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1958 Chevy Apache 3100: Profoundly Solid!

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Imagine exploring the backwoods of Missouri and you find a barn on an abandoned farm. Prowling around the old barn you discover this old truck, a 1958 Chevy Apache. Do you leave it to rust into the barn floor or do you haul it home and try to find a new owner to restore it? Well, the seller of this truck lived that experience and now they are hoping to find a home for it where it can be saved. They’ve put it here on craigslist for $2500. I wouldn’t begrudge these folks for making a little money for their efforts, so $2500 seems reasonable. I love the way they describe it as having areas that are “profoundly solid”! It’s just the floors and cab corners that need help. There’s no worries about the engine, as there isn’t one. And look, no broken headlights. There is a right front fender included if you like one without the big dent. Do you think there’s a future for this pickup? Is it too rough for a resto rod?


  1. Bobsmyuncle

    Ok I know its a fad, and likely will fade into memory, however I am fully all about the patina’d vehicles especially old trucks. And tools and toolboxes. And leather jackets, and antique furniture. Okay so I have a problem.

    If this was local it would already be mine. That fender would remain exactly as it is too.

  2. DENIS

    What is that saying.. “One man’s junk is……? $2500!!!! Are you kiddin’ me? jeez

  3. Howard A Member

    While it may be true, ’58 was kind of a slow year for vehicles, these aren’t exactly rare, and I’m sorry to say, put this back in the woods. Just too far gone, and for someone to think this is actually worth something, shows how convoluted the hobby is. Any vehicle dragged out of the woods is not necessarily collectible. I really don’t see anything worth saving here. ( and cab corners are a big deal on trucks, it’s where the cab mounts are. They can be replaced, but it’s a big job)

  4. Ed P

    Parts truck maybe, but not for $2500.

  5. Cassidy

    I admit to being a bit skeptical about this story. An abandoned farm? I doubt that. It was private property, which means this guy is now selling a stolen truck. Not that he really got anything of great value, but I know I’d slow down to pick up $2500 off the ground. That said, where do people get their selling prices from? From the comments above, a knowledgeable car guy would first know that its close to becoming a lump of iron oxide and if they want to get rid of the “evidence”, they would pick a selling price closer to reality.

  6. Walter Joy

    My grandfather has what’s left of a 59 3100 sitting on a hill on his property. If we put this truck on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the condition of the truck in the article, the 3100 we have is like a 14

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    OK. I’ve seen worse, and I’ve seen worse actually restored into a very worthwhile pickup. Regarding this, the first think I ask is: ‘Where’s the engine?’ For the asking price, the engine should be with it. Just about everything you could dream up for that truck is available in aftermarket so it isn’t an impossible job. But in all honesty seeing this takes me back to CW McColl’s ‘Classified Ad’ song. ‘What’ll it take?’ He said: ‘What’ve you got?’ I said: ‘Twenty-eight dollars and fifteen cents.’ He said: ‘You’ve got a deal…’ I’d have to say that $28.15 is probably more realistic. Now this example may be a GMC but it started out pretty rough. Turned out pretty well, wouldn’t you say?

    • Fireman Dan

      C W Mc Call last I saw him a couple years ago is still alive and well in the San Juans based out of Ouray Colorado. You put a smile on my face. I listened to that record, cassette and 8 track as a boy and now on my ipod. He was mayor for yearsin Ouray . I met him doing the Colorado 500 as a medic and have his personal number hell get a kick out of this he’s a great guy

      Like 1
  8. Woodie Man

    This is a hundred dollar truck all day long. People have lost their minds.

  9. Bobsmyuncle

    The comments here on pricing always make me chuckle.

    To be fair, pricing IS affected by geography but I suspect most of the people going on about how expensive all the cars are haven’t bought anything or restored anything in a decade or more.

    In fact I have to wonder if these folks have ever bought ANY used car. You DO all understand this is an asking price right? Showing up with a trailer and a fist full of cash goes an incredibly long way!

    Additionally as in my case , the lack of an engine and interior frees me up. I’m not paying for anything I’d just want (and likley be unable to) dump.

    Happy hunting!

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