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1963 Porsche 356B Coupe Project

Porsche 356B Coupe

It’s absolutely astonishing how many Porsche 356 projects seem to keep surfacing. I get that as values and demand keep increasing, more will come to market, but it is amazing to me that so many 356 owners kept their old rusted car. I doubt they had the foresight to see the current price bubble over 30 or 40 years ago, so why did they save these projects. Did they just love them that much that they couldn’t let go or did they keep them around as parts cars and now that they are so valuable they are selling them as projects? I honestly can’t say which it is, but it really is interesting how many of these cars remain. This one is rusty like most of the 356 projects that have been surfacing lately, but isn’t the worst we’ve seen. It will clearly need a complete restoration, but if you absolutely have to have a 356 Coupe it is worth a look. You can find it here on eBay in Ravena, New York and it would seem this seller has a number of other 356 projects, so if this one just won’t do maybe they have one that will! Thanks goes to Sam M. for the submission.


  1. David Frank David Member

    Look closely, can you see the 356? It’s an early sunroof car. It was a daily driver until it suffered a stuck valve. Now, it’s retirement money. (Those are my kitchen cabinets in the foreground)

    • D. King

      Fix it up, David! We restored our ’64 about 12 years ago, after it spent about 20 years under a tablecloth. We’ve owned it for 48 years–and now drive it regularly, all year around, as long as the pavement is dry. It’s happy flying around the twisties here in Arkansas!

      P.S. How did you get it up there?

  2. bcavileer

    At least this one still resembles a car… unlike the one the other day. Very rusty underneath pics.

    p.s. David, that storage space is incredible!!

  3. Coldgin

    These have never really appealed to me. Yeah sure, it’s a Porsche and all, and the desire of wealthy people to want these has made them virtually unattainable for the common man, but to me, they are just glorified Beetles. No need to hate, it’s just my personal opinion. So I’ll gladly let someone else fight for the ownership of these.

    • D. King

      I’m not going to hate on you Coldgin–I’m just guessing you don’t have any experience with them. A lot of people say “they are just glorified Beetles,” until they get behind the wheel on a twisty road.

  4. socaljoe

    David, I take it you don’t have to worry about earthquakes where you live. Now get the kitchen cabinets done so you can get that car back on the road.

  5. Adam Wright

    Everyone keeps saying there are no more cars to be found, I agree, but only because it’s makes my job easier with less people looking. Pulled 21 Porsches last week, from one spot, filled two trucks! They’re still out there!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Wow! Why aren’t you sending these finds in so we can run them on the site?

  6. Adam Wright

    I do, you guys featured this blue car and one I had a few months ago, a one owner 70 911E that was parked in 1972, that was a barn find!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Ok, well please send more info on this huge stash. I think everyone would love it!

  7. Adam Wright

    The last haul is not yet done, but when I wrap it up the whole story can come out. But I have lots of good hauls, you should check out my columns in the Porsche 356 Registry magazine and the Early 911S Registry Magazine.
    This one was a back in 2012.

  8. Todd Zuercher

    Wow! Would love to hear these stories!!

  9. Adam Wright

    Car sold for $24,600, going back to Da Fatherland!

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