1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu With 4,570 Miles!

This Canadian built 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu has led a very sheltered life, and as a result, it has managed to accumulate an incredibly low 4,570 miles during the past 52-years. Its condition is everything that you would expect from a car with such low mileage, and it is set to head off to a new home. It is located in Independence, Missouri, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $22,376 at the time of writing, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

Okay, let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. Those wheels aren’t original, but they also aren’t included in the sale. The Malibu comes fitted with its original wheels and hubcaps, while a set of slotted wheels with tires is also included. The Marina Blue paint looks really stunning, with not a flaw to be seen. There are no rust issues to consider, while the trim, chrome, and glass also look really good. The only disappointment with the car is to do with the supplied photos. We don’t get a full side view of the car, which is a shame when we’re talking about something as special as this one appears to be.

The interior of the Malibu is finished in a combination of Medium Blue Roncina Cloth and Medium Blue Imitation Leather. Once again, the presentation and condition are essentially faultless and completely original. The car has had quite an interesting history, and it goes a long way to explaining the low accumulated mileage. The original owner purchased the car in Canada and then relocated to New York. Not long after this, she passed away. Her family placed the car in storage for the next 23-years, before selling it to its second owner in 2000. At that point, the Malibu had 3,300 miles showing on the odometer. As can happen in cases like this, the second owner was worried about accumulating too many miles, and thus negatively impacting the car’s value. So, he placed the car in storage for a further 15-years. When he finally parted with it in 2015, the odometer had moved on to 4.064 miles. Since 2015, the car has clocked a further 506 miles, which isn’t much in anyone’s book.

If you were hoping for a V8 under the hood of the Malibu, you will probably be a bit disappointed. What you will find are the 250ci 6-cylinder engine and a Powerglide transmission. As you would expect from a car of such low mileage, everything is pretty original in the engine bay. The exception is for consumables such as hoses, belts, fluids, along with a replacement battery, thermostat, and radiator cap. The presentation is all that you would expect from a car of this type, and the owner seems to be supremely confident about all aspect of the vehicle. He states that he is open to personal inspections from interested buyers or car appraisers, which suggests that everything with the car is above board.

This Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu raises that age-old conundrum, which revolves around the mileage. We already know that the car’s second owner refused to drive the car for fear of negatively impacting the value by accumulating miles. It was this thinking that saw only 764 miles added to the odometer in 15-years. I guess that the next owner will need to face the choice of sitting in a garage looking at the car, or taking it out on the road and enjoying this classic. Which way would you go?


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  1. Robert White

    Beautiful all steel coupe that I would buy in an instant if my crumby bank account would cooperate.

    P.S. I used to drive a 67 Beaumont 12 bolt pozi/396CID/400 Turbo. Driving over 100 mph in these cars is good fun.


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    • Jamie

      I have a 67 Beaumont SD 396/325, turbo 400, 12 bolt 2:73 posi waiting in storage for its turn to be restored. Used to be a bootleggers car. Crappy gears for taking off, but wowzers the top end would go forever!!
      Also have a 67 Chevelle 396/350 M-20 4 speed 12 bolt 3:55 posi car. Love the 67’s.

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  2. firefirefire

    Drive it.

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  3. John M.

    Drive it. While it’s not a powerhouse, the 250 6 popper has long been known for it’s durability and decent gas mileage.

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    • Patrick Farmer

      You are correct, Sir. But, these cars were built for a flat out run from LA to Vegas, from Fort Worth or Houston to New Mexico. You just hoped that a Jack Rabbit, Deer or bored West Texas cop didn’t suddenly appear. They were also built for street sweeping duty against Fords Mopars and their own stablemates.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Overspray on the data plate? No pics down the side of the car? No pics of the underbelly? Hate to be negative, but if the seller is making these claims it better be correct! Professional inspection needed for sure. On the bright side, such a beautiful Chevelle doesn’t come along often! Good luck to the new owner!

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    • Spit Grtzr

      it does seem odd- the overspray on the data plate. Plus if you look to the lower left in that photo there’s a more modern, black plastic non-standard wire holder thing.

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      • George Mattar

        Drive it. No useless GPS or other modern crap that is making akready lazy America worse. Need to see the bottom of the car.

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      • Jamie

        Both of my cars have overspray on the data plates. They’re both Canadian built cars as well, so it must be the way they did them at the Oshawa, Ontario plant.

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      • Gaspumpchas

        Yea Spit I was wondering if it was factory myself. If not I figured something would have been done to clean it off. Good luck!!

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Did the factory or dealer paint the trunk & firewall BODY color for Canadian cars? What’s the reasoning for that?
      If it’s got sloooow manual steering, i bet THAT kept the mileage down. lol
      Anybody notice the tiny yellow lens that would blink on the tail lites? 2 extra bulbs? Different wiring harness? Silly.

      • Moparman Member

        I believe those are the reflections from the flash. Tailight lenses were required to have federally mandated reflectors starting in 1960, IIRC :-)

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  5. James Martin

    Another clean up and repaint fiz what ever looks bad and claim it to be 4000 mile car. Not to be sceptical, but how the heck does all these 50 plus old cars only have 4000 miles on them? Either there is some phenomenal thing going on or most of these people are lying!

