Let It Ride: 1974 Ford Econoline

It would seem that surfer vans are in again. It makes sense though, many of us have memories of these vans. While I’ve never been a huge van fan, there is just something about wall to… more»

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Tow Cool for School: 1984 GMC School Bus Wrecker

Here’s something that you don’t see every day, a 1984 GMC Vandura 3500 School Bus Wrecker! This thing is old school cool! It’s listed on eBay with just over a day to get your bids in,… more»

Le Van: 1960 Renault Petite-Panel Van

Are you looking for something different? I mean, really different? If so, this 1960 Renault Petite-Panel Van is what you’ve been looking for. This cool and unusual hauler is on Craigslist with an asking price of… more»

Nerd Alert! 1979 Dodge B200 Star Wars Van

Polish up those pocket protectors and fire up those plastic, battery-powered lightsabers, this is one cool van! This is a 1979 Dodge B200 Star Wars tribute van and it’s on Craigslist in Lago Vista, Texas, just… more»

BF Exclusive: 1984 Ford E350 Centurion Conversion

UPDATE: Mike has decided to hang onto this one. I love oddball conversions and few are as odd or cool as this Centurion van conversion. Take an E350 van, cut the back half off of the… more»

Very Attractive: 1993 Chevrolet Snowcat Track Van

Here in California we do wonder about the difficulties folks who choose to live in snowy cold country must face. How do soccer moms get  the kids to hockey games and school during the worst of… more»

Custom Corvair: 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Van

Here’s your standard, everyday, run-of-the-mill, factory-made van. Or, somewhere underneath that hand-formed metal work is a standard van. This 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Van is listed on the Copart website and it will go up for auction on… more»

Your Highness: 1980 Chevrolet G20 4×4

Hello, your Highness! Now this is a custom van! This 1980 Chevrolet G20 4×4 isn’t for the faint of heart or for wallflowers, you’ll attract more attention driving this than in almost any Ferrari or Lamborghini…. more»

One-Owner! 1977 Chevrolet G20 Red-E-Kamp

There should be enough time for one last cross-country road trip in 2016 for those of us in the upper-Midwest. This 1977 Chevrolet G20 Red-E-Kamp is on eBay and can be found in beautiful Meridian, Idaho; just… more»

Roadside Sighting: Custom Chevy Van

Sometimes the best deals can found right along the side of the road. You might spot them while on a road trip or even on your way to work. Well, Doug M had his eyes peeled for… more»

Shag Wagon: 1976 Dodge Tradesman Van

This is the groovest ride I’ve seen in quite awhile. Owning it would show the world how serious you are about the 1970s. With this van? Very serious, indeed. It’s located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and… more»

Muscle Van: 1977 Chevrolet G20

The seller of this Chevy van claims that it’s a barn find, but I’m not exactly sure if it was found before or after the high performance 400 V8 was installed! It’s been seriously built and… more»

Crazy Dually Van Conversion

Centurion was known for finding niches that the manufacturers didn’t think about and filling them. They took new trucks, cut them up, and combined them to created things like four-door Broncos and, apparently, even dually van/truck… more»