Winter Project: 1959 Triumph TR3A

This TR3A looks like it was used for promotional use by a sandal shop at some point in its life. Now, after having been stationary since 1996 after twenty years on the road with the same… more»

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Classifieds Find: 1956 Triumph Tiger

Since launching the BF Classifieds, stopping in to see if anything new has been posted has become part of my daily routine! I love seeing what you guys have up for grabs, there are lots of… more»

Another Nice One: $3,500 Triumph Spitfire

I’m sure some of you get tired of me posting about bargain Triumphs. Please move on to the next post–thank you, thank you, bargain coming through! Perhaps I’m alone in my appreciation of what I believe… more»

Pint Sized Sedan: 1959 Triumph Standard 10

Small, efficient, and capable of hauling an “entire” family, this neat little Triumph is solid, and would make for a great space efficient classic. What is a space efficient classic? Well, it’s a cool old car… more»

Gear Gamble: 1976 Triumph Spitfire

This little British roadster could end up being a bargain depending on what’s wrong with it. The seller claims that it’s an original California car and that it has always run well. Well, until just recently… more»

Rust on Rust: 1960 Triumph TR3A

There are several TR3s currently listed for sale for three or four thousand dollars. This one at least shows the true extent of the rust, especially underneath. This one listed on eBay is described as “a… more»

$1,000 With Overdrive? 1978 Triumph Spitfire

Oh, I hate the fact that several of the many Triumph projects I have are visible from my window as I type this. Because this 1978 Spitfire is only one county away from me and the overdrive transmission… more»

On The Road After 20 Years: First Year Triumph TR7

Wearing a half-wink look that unfortunately can be a common ailment of the model (I know just where to jiggle the relay under the hood to make the lights move when this happens), this first year… more»

Great Price? 1971 Triumph TR6

  Howard isn’t able to take advantage of this find right now, so we’ll share it with the rest of you! This relatively solid 1971 Triumph TR6 has been off the road for two years in… more»

Pilgrims Need Progress! Trio Of Mayflowers For $5,000

What a neat project for someone to take on! The Triumph Mayflower looks like a mini-limo and was Standard-Triumph’s idea of what the USA wanted in an economy car in the early 1950’s. Seeing as they… more»

Less Than $10? 1973 Triumph Spitfire (And Alfa Bargain Too!)

Yes, this car is rough, and possibly a parts car (although my British friends would highly disagree with this!), but right now the price is in single digit dollars! Yes, as I write, with three days… more»

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: 1966 Triumph TR4A

You should know before reading this post that my first Triumph of many was a 1966 TR4A like this one, and I’m predispositioned to like them. At first glance, this seems like a very restorable car… more»

Little Survivor: 1958 Standard Pennant

Thank you Pat L for your tip on this interesting craigslist find. The Standard may be unfamiliar to many. They were around from 1903 until 1970. Standard purchased Triumph in 1945 and became Standard-Triumph continuing to use “Standard”… more»


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