Buick Electra Wagon

1988 Buick Electra Wagon: Dying Breed

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for some wagons! To kick things off, have a look at this Buick Electra woody wagon. Being built in ’88 means it was the last of a dying breed. It’s a big family wagon with a big V8 and faux wood paneling, something that you didn’t see often by the time it was built and something you didn’t see on many cars after. It looks to be in solid shape and the seller is asking just over $3k for, which seems like a good deal for a survivor with patina and 3rd row jump seats! The seller seems to be honest about condition, so if you are in the market for something a little different with a cool look to it you can find this Buick here on eBay in San Diego, California. So would you load your family up in this wagon for some family vacations or would you rather have more classic woody wagon? Special thanks to Robert R for this tip!

1958 Ford Country Wagon

1958 Ford Country Wagon: Interceptor Special

When this Ford Wagon was ordered, the original owner knew must have figured they would need a lot of power to get the whole family anywhere in a hurry. At least that seems like the only reason you would order a family hauler with the 352 Interceptor Special engine. The base Interceptor was rated at over 200 hp, but tick the Special option and power was bumped up to 300 ponies! That might not seem like a lot by modern standards, but in ’58 that was serious power. The seller states the engine currently doesn’t run, but it’s free. Overall this wagon is going to need a lot of work, as it has all the “typical Midwest cancer” and it has been overrun by mice. It also appears that someone paneled over the rear windows and fixing that could be a big job. Even with all of its problems, this could be a really awesome wagon! Think of all the great noises that would come from that 352. The kids would be excited to go to school if you dropped them off in this machine! You can find it here on craigslist in St. Charles, Missouri for $2,300. Credit for this tip goes to Robert R!


Little Old Squire: 1962 Falcon Wagon

Pet peeve of mine: flippers that don’t even take the car off the trailer before photographing it to sell it. Nevertheless, this is a cool find and I haven’t seen many of them, especially with “little old lady” provenance! My first automotive recollections are from the back seat of a 1963 Falcon Wagon, although ours was a base model. This Falcon Squire is located in Eureka, Montana and is up for sale here on eBay with bidding currently at $500 but reserve not yet met. This car was owned from new until 1997 by the classic “little old lady,” and then has spent from 1997 until now in a barn. There’s only one spot of rust according to the seller, and it’s in the driver’s side rear quarter panel. Repair panels are available from several specialists, so a fix for this car would be pretty straight forward. I believe the color is Wimbledon White, and the line formed by the wood grain trim would allow a fix without disturbing the original paint on the rest of the car. I love the pie plate center caps and the general honest appearance of the car. I’d love to take this home, but Montana is a bit far to go. Would you make the trip? Tell us in the comments below! Thanks go to Jim S for this tip!

Oldsmobile Super 88 Wagon

1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagon

When I came across this ad, I had a difficult time recalling the last time I saw a Fiesta Wagon for sale. Well, the answer as to why is fairly obvious: this is a rare bird, with supposedly fewer than 10,000 built in 1957. This two-toned example listed here on craigslist for trade or for $9,500 packs some impressive history. The seller claims it has been in his family since new and used extensively by his grandfather for travel between the U.S. and Central America, and actually kept in Guatemala until 2005. I don’t know how the seller is able to part with such a family heirloom, but it sounds like he wants to create some new memories by accepting trades for a camping trailer. From what I have seen, these go for good money in restored condition – would you keep it as-is or bring it back to showroom form?

1966 Dodge Coronet Wagon

1966 Dodge Coronet Wagon: Bad in Black

The subject of wagons has come up before on Barn Finds, including our recent Face Off of American battle wagons. While I love the idea of the extra space, the proportions are often so ungainly that I lose interest almost immediately – unless we’re talking about a Coronet, like this 1966 example here on craigslist for $5,575. The slimmer sides make for a neat profile, almost athletic-looking compared to its bulkier brethren. The 440 designation is often thought to reference the engine it came with but this was a just a case of corporate nomenclature applied to other models; instead, this Coronet is equipped with the factory wide-block 318A engine. These “A” series engines were designed for durability and ease of manufacturing, and if the seller’s claim of low mileage holds true, it should have many years of motoring left in it. Throw in factory A/C and a power rear window and you’ve got the perfect summer drive-in mobile. Anyone need a new family hauler?

