1966 Mercury Marauder S-55: Super Project

1966 Mercury Super Marauder S55

Anytime I see the word Super in a name, I expect great things. Super literally means being excellent or superior, which sets the bar pretty high. The mid ’60s Mercury Marauder was a good car, but I don’t know if it was of superiority. Oh sure they are good cars, but there are more luxurious and faster cars out there. So Mercury shoved a 345 horsepower Super Marauder 428 V8 into it with the aim of creating something of excellence. The question is, did they hit the mark? The car’s V8 might offer lots of power and the S-55 only options added extra style, but did those features make the Marauder super? Have a look at this one here on eBay La Verne, California and let us know if you think Mercury hit the mark with this Marauder!


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  1. Mike d

    the rear end must have been sticking out of wherever it was stored. but it still looks like a solid car. Merc performance parts costlier than Ford? interchangeable? It also looks like whomever ordered it, loaded it up ( sales bank car??) this was most likely just a fast car, not something you would get for street racing . Fix whatever body issues it has, keep the shiny red color, sit back and watch all the people who will stop and look at it . You’ll more likely NOT hear ” My dad had one of these” .. more likely ‘WHAT’S THAT?!”
    blue smoke out the exhaust , not a good sign… plan on at least a ring job.. and while the heads are off.. valves too . and as much as I hate to say it, bring it up to today’s standards.. disc brakes.. HD shocks, radials ( blackwall) hefteyier suspension .. you get the idea

  2. Jarod Rose

    I think the car is Super. The lack of Mercurys at car shows also make them unique. I think anything under 5k on this would be a steal.

  3. Rancho Bella

    When I see this style now it just looks like box of cereal laid flat.

  4. racer99

    Anyone else wonder why there’s no engine pics?

  5. dbigb1 Member

    Book,m Danyo!!! cue the music hawaii five o

  6. DT

    In the early 1970’s we put a Marauder motor in a Ford truck,We pulled it from one of these that was crashed ,it was quite a motor,it had a lot of power and reved up really quick!!

  7. John Newell

    1966 Mercurys were tanks in every sense of the word. Or landing barges. They looked like barges on wheels and handled that way too. The cereal box on its side was apt. The words landing barge could have been used instead of Super. But in today’s terms, while far from unique, these cars still have more creative flair about them than modern cars that all look the same.

  8. Rocco

    I thought these ’66-’67 Marauder’s came with a 410ci. eng. 390 bore X 428 stroke = 410?

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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