Sun Baked Mopars Sighted In Arizona!

Ed didn’t have much to say about this collection of Mopars that he spotted in Safford, Arizona recently. It looks to be some type of salvage yard or perhaps it’s just someone’s backyard, I can’t say,… more»

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What The English Weather Does To A Camaro

From Ashley B – Not a barn find but thought you guys might be interested in what thirty years of rainy English weather does to a Camaro. Well guys, if you have ever wondered what sitting out… more»

Shayne’s Amazing Sightings And Finds!

Reader Shayne J is quite the avid car hunter and has come across some pretty incredible finds in the Phoenix area. He sent over just a few of his more interest discovers, including the 1970 Mustang… more»

Rick V’s Roadside Find: 1970 Porsche 911T

From Rick V – I sighted this 1970 Porsche 911T last year while taking a different route home. After a few weeks, I was able to purchase it. This has always been my dream car and… more»

John M’s Roadside Sightings In Maine

It’s always exciting when you spot a classic along the side of the road, especially when it’s something you’d love to own! Well reader John M recently sent in a few roadside sightings, one of which… more»

Can You ID This Roadside Find?

Reader Dennis T recently spotted this old beast near Salem, Ohio. Since most of the front end is missing, he isn’t completely sure what it is, or was. We haven’t had a good roadside find in a… more»

Roadside Sighting: Z/28 With Rusty Cragars

While out and about the other day Josh and I spotted this cool looking Camaro sitting in a cigarette strewn driveway. Someone had obviously started to sand things down before losing interest. It’s in sad shape now… more»

Roadside Sighting: 1952 International Metro Van

You just never know what you might spot driving down the road! Maybe it will be a hoard of classics left to a field or a pristine survivor peeking out of a garage. Well today, we… more»

Roadside Find: 1973 Buick Century Luxus

Eastern California is a dry and sparsely populated area. Cars don’t rust, they bake. I have seen cars from the 1920s pulled out of barns and sheds in good shape. This Buick was left somewhere for years and… more»

Parking Garage Split Window Corvette!

Reader Brian T recently sent me a couple photos of a ’63 Corvette Split Window Coupe. All he said about it was that he stumbled across it and was in the process of trying to negotiate… more»

Car Show Oddball Sighting

This past Saturday, my wife and I went out for a nice lunch date and just accidentally happened across a car show taking place at a park right next to the restaurant I had suggested for… more»

Trail Find: 1951 Ford Truck

Reader Mark R was recently out on a bike ride and spotted a rather interesting truck! He took a closer look and discovered that it is right hand drive, which isn’t something you typically see on… more»

Classics Sighted In Cleveland!

Reader Adam D recently on vacation in Cleveland, Ohio and discovered how many classics are hiding there! He’s from England, so it had to be a fun and interesting to see all this American Iron. He took… more»