1967 Buick Sport Wagon

Vista Cruiser Cousin: 1967 Buick Sports Wagon

We have featured a few Oldsmobile Vista Cruisers over the years, but this is the first Buick Sport Wagon. With a name like Sport Wagon, you know it’s gotta be cool. It shared the skylight equipped mid-sized body with the Olds, but in place of the 330 Rocket V8 sat Buick’s 340 two-barrel. The engine may have been a little bigger, but it actually put out 30 less horsepower. That could be one reason why Buick’s interpretation can be purchased a little cheaper today. This particular example has some rust that needs attention, but it’s claimed to run and drive. I do like the look of this wagon, but I think the asking price of $6,500 might be a tad high. Take a look here on eBay and let us know what you think!

1967 Ford Fairlane Squire

Vineyard Cruiser: 1967 Ford Fairlane Squire

If you want to give yourself a taste of déjà vu, simply trawl through eBay until you spot a car you have seen in person, perhaps you spotted it a few months ago while on vacation. That’s what happened when this ’67 Ford Fairlane Squire wagon caught my eye, as I actually gave it quite the once-over while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard this summer. What struck me was how perfect the setting was: a beachside community, surfer dudes strutting everywhere, kids in their lifeguard sweatshirts getting ice cream, and this very original Fairlane Squire wagon sitting amidst it all, just fitting in like it had been there since the swingin’ 60s. You can now find it here on eBay with a BIN of $10,000. Ferry trip included at no charge! Read more »


Luxury Wagon: 1963 Cadillac Vista Cruiser

When was the last time you saw one of these? I bet the answer was never because this seems to be the only one in existence. The seller claims that it is the holy grail of Cadillacs! I’m not so sure about that, but the combination of a Vista Cruiser’s roof line with the plush accommodations of a Cadillac make this one worth a look. You won’t be able to experience it for cheap though. The seller is asking $38k here on eBay in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. That seemed high to me, but Cadillac wagons are always intriguing so I did a little digging… Read more »

1964 Ford Galaxie Country Squire

Galactic Wagon: 1964 Ford Country Squire

This 1964 Ford Country Squire isn’t the cleanest or nicest example of Ford’s big wagon, but there is something about this particular car that grabs my attention. Maybe it’s the unusual rust patterns and patina. Or perhaps it is the fact that it’s the top of the line Galaxy wagon with the 390 V8 and just about every feature you could option these with. I’m not sure what is so appealing about an old wagon that has seen 128k miles, but there is just something truly honest about it. If like me, you find this station wagon strangely appealing, you can find it here on eBay in Gig Harbor, Washington. Happy Wagon Wednesday! Read more »

1979 AMC Pacer DL Wagon

Wacky Wagon: 1979 AMC Pacer DL

I’ve always been fascinated by AMC’s naming conventions. Names like Rebel and Javelin may reflect the sporty and wild nature of those cars, but Matador and Pacer should evoke aggressive power or out right speed, yet neither car match their names all that well. The Pacer is especially deceiving, as the word pacer literally means pacesetter and for some reason looking at this 1979 Pacer DL I have a hard time seeing it setting any kind of pace. Perhaps it was the pacesetter of the compact econocar class? Regardless of names, these odd shaped cars have been slowly gaining interest in the collector world. This one is claimed to be a running survivor that has been in storage for the past 30 years. After pulling it out of the Colorado barn it is now in Fairfax, Vermont and can be found here on eBay. Read more »


Still Smells: 1976 Cadillac Castilian Estate

We have featured a couple of these coach-built Cadillac wagons over the years, but none have been as nice as this 1976 Fleetwood! The seller claims that only 16 were ever built, but from what I can tell there are quite a few more than that out there. Im guessing that it is a Castilian Estate and that it was converted by Traditional Coachworks in California. The seller’s asking price of $18,000 seems steep, but it’s still cheaper than you could buy a new wagon for these days. Find it here on craigslist out of Rochester, Washington. A special thanks goes to Bryan L for the submission. Read more »

1959 Lancia Appia C80S

One of a Kind: 1959 Lancia Appia Giardinetta

When most of us think of Italian cars, names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo probably come to mind, but one Italian brand that is often forgotten is Lancia. The brand is now known for building rebranded Fiats, but at one time they built some amazing sports car. Those that lived in Italy or just have a true passion for the marque might even remember some of their rather interesting commercial vehicles. Well if you remember seeing Lancia Appia vans running around the streets of Italy or simply appreciate old commercial vehicles, than this extremely rare 1959 Lancia Appia Giardinetta should be of some interest. It is one of only a handful ever built and possibly the only one built for civilian use. Take a look at the listing here on Car and Classic in Torino, Italy. Thanks goes to Simone B for the tip! Read more »