Station Wagons

Mid-Level: 1963 Plymouth Valiant V200 Wagon

Something that would cause heads to roll at any car company today, the re-skinned 1963 Valiant was actually a half-inch shorter than the 1962 model was! Now, every redesign gives us bigger, fatter, longer, wider, heavier… more»

Porthole Pony: 1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon

This is probably the icon of the already iconic Pinto series, a 1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon! This porthole pony is on Craigslist with an asking price of $5,595. The seller says that the only thing… more»

It’s A Party! 1963 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta

I’m a big wagon fan, there really is just something special about big American station wagons! That’s especially true when it’s something like this Olds Super 88 Fiesta Wagon. You see, this luxurious wagon is a Super… more»

Fin’tastic! 1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban

The Deluxe Suburban was the lowest-level trim for the Suburban line for Plymouth in 1960, below the Custom Suburban and the top of the line Sport Suburban, which would have been equivalent to their Fury line. This… more»

Waiting Forty Four Years: 1956 Pontiac Safari Wagon

This wagon listed on craigslist for $8,500 has been sitting since 1973. It looks mostly complete but it would be a huge project. The Safari was Pontiac’s version of the Nomad wagon. Pontiac built only about 4,000 of… more»

Second to the Last: 1973 AMC Ambassador Wagon

Yo yo, wagons ho, here’s a 1973 AMC Ambassador Brougham Wagon. This yellow project is listed on eBay with a $2,500 Buy It Now price or make an offer. This hauler really hauls with a 401… more»

$2,450: 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban

Unique bumper lovers, here’s a 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban with the classic and unique wraparound front bumper. This Custom Suburban wagon is on Craigslist with an asking price of $2,450 and it looks like a nice project…. more»

Iconic Cruiser: 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

I bet a few of you rode in one of these cars as a kid, or maybe you drove around your family around in one? This is a 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser and it’s arguably one… more»

Museum Wagon: 1957 Studebaker Provincial

We are huge fans of the classic American station wagon! They are big, functional and good looking, but they are also getting hard to come across affordable examples that are in decent shape. This wagon might not… more»

Assembly Required: 1958 Edsel Roundup Wagon

Here’s another black and red station wagon that Peter R found for us. This wagon couldn’t wagon couldn’t be more different than the Chrysler Town and Country I just wrote about. This Edsel is listed on eBay… more»

Beautiful Bermuda: 1958 Edsel Bermuda

It’s an Edsel! This almost-totally-restored car is a 1958 Edsel Bermuda and it has been undergoing a restoration but the seller recently found a car that he’s been looking for, so this one is getting kicked… more»

Pot ‘O Gold? 1970 Pontiac Catalina Wagon

Perhaps this is your personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I love me some big ol’ ‘Merican wagon, myself! This very original 1970 Catalina is available here on craigslist in Orange County, California… more»

$3,500 Swede: 1971 Volvo 145S Wagon

Here’s a 1971 Volvo 145S Wagon; pretty Swede, eh? This sweet Swede is posted on Craigslist with an asking price of $3,500. I’m guessing that they’d be open to offers since they say that they’re “Looking to… more»


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