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14k Mile Survivor! 1977 Chevy K5 Blazer

We see so many ads claiming vehicles to be low mileage survivors and are always skeptical. This once, I really believe the ad here on craigslist for this 14,000 mile Blazer. The owner used it for a year and then put it away, but occasionally started and drove it. The seller has provided detailed photos that seem to prove it. It’s in Asotin, Idaho, south of Lewiston. Someone might be willing to pay $20,000 for this Blazer, but most of us will think that it’s overpriced. It’s very basic, without even a radio. It does have 4WD and a 4 speed but has the little 130 horsepower 305 V8, no AC and no power anything except brakes. There is not even a back seat.

The interior does not appear to have been detailed but still looks almost new. With a little work, it will look as good as it did the day it left the dealer!

This is not what you expect to see in a 40-year-old truck. If the pedals and floor mat are any indications, these look unworn. The shifter and 4WD boots also look great.

The 305 V8 has not been detailed and still looks really nice. Even that GM radiator hose appears original. Give the engine bay a good detailing and it should look like new as well!

This Blazer looks like it’s just been driven out of a time machine. Rigs like this were not like today’s family luxury SUVs and were not pampered and were generally used up pretty quickly. This one might actually be as nice up close as it is in the ad and could really only have 14,750 miles on it. A picture underneath would have made it even more convincing. The value of the first generation K5 Blazers, from 1969 to 1972, has been going up so perhaps the value of later Blazers will go up as well? Perhaps there’s some nostalgic person out there who is looking for the nicest one he can find who will be willing to pay a little extra? For the rest of us, $20,000 might be a bit rich. As is always the case with very low mileage cars, very low miles might not add much to the value. Because Chevy made the same basic Blazer for another 14 years after this one was built, it might not look very interesting or uncommon to the casual viewer but ones like this don’t show up often. Which creates an issue for the majority of folks that are looking for an old Blazer, they want something to use and not just look at. What are your thoughts on this Blazer? If the listing is gone, it’s saved on CraigslistAdSaver.


  1. Pat

    10k and drive it.

  2. Gunner


    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Obviously, someone saw the value in the seller’s price…

      • The Walrus

        20K is half the money on this. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it again soon on a broader platform at $39,995… or more.

  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    While out of my league, I suppose $20g’s for a like new K5 is justified. If these even saw a grain of salt, they rusted to bits, and since 90% of them were sold in snowy climates, few survived, except as current plow trucks with no bodies. Probably be flipped several times.

    • C.Jay

      When 5 year old Tahoes (closest thing to a Blazer available today) are $20,000 with 75 & 80,000 miles. I feel The price could be justified.
      A millennial with a laptop (at $125 per hour) wouldn’t be required to work on it.
      Cooter with hand tools could rebuild this in his driveway.
      The sad part is, It will probably reappear on the market out of the “working Joe’s” price range.

  4. Sanity Factor

    305 no options…planly boring…i hate cheapo original owners…and not worth 5k. Low miles or not

    • Henry Drake

      Actually, it’s worth whatever some knucklehead will pay for it.
      I agree with you tho….5k

    • Barzini

      Sometimes the low option model was all the original owner could afford so I can’t begrudge them.

  5. Dirtymax

    4×4 4 speed stripper with rubber floors and no back seat, I’d drive it every day but not for 20k. I’ve killed 4 of the fancy K5s as plow trucks and will someday own one like this to enjoy, hopefully

  6. JW

    I had a 78 K5, rusty as a barn nail, under powered, but it got me around for 2 years while I built my 68 K10. Over priced YES but so is most of the cars & trucks we see on craigslist and ebay.

  7. Ricardo Lombardini

    I like plain Jane vehicles. No extra junk to fix.

  8. EJB

    Reminds me of the Blazer the Chief of Amity drives in Jaws. Whenever I watch the movie, which is a lot, I admire the police vehicle.

    The one in the movie was a 75′ though

    • Jay M

      The one Charlton Heston drove in “Earthquake” was also pretty cool.

  9. Dave

    I had a ’70 K5 with a 396 that the previous owner tossed in. It was fast, and good in the MO snow. Fun times in that one fo sho.

  10. Rick Rothermel

    Hundreds of these were used on the Alaska Pipeline project. literally shaken to pieces at 10k miles on frost-heaved choppy roads, sold by the dozens to a guy in Portland who stuck them back together and sold off the unused parts for over a decade. Neat trucks with some power improvements applied

  11. Steve A.

    Sucker born every minute!!!

  12. Ernie

    I don’t think the price was out of line. Just try and bring one back to that condition for the money. 4 speed is nice to have as well. Glad someone saw the value in it!.

  13. chad

    I thought the 305 wuz a straight 6, may the 6 was 308?
    Ina 4 WD I’d rather the 6 if that small.

  14. David Ulrey

    As prices go it’s worth it in today’s market. In reality (probably in some alternate universe. Lol) it should be half that price but we aren’t living there so…..

  15. Michael

    I’d make it look like chief Brody’s k5

    Like 1

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