1961 Fiat 1200 Spider: Rust Free Italian

1961 Fiat 1200 Spider

I have a weak spot for Fiat Spiders, especially earlier ones. I’m not sure if it’s the styling or the overall Italian experience, but I just love these machines. This 1200 has that wonderful wide open grille and sleek lines of a early ’60s Fiat! After sitting in a barn for 23 years, it looks to be in surprisingly solid shape. I can tell you from personal experience, finding a rust free Fiat Spider is a rare event! I would want to check a few spots for hidden rust, but this one looks to be solid in the pictures. It will need work inside and out, but appears to have cleaned up nicely. The seller claims the motor turns over, but hasn’t tried to start it. If you are like me and have a weakness for Fiat Spiders, you can find this one here on eBay in Reno, Nevada with bidding at $5k. Thanks go to Jim S for this tip!


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  1. MikeH

    I think sensuous is the best word to describe Italian cars. Like some women, they can be quirky, undependable, but, overall, sensuous.

  2. Dan h


  3. Horse Radish

    I think the one I got is the same model.
    It was a resto project until the owner won the lottery and bought a new car instead….

    I bought it so that it would not get crushed

  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    The look of this early Spider is very reminiscent of the Renault Caravelle. Having owned a Caravelle, I’d pick the Fiat. If that sounds crazy, get a Renault and you’ll see what I mean.

  5. Alan (Michigan)

    Well, Heck Yes!

    Great looking little car!

    Finally, a dusty “Barn Find” that is cleaned up and made presentable, so that viewers can actually get a look at it. At worst, this one might need an engine rebuild and brakes servicing. (plus tires, of course) Hopefully, critters have left the wiring alone….. White is not my first choice for a vintage two-seater, but this one looks good to me. Love it.

  6. rrush@regardingrealestate.com

    Owned 2 1200 sedans, loved them and always wanted one of these, too bad its too far away.

  7. Tony Waters

    This car brings back memories of my own Fiat Spyder of that vintage which, by the time I bought it, had several years on it, and a nose full of filler. The relationship turned out to be a voyage of discovery. One Chicago winter I discovered that the rear window will crack into two pieces if the top is put down in very cold weather. And that same winter I discovered that the ‘metal’ handle which opens the the door from within, also breaks into pieces if the lock is frozen. The ‘metal’ handle was foil-covered plastic, but a US-made metal replacement was available.

    The age-old insult that FIAT stands for “Fix It Again Tony” is very unfair. There is no “again” about it: they need constant care, the way some people need a personal physician close by at all times, so too did my Fiat, my Alfas, and my Lancia. My physician was a wonderful Sicilian mechanic named Giovanni DiFatta. His approach to all Italian marques was the same: “Hey, Johnny, this is Tony, the guy with the Fiat/Alfa/Lancia.” “Hey, Tony, what’s up?” “Well I was on the freeway doing about sixty, and the steering wheel came off in my hand/ the engine exploded and the car burst into flames/ the brakes failed and I was nearly killed.” No matter what the event, his response was always the same, “How many miles you got?” “Umm…about fifty-four thousand.” “Iz OK. Don’worry about it. Iz normal.”

  8. Paul B

    Sweet looking comfortable nice-driving car, but slow. The 3-bearing 1200 engine is not one of my favorites. This car is a Fiat, and an old one, so if you buy, be prepared to pamper it if you want to keep it long without problems. It should be preserved, with that beautiful Farina styling and overall high level of refinement compared to peers in its price range.

  9. Chris A.

    Beautiful car, made Sprites look like dump trucks. Is this the same chassis that later on Fiat optioned out with OSCA 1500cc engines, a 5 spd and disc brakes?

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