Super With Lowercase S: 1969 VW Beetle Convertible

The seller of this 1969 VW calls it both a SUPER BEETLE (all caps), and a super beetle (no caps), so we can assume “super” is just how he or she describes this little red ragtop,… more»

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Barn Beetle: One-Owner 1967 Beetle

While surfing the local craigslist, I happened upon a car that is something of a rarity. It seems like a lot of “barn finds” for sale these days are cars that the seller found in a… more»

For Short Hippies: 1966 Volkswagen Bus

Your eyes are not deceiving you. This VW bus was shortened by two feet before a band of paintbrush-toting hippies descended on it. The seller claims that this bus could have been at Woodstock. That may… more»

Bonanza Bus: 1980 VW Camper

You learn something new every day: this VW Bus, called a “Bonanza” by the seller, sports a Chevrolet power plant and the full camper van treatment, along with an elongated “gallery” window in the sides! It… more»

Rusty Dub: 1969 VW Double Cab Pickup

So, early today we had a look at a Chevelle with some nice patina. Now we are going to have a look at a VW Double Cab with a whole different kind of patina. This Dub… more»

Created for TV: Custom 1970 VW Bus

This unusual VW Bus has been chopped up and extended to create a rig that is only limited by your imagination and budget. It also seems like it’s being used as a casting call for Discovery… more»

Original Owner: 1963 VW Kombi

The seller of a tree-trapped 1963 VW Bus is listing it for his father, who seems to live in rural Texas and hasn’t driven this split-windshield Kombi in many years. Though limited on the details and… more»

Beautiful Oval Window: 1956 VW Beetle

There is no way that this VW Beetle hasn’t already been restored. Yes, it supposedly only has 36k miles on it, but it is way too nice to be all original. The seller thinks it may… more»

Rabid Rabbit: 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Turbo

This is not a photoshop exercise, this is a real vehicle! No, really, it really drives and is usable on actual city streets and everything. It’s a 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Turbo custom convertible and it’s not… more»

Yours for $89K: 1990 VW Transporter Syncro

While the prices on air-cooled Volkswagens of a certain vintage continues to amaze, late-model variants can occasionally surprise us as well. Take this low-mileage 1990 VW Transporter Syncro that Barn Finds reader Bill Walters spotted: the seller is… more»

Whatzit? Beetle-Based Barn Find Needs Love

Ok, I admit wanting to know the history behind this oddball! Barn Finds reader Jim M. sent us this interesting Volkswagen-based find that shows off someone’s sheet metal forming skills. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia and is… more»

Wusty Wagon: 1973 Volkswagen 412

This wusty, I mean, rusty wagon isn’t really that rusty, just surface rust. But, as you can see, there isn’t much that isn’t coated with it. Any TV reality show worth their salt would clearcoat this… more»

1986 Revisited – Part 4: Deals on Wheels

Here is yet another installment from my recently rediscovered 1986 “Deals on Wheels” magazine: this is the Sporty Edition. Maybe this first one should be in the Kleenex edition, wow. Have any of you heard of a Cobra? (hee… more»