1958 Buick Roadmaster 75: Low Mileage Survivor

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This is an amazing find if the craigslist posting is accurate. This Buick is said to have only 27,714 actual miles. It’s loaded with all the best goodies of the day, including power seats, brakes and windows, padded dash and more. The 364 CID engine is rated at 300 horsepower. The owner has done all the mechanical work. If it’s really as nice as described, wouldn’t a road trip home from St. Louis be a grand adventure? But the $23,000 asking is pretty ambitious, don’t you think?




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  1. JW

    Wow very nice car, love the dash. That’s a long lost art with auto manufactures of today. Cars have no class or art to them anymore just a bunch of jellybeans rolling down the highway. For a person of that era with a love for the big luxury cars and being a true survivor I think the price is pretty close IMHO.

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  2. 1969Deuce

    To turn a current TV commercial backwards, “THAT’S a Buick!”

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  3. DENIS

    They were an amazing vehicle in their day…long as a train, smooth ride. I question the price but if someone had the “hots” for one of these, here it is! What a parade car.

  4. Horse Radish

    As usual with these kind of offerings the low, low mileage (at least in the ad) seems unverified. My experience tells me most likely a 127k mile car, but well kept in a garage.
    Cars of that era would hold up really well and you couldn’t really tell the difference between 27k and 127k but by the amount of wear on the drivetrain.
    Unless the seller comes up with a story about his Aunt Josie or some such, this would only be another (very ambitious) flipper story….

    • phoneman91

      Has the earmarks of a 27k mile car. Original looking interior and seats and low wear on the wear prone soft parts. Would be interested in pictures of the engine bay and underneath.

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  5. Ed P

    If chrome is your thing, then here is the promised land,,,, er car.

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  6. Vince Habel

    I think 58 was the ugliest Buick ever made.

    • Barry T

      When I was in high school in 1958 a neighbor of my parents bought one of these. I thought it was ugly in 1958 and I have not changed my mind.

  7. Chris A.

    Vince, nope, look at the 1960 Buicks.

  8. Rick

    Buicks of that vintage are cool enough I guess, and when I first got my license in the early 70s the ones around that still ran could be had for $25-50 probably because they sure guzzled gas (I had ’58 and and ’60 station wagons) – they were soooo heavy and the one-speed Dynaflow automatic transmission sure didn’t help any in that department

  9. Dolphin Member

    Interesting comments that you just can’t disagree with since you either like these because they are ornate with chrome and styling everywhere, or you don’t like these because they are ornate with chrome and styling everywhere.

    As a cool vintage ’50s 4-door to drive to Show ‘N Shines, this would be terrific. For other uses….well, you would likely take your current 2-year old DD.

  10. bonneville 64

    Sharp looking car, however way out of line on the asking price. Craigslist ain’t Barrett-Jackson in January. the front seat has been recovered, as the material does not match the back seat. Material appears to be from bottom line Buick of 1958, but as I age, the memory seems to get foggier.

    • phoneman91

      The front seat cover may be a overlay seat covering and the original seat cover may still be underneath and in good condition. No telling without seeing the car in person.It is apparently a very nice car.

  11. Jim Marshall

    I think at 27 K he’s on the money.

    • George P. Livesley


  12. Vince Habel

    Barry T
    Could not agree anymore than that. The 58 Olds wasn’t any better.

  13. Bruce Fisher

    The 58 was one of my 1st cars.It was headed for the crusher.All it needed was 2 front tires ,a generator, and a key. I towed it back to my shop and got it road worthy. There was a problem with the title so I had to get the owners to sign something and when I drove the car to their house it was a little old man and lady that owned it. When the lady saw I had painted it and it was back on the road she started crying she was so happy. Heres a picture of it way back when I had hair. lol. Bruce.

  14. Bruce Fisher

    1 more shot.Bruce.

  15. JW

    OH how I wish I could turn back the clock to those days, would I ever change my attitude on life to appreciate those days more than ever. Nice pics Bruce.

    • phoneman91

      I understand,JW. If I knew that I would get old–I would have enjoyed my youth more and the good old days!

  16. Gary

    Great pictures Bruce. How about this one from the Buick Nationals in Portland, Oregon. July ’14 Beautiful 1958 and I think appropriately named.

    • DENIS


  17. Mike

    I live about 65 miles south of St Louis, I am going to see if I can locate the car, and check it out over the weekend, I will let you know what shape it is in and take some pictures if the owner will let me.

    • phoneman91

      Appreciate it,Mike.

      Be sure to get the whole story and take pictures! Especially of the engine bay.

    • Mike

      Went and saw the Buick, Owner would not let me take pictures, said enough had been posted, strange but he was the owner, I think he was just wanting people to come look at it. but it sure does look nice, engine bay was clean, but normal dust in it, interior was clean, underside looked good and clean, could not tell of any hidden rust or areas that had been repaired, if somebody had they did a great job of it, and I would say it does only have the 27K. I heard it run, sounds good. Owner told me all of the mechanical work he had done. I asked him if he would entertain a lower price, and he say NO. It is a beautiful ride if I would have had the Wife’s OK I might have brought it home but she said I have two many now, this is from the Wife that drives the 97 Impala SS I found and put a new motor in it a few years ago, plus likes my 74 Nova. Nice ride for somebody

  18. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Wow! Beautiful boat! With the limited pics, mileage looks to be believable. The dash is a work of Art!!! Today, they are video game looking with zero personality, except of course for the one that is was programmed with!!
    Four doors, thumb down.
    Price, thumb down.
    Otherwise, put some sails on it and sail it around the world.

  19. Jim Marshall

    As Mike wrote when he went to see the car and attempted to make an offer and the owner shows an attitude, that would really piss me off. Buddy if your trying to sell something being arrogant and rude to a prospective buyer won’t get the sale done, you jerk.

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