Former Feed Station: 1958 23-Window VW Bus

The epic rise in prices for early VW Buses with either a lot of glass or a lot of extra headroom shows little indication of abating. Stories like the one David F. wrote up about the… more»

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Riverbank Find: 1956 VW High Roof Panel Bus

Imagine kayaking down a river in Alaska and spotting an abandoned “split window” VW bus on the river bank. The bank was eroding away and the bus was headed into the river, but the kayaker was a determined… more»

$525K Museum Piece: 1944 KDF Type 82E

Here’s the thing about Volkswagens: when you cross into the earliest examples, models used in wartime, or vans with lots of windows, the price of entry changes dramatically. No longer is it just an air-cooled ‘Dub;… more»

From XR7s to COEs: Dallas Car Collection

Barn Finds reader Pat L. spotted a terrific find on craigslist, where a seller (more like a dealer, it seems) has a variety of project cars ranging from complete to needy up for grabs. The diversity of… more»

Strange Brew: VW Hot Rod or “Sand Rail”?

Ok, I know this is not strictly speaking a barn find. Nor is it even a garage find. But it is a fine example of American automotive home building, and I just can’t help admiring it…. more»

Already Folded, Spindled & Mutilated

As seen in Wayne’s World and in many pop culture references, The Spindle was an piece of sculpture located in Berwyn, Illinois that was made up of a 50 foot tall spike with 8 cars impaled… more»

Sunset Or Sunrise? 1969 VW Karmann Ghia

This cute (you knew I’d use that word with a Ghia) Sunset Orange (if I got my color chart correct!) Volkswagen Karmann Ghia looks like it’s ready to drive away, although there are a few blemishes… more»

Mental Health Transport: 1971 VW Bus

While VW Transporters tend to be a dime a dozen, finding a later model in decent condition is always worth a closer look. Although most air-cooled fanatics are salivating over earlier models in the 23-window configuration,… more»

Dependable Cleaners: 1963 VW Bus

Just when I think there can’t possibly be another old VW van languishing somewhere with vintage display advertising intact, someone has to go and prove me wrong. It really serves to demonstrate just how popular these German panel… more»

Two-Fer Sale: 1977 Volkswagen Iltis

Who doesn’t love a two-fer sale?! If you happen to have $16,000 lying around, and really who doesn’t.. (cough).. you could buy both of these unusual 1977 Volkswagen Iltis tough utility vehicles (TUVs?). Or, if you… more»

Chia Pet Bug: VW Beetle + Porsche 930 Kit

My in-laws moved to new abodes around Christmas last year, so some of the holiday gifting included re-gifted items that didn’t sell at the yard sale. One such item was a brand-new (some might say, new old… more»

Short Thing: 1974 Volkswagen Thing Shorty

If you have time for just one short thing, check out this 1974 Volkswagen Thing Shorty! This strangely appealing custom-chop looks like it was done well and just needs some finishing up, paint-wise and a few… more»

Jeff in the Junkyard: Cold and Frozen

Because I value the Barn Finds community, I don’t let some snow and cold get in my way of exploring this nation’s great hidden junkyards. What does slow me down, however, is slipping on a sheet of ice… more»