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17,000 Miles From New: 1990 Ford Mustang

We often crow about the beauty of a preserved 5.0 GT-package Mustang, but there’s something appealng about a highly original low-spec four-cylinder model as well. This 1990 Mustang is a true survivor with just 17,000 miles and is equipped with a manual transmission. Find it here on eBay listed with no reserve and bidding just over $3K. 

The seller notes he purchased it from the first and only female owner, who supposedly wouldn’t drive the car if rain was in the forecast. He he owned it since 2014 and claims to work at a Ford dealership with access to professional grade detailing products, which enabled him to further preserve the interior and exterior. Check out that carpet in the hatch area – no stains or dirt to be found.

The trim looks outstanding and aside from some light warpage of the bumper cover (they all seem to do this), the Fox Body-survivor looks as it did the day it left the dealer lot. The integrated spoiler and clear/red taillights make an otherwise low-spec LX look a bit more aggressive, but the wire-wheel covers bring you back down to reality that this ain’t no 5.0. But, consider me surprised that the fastidious first owner spec’d it with a manual.

The seller notes that flaws are few: a potentially leaking A/C compressor, a finicky ash tray door, and a cigarette burn in the driver’s seat. That last one makes me cringe a little, considering how perfect the rest of the car is – smoker’s cars are usually ones to avoid, but the seller mentions a half-gallon of fabric and carpet protection was used to preserve the insides, so perhaps the smell is gone. This seems cheap at the moment for such a low-mileage car.


  1. Tom Member

    I feel like Charlton Heston in wanting to yell WHY WHY !!?? clinching my fists of rage over why this couldn’t be a LX 5.0 !! WHY!!?? WHY!!??

  2. Moparman Member

    Wire wheel covers would have to go, but other than that, I’d be quite happy to drive it as is! :-)

  3. Scott L

    LX not GT. I understand why the previous owner wouldn’t drive it if rain was forecast. I had a GT and the ass end is light to the point in a moderate turn would let loose and the car would spin around even if you turned into the spin. I always worried about this after it happened and is the only reason I sold it.

  4. Clinton

    17k miles and the poor thing still has cancer from the great state of Ohio. Kind of a shame.

  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    Wow – the condition! – shame it’s impossible to avoid the scourge of the salt to the undercarriage in those northern states – whatever precautions are taken. Imagine how anyone present felt when that butt end fell….glad I wasn’t there. Sound buy, for no money.

  6. Billy

    Is that the 2300 Pinto engine? Did they still use those in 1990? How much HP? 4 or 5 speed? Never a fan of wire wheel covers, but there must be something else that could go on, otherwise, not a bad car!

    • PVDave

      Yes, the 2.3 Pinto engine received fuel injection in 1987 and lived on in the Mustang until 1993. This version makes 105 horsepower, and is connected to a Borg Warner T-5 5 speed transmission.

      • Paul Hudson

        You’d think it was underpowered but it was actually Ok for most driving. It was pretty reliable too. The T-5 shifted well. I always refer to the 2.3 Liter as a farm instrument. It’s definitely not refined but was also very efficient for the time. I averaged 25 MPG. In hindsight I should have replaced the timing belt and kept the car. We were moving at the time and I had too many cars.

  7. Gustave VonHindenberg


  8. Ecobeast

    Drop a 2.7 EcoBoost in it and have a field day

  9. Paul Hudson

    I had a 1989 exactly like this including the color. It was an excellent little car and fit me well. It was not powerful but was reasonable and averaged 25 MPG. The hatch made it very handy. I sold it when the timing belt snapped. The new owner replaced the timing belt and drove the car until it was eventually totaled in SC. It would be a fun hobby car. I had only paid $400 for it from a co-worker. It had over 100K miles on it. I loved that color Medium Academy Blue.

  10. Reid Hall

    We have a lot to consider here,although this is a hatchback LX,it was a smoker’s car ,not good, and maybe the guy did a good detail on the car.Good thing is this car was owned, and lady driving most of its life.Now l will have to say l’m not very fond of Bay Blue on Bay Blue.Someone will have to take the all carpets and seats and clean very with interior cleaner and pressure wash very well and just hope to get rid of the stale cigarette smells.So after that find a good set of stock GT wheels & tires ,and this car may resale.Although 3k-6k a little high.

  11. Dave

    If I had a 16 year old daughter with a sense of nostalgia I’d be all over it. Otherwise, meh.

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