Turbocharged Unicorn: 1986 Toyota Hilux Xtra Cab 4X4

Though previously I preferred full-size pickup trucks, more recently I have gotten into mid-size pickup trucks, especially ones from the 1970s and the 1980s. One of the mid-size pickups that has caught my eye more recently… more»

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Donation Write-Off: 1978 Toyota Celica

Featuring a rust-free body with paint that looks like it could come back with a serious buffing, this 1978 Toyota Celica is a recent charitable donation that is bidding quite cheaply at just over $200. Located… more»

Raconteur’s Delight: 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser

Have you ever come across an ad for a car that is so engrossing that it persuades you to overlook what a monumentally bad decision buying the car would be? That’s where I find myself with… more»

Return on Investment: 1988 Toyota MR2

In the eighties and nineties, affordable sports cars were being produced by most manufacturers.  Cars such as the Scirocco, Fiero, Capri convertible, EXP, MR2, CRX, and the Miata were all products of this time period.  While… more»

What Might Have Been: 1990 Toyota Corolla Harley Car

Here at Barn Finds, we pride ourselves in finding the rarest vehicles the market has to offer.  We feel that these important vehicles deserve a home in the garage of the most dedicated enthusiasts the hobby… more»

Pre-Hilux: 1967 Toyota Stout

This rarely-seen Toyota Stout pickup has recently emerged from barn storage and actually appears to be stored on a farm. Located in Arizona and wearing California plates, there’s some hope that rust is minimal despite the… more»

Things To Come: 1980 Toyota Corona Luxury Edition

A Toyota Camry is considered by most enthusiasts to be the automotive equivalent of a slice of plain white bread—utterly innocuous, and of absolutely no interest—and it’s hard to see that changing much with the passage… more»

One Of 1,200 Imported: 1986 Toyota SR5 Turbo

The 1980s were not kind to the automotive hobby in many ways, but it at least broke the door open on manufacturers turbocharging practically everything in search of more power and decent MPGs. Toyota actually piloted… more»

Family Hauler Survivor: 1986 Toyota Van

When I was a kid in the late 1990s/early 2000s, it seemed like these old Toyota vans were everywhere. A neighbor of mine had one sitting in his backyard for most of my childhood, and I… more»

Restore Or Modify? 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

This is a well traveled Land Cruiser.  By well traveled, I don’t mean that it’s been driven a lot. The seller claims it was disassembled in 1981 and the parts have since been to Portland, San… more»

BF AUCTION: 1987 Toyota FX16 GT-S

We are excited to present the first official Barn Finds auction! To kick things off, I’ve decided to list one of my own cars. Yes, it’s a Toyota, but this isn’t just any old Toyota. The… more»

300K Miles, Still Passes Smog: 1984 Toyota Supra

Toyotas certainly have a reputation for being long-lived, but often times those high mileage accomplishments occur behind the wheel of a Camry or Corolla. That’s why you’d be forgiven if you did a double take upon… more»

Diesel Longevity: 1981 Toyota Hilux

For those of you who recall my 1981 Toyota HiAce project (there will be updates…someday), this little Hilux diesel played an indirect role in my van making the trip from Panama to the USA. You see,… more»