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1963 International Scout 80 Camper Deluxe

Scout lovers rejoice, these rare rigs do not come up for sale too often. Thanks to Matt W. for tracking down this 1963 International Scout Camper Deluxe! It can be found on eBay with a buy it now price of $28,000 or you can make an offer. It’s located in Austin, Texas.

As much as I liked the fire truck Scout from a few days ago, I like this one even more. This is as rare as it gets. Fibertron, a division of Winner Boats of Dickson, Tennessee, designed and built the fiberglass camper for the Scout 80 with the design starting in 1962. They were made until June of 1963 with fewer than 100 examples being built in total before IH pulled the plug on the program. What a shame as the early troublesome models had been redesigned by Fibertron to address cracks and other quality issues.

Fibertron basically built a tent camper and put on the back of a Scout 80 sideways with a retracting bed popping out on each side. This is the top of the line, too, the deluxe model with a drop-down toilet and full kitchen. I know, let’s think about that for a second. That may be ok when you’re the only person in the back, but.. yeah. There were a few reasons why they didn’t sell. The quality issues were one, but also they were sold in International Harvester dealerships which typically weren’t in the heart of a city like other car dealerships were. And, they turned the versatile Scout into basically a heavy camper with traction. The rear overhang was horrendous for any off-road duties.

The seller isn’t giving too much information on this Camper, or Campermobile, other than it “runs and drives”. The two photos that are provided of the cab interior look pretty good but there is rust visible. At $28,000 I’d hate to have to put thousands more into bodywork and paint. These were all 4×4 Scouts, other than a couple of early production vehicles. There are only about 5 of these Scout Campermobiles left and this is one of the 2 best ones left according to Four Wheeler magazine. There are no engine photos but they would have come with Scout’s standard 93 hp 152 cubic-inch inline-four.

This one is all about what’s behind the two front seats. It’s small in there, there is no question about it. There could supposedly be sleeping for four people with a couple of hammocks that stretched down the middle. The two side beds were a must if there were going to be more than one person on board. Some options were “a second battery, a 15,000-BTU propane heater, a third bunk/hammock, shower attachment, rear tent, awning, luggage rack, water filtration system, privacy screens, bug screens, and a trailer hitch.” The dinette was interesting in that it was in back of the front seats but you had to crawl over the stove and sink or go outside the vehicle and go back in one of the front doors to get to it. The icebox has been better days as have most of the other features, but supposedly this is the nicest of the original ones left. Have any of you seen the 1963 Scout 80 Camper?


  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    Neat rig that looks like it might need the rear springs looked at.

    As long as one’s not in a hurry, this could be a fun l’il vacation/picker’s back-road cruiser. It’s rarity makes it extra attractive.

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  2. C.Jay

    Talk about a hillbilly unicorn!
    No matter where you are you’ll be the only one with one of these.
    Absolutely love it!

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  3. Madmatt

    Now that is coool..🤗..!I like it a lot..! would’ve been quite the rig back then..! 😁 Just make sure to have plenty of air fresheners in there.,..after the baked beans from camping…😉…!….lol..

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  4. Todd Zuercher

    Back when Jim Allen wrote the article on it for Four Wheeler in 2016, it was owned by the Scout Connection. Now in Texas. A serious collector will probably spring for this due to its rarity.

  5. JW

    Looks pretty top heavy to me and traveling in a crosswind would be a experience.

  6. Gone baby gone

    Interesting monstrosity for 1963.

    This IH could double as a NYC effecency and save a lot of money 👍✅

    I do like it!

  7. Coventrycat

    That is one neat truck. I can understand why it didn’t sell, people actually used them for what they were intended for back then and it just didn’t cut it. Today it would be perfect, because all these “lifestyle” vehicles do nothing more than convenience store runs to pick up a 30 pack of Bud Light and the latest issue of Outdoors magazine.

  8. Rube Goldberg Member

    Personally, I like the red one better, but this shows the creativity of these companies. Clearly nothing for the interstate and gated motorhome park, but for clammering through the hills or Northwoods pulling a fishing boat or ATV’s to some remote spot, this would be really slick. Little steep on the price, despite it’s rarity, it’s filthy, and it’s been used. Still, nothing like this today, but not at that price, sorry, it’s not that nice.

  9. Nrg8

    Mmmm. Nothing like have your 55 y/o “fold up” crapper right in the center of your retro RV. Lol blea! Just gives me shivers.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      HA! Good one. I guess, if operating properly, it still beats the “log in the woods” on a cold morn.

    • Chebby Staff

      That folding potty gives new relevance to the saying “Don’t sh*t where you eat….”

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      • Nrg8

        Log sounds better every time I try to figure out how it works. Is folding it up part of the flush? Best used as a conversation piece

  10. Whippeteer

    People in those home shows complain about bathrooms next to the kitchen. Here, the bathroom is IN the kitchen.

  11. Whippeteer

    The ad states that the mattresses have padded inserts for where the windows are. If you look at the pictures on eBay, it still looks uncomfortable. OTOH when travelling, you still have a “padded room” in the back. Perfect for asylum patient transport.

  12. LAB3

    Love the look of the dash and the overall layout of the cockpit (For lack of better term) Straight forward, no nonsense and rugged.

  13. Summitrunner Member

    Park it in your yard -Airbnb

  14. Davey

    Put your pipe away Gonzo

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