One Owner, Lots Of Parts! 1963 Triumph TR4

More often than not, when I’ve purchased a car I’ve tried to reconstruct whatever history I can find out about the car. Not to worry with this car, as it’s being sold by a dealer who… more»

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Returning To Earth: 1960 Triumph TR3 Project

Little cars with removable tops have long been popular here in the United States and ironically most of the vehicles that fit the bill are imported from other countries. Despite having questionable track records of reliability,… more»

Do You Believe In Miracles? 1973 Triumph Spitfire

Every once in a while, something miraculous happens.  These events are often so hard to believe and rare that people feel that the hand of God must have been present for the act to occur.  Well,… more»

Stored For 20 Years: 1970 Triumph TR6

This 1970 Triumph TR6 is represented as “nearly mint” and “never been redone,” which certainly implies originality. Some might disagree with that assessment, although the car certainly seems “nice”. It’s listed for sale here on eBay after having… more»

Two Worn Triumphs And A Rusty Benz!

Have you ever read an ad and just felt like whomever wrote it is a pretty interesting guy?  When I read this ad, I immediately felt that Kenny, the owner of these three lost souls, was… more»

Success Story: 1975 Triumph Spitfire

A few weeks back, we featured Tom’s sweet little Spitfire as an Exclusive. Well, we just heard from him and its new owner picked it up last night! Here is what we heard from him. From… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1974 Triumph TR6

Sold new to R. Gilman from Puhler Pontiac/Triumph in Rochester NY in Sept. 1974. Mr. Gilman had it rustproofed at delivery and only kept it for about six months before it was purchased by Mr. Hammond,… more»

Anglo-Italian Combination: 1960 Triumph Italia 2000

As the owner of a Triumph Italia 2000 since 1987, I obviously am biased towards these beautiful cars. Yes, that’s the sight of bias you are reading! With no more than 330 produced (sources vary) and… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1975 Triumph Spitfire

Update 7/7/2017: We just heard from Tom and the new owner just picked up the Spitfire! Congrats to them both! Seller Description: Car was purchased from a customer in February of 2016. I restore British sports… more»

V8 And Chickenwire: 1967 Triumph Spitfire Custom

What do you get when you take a Spitfire, stuff in a V8 connected to a Corvair transaxle and apply some chicken wire and fiberglass? Well, you get something like this. Whatever it is, it’s listed on eBay… more»

9 Eclectic Finds In Pueblo West

Barn Finds reader Huff sent in this very eclectic collection of 9 classics all for sale from a single seller in Pueblo West, Colorado. They are advertised here on craigslist with a request to call if… more»

Stored Since 1981: 1958 TR3A Running Project

Stored since 1981, this 1958 Triumph TR3A has been awaiting refurbishment for a while. Unfortunately, the owner has realized that it will be uneconomical to have the car professionally restored, and thus the shop has listed… more»

A Great Start: 1971 Triumph TR6

Today marked my first day of a summer-long internship at a local British restoration shop that specializes in classic MGs and Triumphs. In honor of this, I present to you a seemingly complete 1971 Triumph TR6… more»