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1960 Chrysler 300F: Strong Sedan

1960 Chrysler 300F

While we generally strive to promote cars on Barn Finds that all of us could potentially buy, there are some vehicles that, despite their high price, are worth sharing for their originality and significance. I’ve always felt the Chrysler letter cars were beautiful sedans made at the pinnacle of American excellence in creating luxury vehicles that could compete with the best Europe had to offer. This 300F, found here on craigslist in Washington state with an asking price of $75,000, is said to be an original car that’s been off the road since 1993. With 375 horsepower on tap, I’m sure it moves with authority, and records indicate the  413 cubic inch engine and Torqueflite transmission underwent a full rebuild in 1993. I’d be content sitting in the front or rear bucket seats, an unusual feature even by today’s standards. Do you think this 300F is fairly priced or is it a bit optimistic?


  1. cory

    The lovely blue and grey tarps in the background tell me there is something shady here. Not really sure I would trust giving this guy that much money. The car itself looks good. I have no idea on the value. But again, the scenery screams run away.

    • grant

      Lol I wouldn’t worry about the tarps, its a northwest thing. He’s keeping his woodpile dry. I would worry about the crack he is smoking, asking 75k for this car. It is pretty though.

  2. J.W.

    It’s a beautiful car but I feel he’s asking more than the market will pay. If it is all original and a survivor it has a following but a small following which would not pay that much. I have a neighbor who loves the old big cars and has a few that are just as nice but he’s also a tightwad with his money. I hope he has some luck because he’s going to need it to get 75K.

    • norm

      your right, a mint 60 Chrysler like this one is worth on the market a max of 45 to 50k

  3. DonM

    I think it is about $20K high. $75,000 is what Hagerty values a #2 at and this is no #2. Maybe a #3 and should be around $50K. Then again – if you just got to have a 300F…

  4. ed

    too many missing parts AND questionable electrics …he won’t even try the windows ? uh-uh. no way close to a 75K buy .

  5. Ed P

    I like the car. The $75k not so much. The questionable wiring is a big price reduction.

  6. John

    Missing radio and no gear selector? Way to much.
    Nice looking though.

  7. John Lyons

    The 300’s have (sadly) softened a bunch. It has a torqueflight pushbutton automatic transmission (see left of the steering wheel on dash). The console item missing is the ash trey. The radio is an easy fix as they were used in many Chrysler models of the era and are plentiful. The overall car appears original or a very old restoration. The interior is in decent driver quality shape and looks mostly correct including seat patterns. The engine bay (at a glance) appears to have all the key components. That being said, the cost of restoration is astronomical (I’ve done two letter cars). The car is worth $20,000 if NO rust and SIGNIFICANTLY LESS if there is rocker or floor rust. Hopefully the seller just typo’d the price and added a ‘zero’. If anyone is looking at the car, confirm it has both its build tag and vin tag (both located in the drivers door jamb). The vin should start with the numbers ‘8403——‘

  8. RIC Parrish

    I think it’s high too, but then have you ever driven 413 or 426 Max Wedge? Incredible.

  9. Michael

    I had a 1964 300 K with a 413. Beautiful car excellent condition, fast, comfortable, consumed fuel like it was only 25 cents a gallon. OH! it was 25 cents a gallon in 64! He can ask for $75 and he can also dream.

  10. DT

    $75,000 is steep even if it was all sorted out,and its far from all sorted out. Sounds like all this guy did ,was put some tires on it.

  11. Toledo Tom

    That crossram induction system is a rare and desirable option,

  12. GOPAR

    Let’s just tell it like it is! Way too much money for a 300F in this condition, and no amount of flowery adjectives in the description is going to change that.

  13. Horse Radish

    they are growing some really strong dope in WA state

  14. dan

    you all may get surprised, its an original unrestored “F”. find another one. dollar is a little to strong now, but when it takes a dip that car will go overseas. had a “G” myself, think the “F” is so much nicer.

  15. bob

    tell me about the ’51 chev.belair hardtop in the pic.

  16. don

    I am sure the presant owner did’nt pay anything close to 75k, probably got for peanuts and now trying to make a small fortune on it….. just sayin :|

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