1966 Chevy II Nova SS L79: The Rare Spec

1966 Chevy II Nova SS L79

In what can only be described as an era that feels like it existed in an alternate universe, you could walk into your Chevy dealer in 1966 and ask them for a Nova with a Corvette engine. You could even get it paired with a 4-speed manual, putting a 350 bhp L79 motor in what was otherwise a very sedentary-looking Nova. That’s why this 1966 example here on craigslist is listed for $78,000, as it’s quite the rare bird and likely only going to increase in value. These L79 cars have been known to sell easily into the six-figures, and with only 200-300 ever produced, it’s not hard to see why. This car is claimed to be an original paint, one-owner example, and it shows. I don’t think it gets much better than a comfortable cruiser like a Nova with the L79 at your disposal. Anyone have $80K burning a hole in their pocket?


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  1. Gord

    I believe the production figures were closer to 5500 L79 Nova’s

  2. Wiley Robinson

    Who lists an $80,000 car on Craigslist? That’s like taping a sign to the window that says “Free meth inside”

    • MikeG

      It seems you have some preconceived notions about Craigslist sellers. I sell on Clist all the time and I am not a drug dealer.

  3. Mark

    Not worth that much! Paint is shitty!!! This guy is NUTS! Just like I said before Barrett Jackson has ruined the old car hobby!!!

  4. MacVaugh

    So, even if those 652 miles were done a quarter mile at a time, how many of the L79 cars are going to be available with less that 1000 miles on them? And someone wants to criticize the paint?

  5. David C

    A friend of mine had one identical to this one when we were in high school. The only difference was his looked like new and had american mags on it. That thing was wicked fast!
    Of course we graduated in 1972. I’ve got a lot of memories about a lot of cars from that time.

    • Tim Gadjen

      The car is worth what someone wants to pay for it.You can buy your high school days back. Put a price on that .

  6. GearHead Engineering

    Neat car, but the rarity and low mileage are of no value to me. I have no interest in a car that I can’t drive regularly. If I drove this one like I do my other cars, the value would drop precipitously. And since Novas are so easy to modify, I can’t see why a Nova with a potent small block is unique, even if it was built by the factory. One could build an LS powered Nova for less than a quarter of this asking price.

    To each his own.

    – John

  7. joeinthousandoaks

    With all the Z06 Corvettes, ZL1 Camaros and Hellcat Mopars running the streets it doesn’t seem these 60’s cars were from such an amazing time any more. I sure wish I were thew one to find this in a garage somewhere though!

  8. Utes

    Actually the production figure was 5,481 L79’s in ’66.

  9. Rancho Bella

    The only person that would pay the kind of money will be a plastered fool at BJ
    On the other hand it doesn’t hurt to start high……….and try and sell it to someone that is high………………….doah…………
    This big money collector car thing leaves me cold.
    I’d rather by land or a mutual fund that gives me a lottery payment every thirty days.

  10. DT

    Makes that 1964 Chevelle SS 4 speed ,last week,look like a good deal

  11. Alan (Michigan)

    Clean… Insanely clean on the underside, for an unrestored 50 year old car.

    Impressive though it may be, I also think the muscle car craze is a bubble that will deflate as Baby Boomer numbers continue to thin. Yea, I love ’em, but then I am from right in the middle of the Boom!

  12. Dan

    They built 5481 Z-79 novas in all body styles…not just SS….

  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    This example is in very nice shape. I don’t think I could justify the asking price but then, I could never have justified what a lot of people have paid for their cars either so that point is moot. The ’66 Nova is one of the sharpest looking cars ever made and I’d be happy with one powered by a 283/2bbl. The four-speed is nice but not mandatory. Bottom line here: this car is way out of my budget so I’ll stick with my family of older 4-door sedans.

  14. Rocco Member

    A very nice example.
    Are those factory GM rear air shocks? Didn’t know they existed in any year.

  15. Joe Howell

    Properly geared it will run like a scalded cat. I had the same engine in a Corvette, it likes to rev :)

  16. pontiactivist

    Love these. This is an awesome little sleeper. Way over priced if you ask me though. I just dont get people sometimes. I know its like comparing apples to oranges but let me put these two out there. I know a buick collector. He sold a 1 of 18 71 gs 455 (not a stage1 car) 4speed conv. Lime green met white top and int. Completely restored and codes matching for less than they want for this nova @ a meecum action last year. This conv was figured to be a double 1of 1. He also had the original gm show car for the 70 gs stage 1 (the orange car) not the gsx. Also restored and even a magazine feature car. Also obviously a 1 of 1. And it sold for about yhe same as what They are asking for this.

    • Rocco Member

      You’re right! It’s like comparing a grapefruit(Buick) to a Red Delicious Apple(’66NovaSS).
      Nobody wants to bite into a grapefruit.
      Seriously, there is no comparison, with these two.
      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s obvious your eye is on the mid size BOP’s. But I think the other 90% of BF readers (Ford&Mopar)(?), would give maybe a left eye for this SS Nova. We wouldn’t give any limbs, ’cause then we couldn’t drive it to the races.
      On the other hand(pun), we might give a finger nail(pun) for a nail head Buick, and cruise down to the square dance with our PS/PB/AC/8-track family car.

      No flames necessary, Just having a little fun.

  17. RoughDiamond

    I owned a ’66 Nova SS Lemonwood Yellow and black interior with the L79 RPO option. It was a numbers matching car with the correct ZI block, M-21 4-speed close ratio trans and 373 12 bolt posi rear. It also had a heavy-duty suspension, factory air shocks, heavy-duty cooling system and sintered metallic brake linings. I bought it from the original owner’s son who at the time still lived at home. The father provided me with all the factory documentation including invoice and Protect-O-Plate. Those cars were beasts.

  18. pontiactivist

    You took that wrong guy. As I said I love this thing. Dad had a vinyl top ss L79 years ago. I’m hitting on the obscurity aspect. Everyone keeps mentioning production figures and value based on production and originality. I understand people like what they like and want what they want and im sure there are a ton of people who woild love to have this car. Myself included. Yes my heart is pontiac. I dont deny that at all. But in owning over 250 cars over the years. I’ve owned them all. What I dont understand is how a car that say they built 5000 of originally in original inrestored and not by any means showroom condition can ever be worth more than a 1 of 1 orfactory show car in completely restored condition.

    Like 1
    • Rocco Member

      It’s all good. Were just swapping thoughts & ideas. I was just cutt’n up man.
      I like a lot of different cars just like you & most of us.
      I prefer Mustangs and such, but admire & respect many including Poncho’s.

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