Needs Work. Ran Good When Parked!

The seller of this restoration project wins the most optimistic seller award! They state, “Needs Work. Ran good when parked. Can’t be driven – bring a tow truck.” It’s located on Whidbey Island in Washington and is… more»

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Rusty Diamonds In Washington State!

We always love to see what kind of diamonds in the rough you guys come across, whether it’s a car that’s for sale or one that’s been abandoned out in a field. Reader William T recently… more»

Plymouth Made Trains, Too?

Thanks to you Barn Finds readers, my education continues! Reader Greg P. writes: On March 24th, Jamie said he didn’t know that Plymouth even made pickups until he saw the 1938. I was wondering if he knew… more»

More Adventures Out In Missouri!

Reader and college student, Eli R is quite the aspiring automotive photographer and he has been kind enough to share some of his most recent finds with us. You can see and read about his past… more»

Mazda’s Underground Stash!

It isn’t uncommon for manufacturers to keep collections of their more interesting and historically important vehicles, but usually they keep these collections on display for the world to enjoy. Well it seems MazdaUSA has taken a… more»

Roadside Survivor Sighting: 1982 Ford Thunderbird

From Kip D – I ran across this Thunderbird sitting by the road in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It looked decent enough, but I was floored by the asking price: a whopping $5,000!!! The seller claims the vehicle only has 31,000 original… more»

Detroit’s Secret Collection Of Rare American Classics

There have been many stories and rumors about a massive collection of priceless classic cars hiding in the heart of Motown. Well our buddies over at BoldRide just uncovered the truth about this hoard of classics… more»

In The Pink: 1986 Jeep Cherokee

We find all kinds of cars to write about here, and this Cherokee is certainly different. Many of you have seen it and don’t remember it, or even the movie it was in. In 1993 Warner Brothers… more»

Troy’s Gas Station Sighting!

From Troy W – Hey BF, I stopped off to fill up on gas a station I hadn’t been by in a while and was pleasantly reminded of the old trucks they had which had been branded… more»

Possibly A Lloyd?

From Dean C – This car sits on top of a shipping container near my work. I can’t get very close to it while on duty. I have always liked the small oddball cars and have… more»

Can You Identify These Finds In Africa?

From Stephen H – I was brought up in a small country in Southern Africa called Lesotho in the 70’s. I now live in Miami. Back then the roads were dominated by old American cars brought… more»

Eli Has Been Busy! Finds In Missouri

This past summer we featured some photos taken by one of our younger readers Eli R, which you can see here! He was just about to set off for college the first time we heard from… more»

What’s That In The Bushes?

Reader Mark W spotted this classic hiding behind some overgrowth! From Mark –  This one is sitting being wasted behind what appears to be a garage in Bristol Connecticut. I couldn’t get too close due to obstacles…. more»