Buggy with Doors: 1977 Maxi Taxi

We’ve all seen or heard of the Meyers Manx VW-based dune buggy kits that were all the rage in the 60s and 70s, and today command a premium if its heritage can be proven. Lots of… more»

Can’t Beat Free? 1967 VW Astra GT

In the project car world, few words create as much justification for bad decisions than does the word “free.” It seems like we can rationalize any kind of project at that point, no matter the severity.┬áBarn… more»

It’s Not Just Us! Here’s A French Shorty!

And here I thought we in the United States hosted the only folks interested in drastically shortening a vehicle to comical proportions! Apparently I was wrong, and I appreciate Barn Finds reader Arno D. for sending… more»

Beetle-Ru! Dual Engined VW/Subaru

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you: that’s an ’80s Subaru with a Beetle back-end welded onto it! Although it may not be four-wheel drive, it does sport two engines, one driving each end. It’s hard… more»

Jeff In The Junkyard: Wintertime Finds

Although I generally loathe winter, it is my preferred season for visiting salvage yards. If the mercury stays above 20 degrees, my flannel-lined work gear keeps up with the colder temps. Plus, this means there are… more»

Bug with Back: Custom VW Vandetta

I imagine one of the common complaints about a small car like the original VW Beetle could be lack of storage space, or not enough room for hauling home large items. Well, if you happen to… more»

Desert Bug: 1963 Beetle

The Beetle is one of the most iconic cars in history. Volkswagen made millions of them and most of us have either owned one or know someone who did. In 1963 alone, VW made 838,488 Beetles…. more»

Do Your Thing! 1970 VW Beetle

Despite being the victim of a poorly maintained clear coat paint job, this 1970 Volkswagen Beetle seems to be a perfect candidate for a daily driver classic. Beetles still have the same things going for them… more»

Repaint It Red: 1959 VW Beetle

This cheerful 1959 VW Beetle is a desirable early model, which appears largely complete despite a repaint in yellow. This car is listed in Texas, and it appears the dry climate has done it plenty of… more»

What Is This Thing? A Custom Type 3

Writing about oddball finds is really Scotty’s responsibility here on Barn Finds, but I am kind of partial to the strange and unusual myself. I do enjoy these great examples of homegrown American automotive ingenuity. This… more»

Wild Cat! 1970 Ocelot SS Dune Buggy

I am neither a fan of, nor a hater of dune buggies. I don’t dislike them, but I have never wanted to own one. Even so, I do appreciate the attraction they have for some people,… more»

Triumph TR6, VW Cabriolet And Seven MGBs

It’s the Christmas season and some will be humming a song about a Partridge in a Pear Tree and Five Golden Rings. What we have are┬áseven MGBs instead of Seven Swans and it looks like they… more»

Thinning the Herd: Project Car Sell-Off

While it can seem like gearhead euphoria to own a large garage facility packed to the brim with parts and projects, I imagine it can also feel a bit stifling. What I mean is there may… more»


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