Free Big Block Mopar Winnebago

Free is a strange word, as it would insinuate getting something for nothing, but that is rarely the situation. Offered for free with a clear title, keys, and a big block Mopar engine, this camper is… more»

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Wood Panel Delight: 1968 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

What can be said about applique wood paneling other than it either makes you sick, or in some strange way you actually find it to be really cool. I am one of the latter, and absolutely… more»

Cheap Survivor: 1970 Olds F85 Cutlass

It is amazing to me that cars of this caliber are offered for such a reasonable price, and yet they get little attention. By no means perfect, but beautiful, and in original condition, this Oldsmobile was… more»

Affordable Fins: 1961 Chrysler Newport

Early 1960’s styling on Mopars can be described in many ways, but no matter your opinion, their styling was interesting none the less. Featuring cool styling, two doors, two big fins, and a V8, this classic… more»

Solid Woody Project: 1949 Ford Woody Wagon

Highly coveted and well loved, ’49 fords are great cars with a grand following. Coupes, sedans, and convertibles can often been seen at car events, but how often do you see the not so common Woody… more»

Bird Of Prey: 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Studebaker always employed unique and interesting styling on their cars, and thanks is owed to Raymond Loewy for the Hawk. Born and raised in California, no harsh elements have ever reached this ’56. Having only two… more»

Hurricane Victim: 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can cause so much heartache and trouble to families, pets, wildlife, and even our beloved cars. Offered up for sale as a flood victim, this 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle  seems more than… more»

Peachy Keen Survivor: 1958 Dodge C100

The classic looks and utility of an old truck can often be hard to pass up like this Dodge. Extremely solid with a factory V8 and radio makes this classic pick up a great driver with… more»

Earliest Known Eliminator: 1969 Mercury Cougar

Pony cars of the 60’s are cool and well cherished, but the Cougar Eliminator had a growl all of its own with cool flip away headlights and power to boot. With very solid bones, a 351… more»

No Letter Project: 1962 Chrysler 300

While the “letter cars” are interesting and desirable, non-letter cars can often be a bargain, but still offering the unique styling offered by Mopar in the 1960’s. This 1962 300 looks to have been parked for… more»

Affordable Hardtop: 1955 Pontiac Chieftain

I think it is hard to not have some level of appreciation for 55-57 Pontiac Chieftains. This weathered hardtop has a great look, and appears to be a very solid car in running condition. With a… more»

Two Door Survivor: 1959 Chrysler Windsor

Packing loads of style, a beautiful survivor appearance, and some neat features, this 1959 Windsor is hard to ignore. Simple with its white and red paint, this surviving example has covered only 83,000 miles in its… more»

Convertible Rocket: 1956 Olds Super 88

An Oldsmobile Super 88 is a great looking car, and is definitely a favorite of mine, but a Super 88 convertible? Well, let’s just say my heart skipped a beat. Appearing as a solid candidate for… more»