1960 Ford Fairlane 500: All Original

1960 Ford Fairlane 500

This 1960 Ford has a complete and interesting history since new and only 52,000 miles on the dial. It looks just like the first one I saw at the Ford dealership when they first came out. Cars changed every year in those days and the manufactures did a pretty good job of keep the new styles a secret. The 1960 was really different from the 1958 and a complete surprise. The paint and interior on this example are claimed to be original. Do you think the seller’s asking of $19,950 seems kind of high? He is willing to trade for a running Model A, and those can be had for less. Read about it here on craigslist in Austin, Texas.


  1. RayT Member

    I love the design of the ’60 Fords, and the two-door was the sleekest of the bunch. A shame he didn’t show any photos of the interior, but if it matches the exterior condition-wise, this is a real jewel!

    For the money, I think I’d have put it on eBay, and let the market determine the price. Not sure I’d go this high personally, but if all is as claimed, this would be very, very hard to resist.

    Don’t know that I’ve ever seen a 55 year-old car said to be “original” in this shape before. Hope whoever gets it limits the use and keeps it in this shape as long as possible!

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  2. Jim Miller

    Too bad it’s a ‘plain jane’ model, Make it a Starliner for me, with the 352 V-8.

  3. jim s

    i too remember when these came out, as my family was at the dealer to buy our falcon. i think we paid about $2000 for the falcon and this was only $600 more but $600 was a lot of money in 1960. seller needs to work a lot harder to get the asking price. nice find.

  4. Charles H.

    I agree with Jim Miller….loved the Starliner,but make mine with the 406 V8

    • David G

      Sorry, but the 406 wasn’t even available in 1960. Largest available 60 engine option for cars was the 352 FE. But this one’s OE 292 Y-block’s a fine engine in its own right!

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  5. Rick

    Looking down the right (passenger) side, I see many areas where the surface does not appear to be straight. However, I’m not much older and have the same kinda imperfections as well. This car looks really nice.

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  6. Karl

    The Starliner would look better, but that sloping, expansive rear window looks mighty nice to me. This must have been the last model made before Ford started grafting the Thunderbird-style formal rear roof pillars onto everything. I like more glass and less roof pillar. As far as the engine goes, replace the 292 with a 390, always my favorite of the FE family.

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  7. Chuck

    Price would be in the “ball park” for a Starliner, but not for a plain jane 2 door sedan.

  8. don

    once again B/S on original miles! it seems like every car out there people are saying “original miles” B/S!

  9. Tirefriar

    Great looking car! I am in agreement with the rest of the group on the price. Rick, looking at the photos I concur on the right side of the vehicle. This is one of those cars that should be inspected in person. Bring a magnet…

  10. Chris in WNC

    Very sweet car for someone willing to pay the price.

    Barnfinds recently linked to a complete and reasonably rust-free ’60 with original V8/stick shift for $800 here in NC.

    The price difference would allow lots of upgrades/repairs on the $800 car………

  11. Ed P

    The rounded front of the ’60 Fords must have been a sign of things to come. The ’61 T Birds and Lincolns had a similar rounded front. This ’60 is a nice looking example. I am surprised is does not show a lot of rust coming from Chicago.

  12. Ralph Terhune

    Looks to me like the chevrons on the driver’s quarter panel are pointing forward and the ones on the passenger quarter are pointing toward the rear. Maybe not so original paint after all.

  13. Ralph Terhune

    Looks to me like the chevrons on the driver’s quarter panel are pointing forward and the ones on the passenger quarter are pointing toward the rear. Maybe not so original paint after all.

    Price is way too much for this car.

    • JW454


      I believe your right. The ones on the right are upside down. I smell some B/S here.

    • jim s

      great catch. they should be pointing toward the front of car on both sides, i think. this car is for sale on hemmings also.

  14. DENIS

    I always wanted a slammed mild-custom Starliner but would love to have this post-car. I think 406 was announced in ’61 models(?)….I think he is way high on this one but there’s a seat for every ass…don’t think it will do it. Didn’t recall that they had a 2-spd trans available but I’m no Ford expert. I’d rather have one for less $$ that I could turn into a badass street-tourer…

    • Ed P

      Denis, The Fordomatic was a three speed tranny that started in 2nd gear from ’51 through ’59. When the Falcon was introduced in ’60 the Fordomatic was modified to have only 2 gears and be lighter for the smaller car. It was a low priced option for several more years on the big Fords.

  15. McQ

    Hot option for ’60: 352 High Performance = 360 horsepower. For ’61/early ’62: 390HP = 375 horsepower or 401 with tri power. Mid ’62 to mid ’63 the 406 became available. Picture is of true ’60 352HP.

  16. Lee Higgins

    These ’60 Fords were the widest production cars ever, I think.

    • Mike Williams

      then you haven’t seen the ’60 Edsel ha ha.

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