1930 REO Milk “Bottle” Truck!

1930 REO Milk Bottle Truck

Update 2/1/20 – The milk bottle is back! It’s been almost four years since we featured it last and this time it’s listed here on eBay with the option to bid or buy it now for $6,500. Thanks go to Barn Finds reader Darrun for the tip!

From 3/16/16 – We’ve all seen old milk trucks, but when was the last time that you saw one that actually looked like a milk bottle? This unique creation is claimed to be 1 of 3 trucks built for Berwick Creamery. It needs to be restored, but the irreplaceable parts appear to all be there. The seller doesn’t include an asking price in their craigslist ad, but they do mention that the truck has a clear title and that they are open to trades. It’s located in Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania and thanks goes to Drew V for the tip!

The Bottle

If you look closely, you can make out the Berwick Creamery logo. I bet this was quite a sight to see back in the day. Just picture the look on the neighborhood kid’s faces when the milkman came rolling down the streets of Berwick, Pennsylvania in this thing! Heck, if it were mine, I’d be tempted to start up a delivery business just to cruise around and make everyone’s day. It would probably cause almost as much stir as an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile sighting.

Cold Milk

The restoration would most likely be more than I could realistically manage, but I want to try so badly! Researching the history of the truck and attempting to return it to it’s original form would be lots of fun. An old milk truck may not normally be that exciting, but I bet this one would even get you invited to all sorts of fancy schmancy events. Hey, there were Hot Rods at Pebble a few years back, so why not milk trucks?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Actually, I’ve seen these before. Luick Dairy, in Milwaukee had trucks like this. Trucks that were advertising tools were all the rage in the ’30’s and 40’s, but seemed to fall out of favor, when companies found out, people would buy the product, fancy truck or not. This one is pretty rough, but almost non-existent today. Lot of work. Be great as a static display for a dairy. Great find. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/18/99/c9/1899c96fc2165a9d3ac0a2ed2759afd4.jpg

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Cool truck! Maybe do double duty on the salt flats.

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    • Jesse Staff

      Thanks for sharing that photo Howard!

      Like 6
    • grant

      Thanks for that Howard I’ve never seen one of these before.

      Like 4
  2. Bill

    It’s actually.. possibly due to decay, got a pretty cool rake to it. looks like a Big Daddy kustom :) I’d love to build this truck! Not sure how I’d feel driving it as a daily, but what the heck?

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  3. Van

    Great find
    This looks like so much fun.
    You would be welcome at any car show or parade.
    I would find a way to change logos easily, like a wrap. It would say Sam Adams at one event, Coke at another etc.
    I want to park in front of a hospital with a sign that says “it’s a boy”. Just guess which one.
    Lots of angry dads.

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  4. Matt Tritt

    Kind of droopy amidships, but what a cool thing! How about finding a replacement windshield?

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  5. David Frank David Member

    Thanks Drew V for finding this Craigslist posting and Howard A for providing the link to the picture! This is what makes Barnfinds great.

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    • DREW V.

      You’re welcome David… As soon as I saw this I sent it in to the guys at Barnfinds… I love odd and unusual vehicles… :)

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  6. xroads

    I love stuff like this! I always wanted a chicken truck. I’m thinkin’ it would double as a camper. Windshield would be flat, right? The seller wants to trade far a car trailer, so that tells me $1-2000 asking price.

  7. Brad

    Awfully neat. Here’s a different dairy that used one. There are a few differences between the two (hood panels, the door that extends below the windshield) but another good impression of how these looked done up. Looks like the radiator grill was painted to look like the lid.

    Many pictures of toy versions of these, as well. Awfully fun.

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    • DREW V.

      Weren’t the lids for milk bottles called POGs???

    • Bud

      I thought It was a joke until this photo . It makes sense now .Thanks for sharing .

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  8. TRP

    Wow. This has to be saved.

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  9. Jason Houston

    Thanks for a great listing referral. These were also used as beer trucks, and appeared on much larger chassis applications. NICE piece. I would restore it to factory and use it for a daily driver.

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  10. Len

    This is a 30 minute ride from my house. I drive through that way several times a year and you should see some of the relics sitting rotting away in yards, fields, and and open barns, but I never have any time to spare to stop and inquire. Or get shot at in some cases.

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  11. steve

    I have an old milk bottle collection…yeah I need this!!!!!!!

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  12. Charles

    Cool Find!

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  13. Mark

    Sure would like to stumble on this, thats granddad driving

  14. microbuss

    Wish I knew what they were selling it for
    I would totally restore this!

    Also Tootsietoy made this as a toy truck

  15. Ben Thompson

    to everyone who wants this
    I think it got sold but you can buy a toy of this by Barclay

  16. Mark M.

    Almost like these were first station wagons or SUV made but they did not know they even made them.

  17. The one

    I’m afraid to bid $1.50, I might win!

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  18. Fred W

    If you want a divorce but don’t want to be the filer, just drag this into the front yard!

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  19. craZee

    Milk, it does a body (shop) good!

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  20. Jim Bryant

    Would be a super cool truck for a brewery to renovate as an advertising tool

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  21. Bob McK Member

    If I had the money, this sure would be fun to have restored. Not sure what I would do with it when it is completed.

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  22. BORNEO

    i assume this was built on the Flying Cloud auto chassis and not a truck chassis,
    (REO Speedwagon). It looks like the smaller 115″ wheelbase. If it were a 1932 Reo Royale it would be worth converting it back. Looks like the splash pans are gone. Could use a picture of the vin plate.

  23. Rodney - GSM

    Clearly the prototype for Ace and Gary’s Ambiguously Gay Duo Car…

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  24. art

    Another dairy seems to have used the same truck.
    Neat advertising…nothing like these anymore.


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  25. Russell Ashley

    Cool looking truck but doesn’t look like forward visibility would be too good with that sloping windshield.

  26. Luke Parris

    The ad says both REO and 1930 Ford…which is it??? That would determine the engine one would have to find. Either way I like it…..if I was only 20 years younger!

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