Barn Find Stories

Joe’s Alley Find: 1963 Ford Fairlane

We love hearing about the finds you guys make everyday. There’s nothing better than seeing an abandoned classic revived and put back on the road. So when we heard from reader Joe W out in Ohio… more»

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30,000 Cars Found In Donated Home!

That’s right, 30,000 cars! Obviously, they weren’t all full-sized, but still. If you haven’t already read this story then you should. A man named Dennis Erickson spent his whole life stashing away automobiles of every size. Most… more»

Ralph Nader’s Corvair Unearthed!

From Caveman Pete in beautiful Southeast Michigan – I know this sounds like a tall tale… But, I just bought Ralph Nader’s Corvair! I met up with Ralph a few months back in Detroit when he… more»

From Snow To Dust: Tucker Sno-Cats 743S

The Roi Baudoin Base in Antartica was established in 1958 by the Dutch and Belgium and was used for several expeditions until the base was closed in 1967. Reader John M found the story of the Sno-Cats… more»

Triumph Tragedy: Abandoned Graveyard

About 20 miles southwest of Manchester, England is the town of Appleton, Cheshire, where there’s an abandoned airport. Until recently there was an interesting collection of Triumphs there. There are more pictures here. Most were left… more»

Mary’s 1956 Chevy Bel Air

This is Mary’s completely original Chevy. She and her late husband purchased it new. The Chevy has never spent a night outside. Mary drove it very little after her husband died 3 years ago and now at… more»

Follow Up: 2002 Nissan Altra

You might recall this Nissan that I wrote about it a few months ago that had a very uncertain future. Despite its significance in the history of electric cars, the California Automobile Museum decided not to display it. The Altra, engineered… more»

Inherited Bull: 1967 Lamborghini Miura

We all have dreams of finding that one amazing car tucked away in someone’s barn or garage. This Lamborghini Miura wasn’t exactly found, but inherited. Parked in 1988 for brake work, this rare hand built Italian… more»

Update: New Life For Seven Old School Buses

I wrote about these buses back in January. They were supposed to be parked at the museum for just a few weeks and then be off to Haiti. The political situation in Haiti, as well as… more»

Chase’s 1972 Ford Firetruck Find

You might remember Chase V’s amazing Boss 302 find that he shared with us last year. Well he’s been busy hunting down other finds, but he recently had one fall into his lap. He received a text… more»

1967 Austin-Healey In Mom’s Basement

Larry’s find isn’t so much a barn find, as it is a tale of saving what he already had. This big Healey has been his car for a long tim, but when it started having issues,… more»

Father And Son Find: 1968 Barracuda Convertible

We always love hearing about the finds you guys come across, so it was an absolute thrill to read about reader Josh S and his son’s most recent find over in Colorado! It’s amazing find and… more»

Shed Find: 1966 Costin-Nathan Works Prototype

Costin isn’t a brand that many people know about these days, but if you’ve every heard of Marcos or Cosworth, then in some ways you already know a little about the company. You see the Costin… more»


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