Never Painted: 1976 Jeep CJ5

Jeep CJs are among some of the more pleasing 4x4s you can buy, with simple mechanicals and  cheerful dispositions that belie their respectable chops off-road. This example is said to wear original paint and a number… more»

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Antique Survivor: 1912 Koehler G80 Delivery Truck

With all of the technology in the world I still find it fascinating to study early cars and see the ideas and construction methods that early “tinkerer’s” came up with. Appearing much more like a horse… more»

Grandpa Owned: 38K Mile 1993 Toyota Tacoma SR5

If you’ve ever shopped used Toyota Tacomas, you clearly know by now their pricing knows no rational boundaries. Used examples with six digits on the odometer still routinely clear $10K, which is why you see clean,… more»

Rotary Rescue: Pair of Mazda REPUs

Mazda’s rotary pickup – known as the REPU – is a bit of an anomaly on the vintage truck landscape, but quickly becoming one of the more desirable Japanese trucks ever sold stateside. Think about it:… more»

36K Original Miles: 1983 Dodge Rampage

The Dodge Rampage trucklet is a fan favorite among Mopar enthusiasts from the 80s, even if the concept never truly took off with consumers. All too often, the ones that remain on the road have actually… more»

Pumped Up: 1979 Ford Courier Stepside

This Ford Courier looks a bit tougher than most examples of this classic light-duty pickup truck, thanks to a stepside bed with flared fenders. Given Couriers were not immune to a range of conversions including 4WD… more»

Still A Good Idea: 1957 Ford Ranchero

Many of our younger readers have probably never driven or ridden in a car based pickup truck.  The idea was that if you really don’t need a pickup for heavy hauling and just use one for… more»