavery - Barring the God-awful pictures, this Renault Alliance is claimed to be an extremely low-mileage survivor with a scant 5,207 miles on the clock. Supposedly used by the classic little ‘ol lady, the Alliance is in mostly… more»

Cheap French Commuter: 1959 Renault Dauphine

By Brian Birkner - Having sat since 1975, this Renault Dauphine is a sharp looking small car, and was clearly tucked away somewhere nice for the last 42 years. Untouched, this little French machine is going to need some work… more»

One Owner GTA: 1987 Renault Alliance

By Jeff Lavery - The Renault Alliance was a homely economy car that experienced short-lived success in the U.S. Unfortunately for the brand and enthusiasts alike, the hotted-up GTA didn’t become a staple of the sport compact scene, only appearing… more»

9 Eclectic Finds In Pueblo West

By Jamie Palmer - Barn Finds reader Huff sent in this very eclectic collection of 9 classics all for sale from a single seller in Pueblo West, Colorado. They are advertised here on craigslist with a request to call if… more»

Little Blue Box Update: 1960 Renault Estafette

By David Frank - Look what Jamie found! Leave it to the French to create a van with a cartoon face like this. Scotty wrote this up in January when it was for sale on Craigslist for $3,000. The seller has… more»

Voiture Bon Marché: $500 1986 Renault Alliance

By Scotty Gilbertson - This Voiture bon marché, or cheap car, is a 1986 Renault Alliance and it’s in Elk Rapids, Michigan. It can be found on craigslist with an asking price of just $500 or best offer! Cela semble être un… more»

Restored Red R5: 1978 Renault Le Car

By Scotty Gilbertson - The seller says that “this thing is so much fun it should be illegal!” I haven’t driven one in close to four decades but I do remember it being a fun little car at the time. This… more»

Ready to Deal: Muscle Cars & Drivers in Montana

By Jeff Lavery - Here’s an interesting listing found on craigslist in Montana: seemingly, a wheeler dealer of sorts who doesn’t necessarily have the cash on hand to buy the car or truck of his choosing, but is willing to… more»

Standing Ovation? 1984 AMC Renault Encore

By Jeff Lavery - The Renault / AMC years were interesting ones, and the offspring of this marriage are still spotted in the wild today. Unfortunately introduced just about the time competition from Japan was ramping up and fuel prices were… more»

LeLectric Car: 1980 Lectric Leopard

By Scotty Gilbertson - For those of you who don’t care for the regular LeCar powertrain, or those of you who lament anyone “ruining” a perfectly good car to turn it into a battery-powered car, this one is for you!… more»

Le Van: 1960 Renault Petite-Panel Van

By Scotty Gilbertson - Are you looking for something different? I mean, really different? If so, this 1960 Renault Petite-Panel Van is what you’ve been looking for. This cool and unusual hauler is on Craigslist with an asking price of… more»