Almost Original: 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser

While this 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser is advertised as having one owner, that’s not quite true as the seller purchased the vehicle from the original owner. And while it looks very original (and is wearing its… more»

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Cruel Climate: ’85 Toyota Corolla GT-S

Mention the letters AE86 to any Toyota fanboy and their eyes will grow wide as they’ve just been told there is a Santa Claus. Yes, the rear-wheel drive Corolla is the hot hatch you’d pine for if the… more»

Barn To Backyard: 1977 Toyota Celica GT

Many people have big dreams of discovering a barn find of their own. The idea may seem good, but sometimes the reality isn’t that pleasant. Rust, dirt, and mice droppings are not usually words associated with… more»

Rare Turbodiesel: 1986 Toyota Camry

It’s not uncommon to find older Toyota trucks utilizing diesel power; my very own 1981 HiAce project relies on an old-school 2L diesel powerplant. What is unusual is to find such mechanical sorcery in an old-school… more»

RHD and 4WD: 1988 Toyota Corolla Wagon

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting one of more established importers of Japanese-market vehicles to the U.S. He specialized in Mitsubishi-branded military Jeeps, but also had an eye for other unusual JDM… more»

BF AUCTION: 1974 Toyota Chinook RV

From George G. – A running (sort of) 1974 Toyota Chinook RV! Yes, it’s a bit of a project, but there just aren’t that many left anymore and think how cool this would be with a… more»

Never This Nice: 1989 Toyota VanWagon

These spaceship-like Toyota Vans (also known as the “VanWagon” or the “LiteAce” overseas) will never cease to intrigue, what with their flat noses and glassy four-eyed stare. More uncommon is to see one that has been… more»

Grandpa Owned: 38K Mile 1993 Toyota Tacoma SR5

If you’ve ever shopped used Toyota Tacomas, you clearly know by now their pricing knows no rational boundaries. Used examples with six digits on the odometer still routinely clear $10K, which is why you see clean,… more»

Stock Third Gen: 1992 Toyota Supra

Toyota’s signature sports car, the Supra, has long been simmering as a future collector’s item. The fourth generation Supra has been hot for quite some time, with clean turbocharged examples fetching $50K or more in stock… more»

54k Mile 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Have you been on the hunt for a low mileage classic 4×4? If so, you might want to have a closer look at this Toyota FJ40. These are great rigs that are known for their dependability… more»

Survivor Short Bed: 1982 Toyota Truck 4×4

Before anyone says it: yes Toyotas can be classics! FJ40s and pickups are highly sought after and hold their value, much like most other Toyota products. Toyota has a long history of making reliable and affordable… more»

All Original First-Gen: 1981 Toyota Celica Supra

Here’s another one of those cars that were once so common—at least in southern California, where I grew up—that it was easy to overlook their significance, but have now all but disappeared. This 1981 Toyota Celica… more»

1st Generation Liftback: 1972 Toyota Celica

Long considered Japan’s version of the Mustang, the 1972 Toyota Celica featured here is said to be a dry, rust-free survivor. Originally from Arizona and now located in Maryland, the Celica presents well and is in… more»