300K Miles, Still Passes Smog: 1984 Toyota Supra

Toyotas certainly have a reputation for being long-lived, but often times those high mileage accomplishments occur behind the wheel of a Camry or Corolla. That’s why you’d be forgiven if you did a double take upon… more»

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Diesel Longevity: 1981 Toyota Hilux

For those of you who recall my 1981 Toyota HiAce project (there will be updates…someday), this little Hilux diesel played an indirect role in my van making the trip from Panama to the USA. You see,… more»

Factory Roll Bar: 1987 Toyota 4Runner SR5

To me, one of the coolest features of any vehicle is the presence of a standard roll bar. True, rollover protection is easy enough to install via aftermarket suppliers, but the fact that Toyota felt like… more»

1-Owner 9,622 Miles! 1976 Toyota Corolla SR-5

This car shows 9,622 miles on the odometer and the seller says that as far as they can tell from the paperwork, those are the original miles. Whether it’s 9,622 or 109,622 this 1976 Toyota Corolla… more»

Preserved SR5: 1983 Toyota Pickup

I visited my 1981 Toyota HiAce project recently, and found myself slipping further into a deep fascination with vintage Toyota vehicles. I’m practically rethinking my years of scoffing at older ‘Yotas as the transportation of people… more»

Classic Celica: 1973 Toyota Celica ST

Most lovers of vintage Japanese vehicles, or any vintage vehicles, dream about finding a car like this: all-original, just sitting there in seemingly decent and complete condition. This 1973 Toyota Celica ST is in Elizabeth, New Jersey… more»

Not A Hilux: 1972 Toyota Carina

So often, the Toyotas we feature from this vintage are preserved examples of Toyota’s classic truck, the Hilux pickup. But this time, the vintage Toyota we’ve found is a rarely seen 1972 Toyota Carina hatchback, which… more»

Scotty G’s Garage: 1984 Toyota Camry Liftback

This post is a little strange since we don’t usually show our personal vehicles here, but I thought that a few of you might get a kick out of this 1984 Toyota Camry Liftback. This is… more»

Gonna Sell Quick: 1974 Toyota Hilux Pickup

Given the huge following for these small Toyota trucks, I’m guessing this one won’t be around long given the price. If it were closer to me I’d be going to pick it up rather than writing… more»

Virgin GT-S: 1990 Toyota Corolla

Japanese classics built for enthusiastic driving are some of the harder cars to find as worthwhile projects. That’s why we did a double-take when scoping out this 1990 Toyota Corolla GT-S here on craigslist, a car that… more»

Turbo Custom Cab! 1985 Toyota 4×4 Pickup

Here’s a truck that checks quite a few boxes: it’s a 1985 Toyota 4×4 Turbo Custom Cab pickup! The seller is “asking” $2,500, which of course means that everyone will go all Rick Harrison on them with excuse-filled… more»

Japanese Camaro: Rusty 1972 Toyota Celica

This 1972 Toyota Celica is said to be a recent barn find discovery, and an even coating of faded paint and dirt seem to point to many years of inactivity. As an earlier example, this Celica… more»

Yellow Fever: 1975 Toyota Corolla

By the time the third-generation E30 Corollas came out in late-1974, the company had it down to a science. They’re still ridiculously crude compared to what we have for new car choices today, but there’s something about… more»