1951 Dodge Coronet: 64 Year Old Survivor


If you’re looking for a nice old driver, this could be it, a very original 1951 Dodge Coronet Sedan. It was stored for 39 years and has had only 3 owners and been driven 43,000 miles. Even the paint is original and with the exception of the carpet, the interior is claimed to be all original as well. The engine is also the original, but it has been rebuilt. It’s in the San Francisco Bay area and for sale here on craigslist with an asking price of $11,500. The price seems high, but you couldn’t take a $5000 car and restore it to this condition for $6000. Even if you could, you wouldn’t have an original car like this when you’re done. Do you think there is someone out there willing to purchase this and enjoy it?

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  1. fred

    Just plain never liked this body style, or any of the big 3.. Can’t really afford 2 door HT prices, so I bought the only early 50’s 4 door that I felt had some style, the ’51 Kaiser.

  2. Ed P

    Nice solid looking car. Very clean and ready to drive. $11,500 doesn’t sound bad but maybe a little negotiating would be called for.

  3. Jose

    Fred, good job on that 51 Kaiser. Envy you. Of course, I’d really love to have a 2-door 53 Kaiser convertible. Wishful thinking.

  4. Howard A Member

    This is a great find, and the price is what the market will pay, not out of line for a car like this. Like David sez, you could never restore a car for this amount. Make no mistake. On a car stored that long, there will be stuff to fix along the way, but I’m sure you could do that while driving it.
    To Fred: That Kaiser looks beautiful. (saw one at a show, and they always get attention), but in all fairness, the Dodge was no Kaiser. The Kaiser listed in 1951 for between $2,400-$2,740,( and was a much fancier car), while the Dodge was $1,811. It may not sound like a lot now, but that would be almost an $8,000 difference today. This would be a great car for someone starting out.

  5. Will

    Does anyone know if seat belts were offered as an option by Dodge in 1951. I am pretty sure they were not standard equipment. I am not sure they were even available.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Will, Wiki claims, the 1st to offer seat belts as an option were Nash in 1949 and Ford in 1955. Saab was the 1st to have standard seat belts. I had a ’58 Volvo that had a 3 point seat belt, the 1st of it’s kind in a passenger car, I believe. These, I’m sure , were added later.

  6. Fred

    Thanks for the info on the Dodge/Kaiser price difference Howard, had no idea it was that steep. I thought only the Frazer was expensive and the Kaiser was lower line. But what do I know, I was born in ’57.

    If anyone is interested, the Kaiser can be bought. It’s in TN and completely restored. About $3K less than the Dodge.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Fred, I think it was the other way around. Maybe a K-F buff could tell us. All-Par sez, the Kaiser was supposed to be less than the Frazer at around $2,000, but didn’t work out that way.

  7. PaulieB

    Somehow the upholstery looks a little too new.. could they be aftermarket seat covers?

  8. charlie Member

    Very nice car, but a real dog power wise. Quiet, uncle had one, no way to know engine was running at idle if you were inside, so smooth and vibration free. Could cruise at 60, and get it up to 80, but 60 was comfortable. Once the V8 came out in ’53 or ’54 Dodge became a whole different car.

  9. Graham Lloyd

    Nice car, but the early 50’s Dodge, Plymouth, etc models don’t seem to have much demand whatsoever. Maybe in California and other areas it might be worth over 11 large, but around the Southern Ontario you would be hard pressed to get half that. Here’s a link to a 54 Dodge for sale locally. He’s asking 6500 for it. I know the car. Nice paint, interior, runs excellent. Just isn’t the demand to get high bucks for them.


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