17 Interesting Cars, One Price, But What Is That Price?

Thanks to Barn Finds reader C.Jay for sending in this somewhat cryptic find! The ad here on craigslist says there are 17 cars for sale, none with titles, that are all for sale for a single price–but there’s no mention what that price is! This list of cars is very intriguing, even though none are said to run and some are probably only for parts. The cars are listed in the Louisville, Kentucky craigslist, but no further location is given.

The list of cars is eclectic, to say the least!

3 Chrysler Town and Country woody hardtops, 1948 or 49
1 late 40’s Dodge 2 door coupe
4 Thunderbirds 58-59-60
3 late 40’s Chrysler suicide door coupes
2 65-68 Galaxie conv.
51 Ford hard top
1 Chrysler 2 door hardtop
74 VW Sun Bug
64 Ford station wagon

This Thunderbird looks really solid, doesn’t it? We don’t get pictures of all the cars; for example, there are no pictures of the VW Sun Bug. I was curious as to what one was–take a look at this article if you are too.

Actually, all these cars look pretty solid. I think this is a 1949 Dodge–am I right, readers?

And this looks like a 1967 Ford Galaxie convertible.

It looks like there’s something wrong with the roof on the 1964 Ford wagon, but who knows with this crowd of cars.

Not one, not two, but three of these Chrysler Town & Country “woodies”. It’s hard to believe pictures of only one were included. Are there any readers in the Louisville area that could go by and report on these? We’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Joe Haska

    I think its a 48, body style changed in 49!

  2. doug6423

    Picture #5 shows two cars with their roofs crushed. The Sun Bug is in the background along with a red Galaxie convertible.

  3. Gordon

    I like how Geraldo Rivera took part in the photo shoot in that article about the Sun Bug. Kidding……

  4. Jon

    OK someone pick up the lot. I’d be interested in a galaxie convertible

  5. Larry

    Wanting the 48 Dodge…black one, if anyone buys the lot

  6. Rodney Corriveau

    Car with the crushed roof on the right of pic 5 is the hoodie from pic 7.

  7. Ken Owens

    Wanting green galaxy convertible, if anyone buys the lot

  8. Joe Nose

    Interesting. Following the phone number shows it’s either a vinyl shop or a restorer of Mustangs. Wonder what the deal is, not that I’d be interested in cars that been bombed by birds in a barn for that long.

    • CJay

      I found that same information, But don’t have the time this week to investigate. I thought some looked solid and hope they can rescued.

  9. newfieldscarnut

    Does the crushed roof 64 wagon have a big engine bird on the bottom of the front fender ??

  10. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Yes, if someone does buy the lot, I would be very interested in the VW.

  11. stillrunners lawrence Member

    You can see a little day light above the wagon in one pic – looks like the roof caved in ? Not sure – the 51 Ford Victoria hardtop could be a winner if we had a pick….or a pic of the other two square birds….would the hardtop Chrysler be an early 55-58 300 ?…….

  12. charlie Member

    And the Chrysler Woodie hardtops have to be ’49’s, they didn’t make a hardtop in the earlier body style. Just 4 doors and convertibles.

    • Bill McCoskey

      Charlie; Actually, the T & C 2-door hardtop was a one year only car – 1950. These were also equipped with the Ausco-Lambert 4-wheel disc brakes. I’m familiar with these, as I had one back in the early 70s, when no one wanted the hardtops. I also had a ’55 Imperial Crown limousine with the Ausco-Lambert brakes. Even weighing over 3 tons, that car would stop very well, and didn’t even need a power brake booster, as they were self-energizing. A complicated brake, but when they were working correctly, they were the best brakes available at the time.

      Don’t know what happened to the T & C, I sold it to a high school buddy when I was drafted, never saw the car [or him] again.

  13. charlie Member

    thanks for the correction, I learn something here every day!

  14. Wolfgang Gullich

    Sun Bug was just trim package. They all came in a gold color with a sunroof and a graphics package on the sides. Instead of the Volkswagen script on the deck lid, it said Sun Bug with a little lady bug in the middle.

  15. Angel Sanchez

    I would like to get the Ford convertible from anybody who buys the lot

  16. Anthony R in RI

    Anyone close check these out?

  17. steve hill

    Ok it’s me. I own the 17 cars! In Louisville KY I have a small mustang shop and an older friend was tired of these cars and let them sit for 20 to 35 years. he did not want tire kickers bothering him and we worked a deal on all of them.
    The cars are 4 hours from me in northern ind. transporting them to Louisville is to much time and money.
    If I can sell them all at one time I will take $1000 each car. ($17,000) Plus there is a room with a lot of solid sheet metal and some used motors, at least a u-hall full. All the parts are free with the cars.

  18. Larry

    Its all or nothing then? What area are they in if it 4 hours from you?

  19. steve hill

    larry, the cars are in zip 46383. the guy that rents there doesn’t what me to give the whole address.
    It may come down to selling them one at a time. I am keeping a list of who wants what. please send me a list of what you like and I will let you know what happens.
    I can be there almost any Sunday
    thanks Steve

    • Larry

      That’s fine…don’t blame him for not giving the address. Was thinking if it was close I could take better pictures for the ones that wanted a certain car…

      • steve

        thanks Larry, all i can do is keep a list of people and what they want.
        I am talking to two investor/restorer type company’s that will take them all but getting all the details in order is hard to do.
        everything is still for sale, as of 6/14 I have no deposits and no one has looked at them.
        maybe by the end of July, if they are not sold, I will bring them to Louisville one at a time, detail them and put each one on barn finds and triple my money.

  20. Jon

    Can I see a pic of the 2nd galaxie?

  21. steve hill

    If I do sell them one at a time I will take detailed pic’s and send them to people on my list. thanks

    • Larry

      Could I get pic’s of the 51 ford Ht and the late 40 dodge Cp then…been looking for both

      • steve

        I only have a few pic’s but need an address to send them to.

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