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    • Jason

      It happens, my Dads friend bought green on green 375hp 396 Nova with 3spd to race only. Couple years later went to Naum & car went into storage. Come home, married, 3 kids, after kids were out of house built a street rod then decided to pull the Nova back out. Still looks brand new. Back & forth to car shows only. Last summer i seen it had just turned over 8k. Says he has been offered over 100k & wont sell. Keep till death do us part

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  6. 396 boy

    LS swap candidate.

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    • bone

      no !

  7. TimM

    Great looking car and what a surprise it was seeing that 6 under the hood!! I know it’s original but I’d keep the original parts and I don’t think I could drive it around with the anemic motor!! It needs a big block!!!

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    • Desert rat

      Amen,! I could not drive around with a 6 and auto trans, where is the fun in that, drop in a 4 speed and a big block preferably a 396 or 427 and live it up!

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  8. FJC

    Hmm… overspray on the data plate? Uneven speedometer numbers….? Usually evidence speedometer has been tampered with… Nice looking car, but would require a thorough inspection before
    final purchase!

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    • Howard Ford Jr.

      Uneven numbers were very common on the old mechanical odometers. They were far from precision instruments, and had slop in them. Some had a lot of slop, and the numbers would be very out of line.

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    • w9bag

      Don’t get your panties in a wad if the odometer numbers don’t line up. Not uncommon.

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  9. Chas358 Chasman358

    Appears to be a super clean car, regardless of the mileage claim.

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    up to 22.5…hasn’t hit reserve. Would be fun to cruise with! With the condition of this beauty, I would leave the 6 and the ‘glide. These were great cars. Good luck to the new owner!

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  11. JOHN Member

    I’d be very tempted to ditch the Powerglide and add a 5 speed, and keep the 6. Cool 67!

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  12. Stangalang

    I wonder if they keep all these older “low mileage ” cars at area51. Hmmm

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  13. Patrick Farmer

    If true, this is a car that you carefully study for the goal of reproducing….Everything. Listen up Dynacorn. Also, when will they start reproducing 2nd. Gen. F-bodies? It would be wonderful to have an all new 1973 Brewster Green Trans Am. I am sure the Duke would approve.
    And let’s not forget an all new 1970 RS-Z/28 Camaro. Right down to the CORRECT split bumper front end and the short D80 spoiler in the rear. Chevrolet engineers redesigned the RS split bumper attachments to keep it in production with the nanny state 5 mph impact law that became the oh so lovely battering ram siege ramparts bumpers of the mid to late 1970’s American cars. I will get off my soap box now.

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  14. tompepper

    Look at the speed. I don’t like the drop in the last 2 digits. Roll back or just turn ing over ????

    • JOHN Member

      The seller made claims regarding ownership and the mileage, and if he has paperwork to prove it, that would be the end of the discussion. The seller is also inviting appraisers and potential buyers to see the car in person, seems to me that says a lot about his integrity and the car itself. Regarding the odometer, I have had many cars, the majority old GM’s and have watched the odometers get slightly out of “line” many times, especially when a new “wheel” turns over. Some have perfectly aligned by themselves over time, others remained with “questionable” looking alignment.I have three in my possession now that have documented miles and the odometer wheels are not perfectly aligned, two 1965’s and a 1970. At the end of the day, research, paperwork, and best of course, personal inspection.

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      • Patrick Farmer

        You are exactly right about the older GM odometers. I have seen plenty that have made me pause. They look like they have had there locks picked and I know damn well that no one has touched them. My mothers 1977 Olds Cutlass was a car bought new in 77 and it got pajibbity as it aged. My dad’s 74 Monte Carlo and the 1980 Camaro that he bought as a father and son from Avis. Including my 1977 Pontiac Can Am that I bought when it was 3 years old. All of them and there build quality linked to planned obsolescence. People have gotten used to the modern precision of today’s car and they project that backward on to older cars when it simply not the case. Hey! Caveat Emptor!!!!! Buyer beware.

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  15. Patrick Farmer

    I might be opening a can of worms here, but has anyone look at Canadian cars on https://www.kijiji.ca/ ?

  16. Andrew Franks

    Drive it. I agree with the others regarding dropsy of the Odometer. I own several GM cars and they all do the same thing. So do this: I am not a fan of Auctions. Simply get in touch with the Seller and ask him/her what they want for the car. If the Seller is not on another Planet, buy it with the original wheels, change the oil, look at the other fluids, drive and enjoy.

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    • Patrick Farmer

      Another Planet…That’s funny! I always tell the nutso’s If you think it’s gold and can’t get what you want, make jewelry out of it. Some of them are out there where the buses run. In the Bozone Layer.

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      • Patrick Farmer

        The correct phrase I was attempting to say when my brain suddenly thought of a small journal 327 or rubber bands or ice cream on a super model was… The pitiful fools that are damn sure their 83 Trans Am or their grandmothers 96 Grand Marquis or what ever is the absolute pinnacle of automotive excellence and that it will bring their salvation in crates of cash are Out There were the BUSES DON’T RUN. I have met some blue ribbon Grade A squirrels in my time as we all have. I shouldn’t talk. If I keep it up I am going to wind up as the majordomo of Buttholes on parade halfway house.

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  17. Steve

    GM was on quite a roll with their styling during this era. The colours like this were pretty special too.

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  18. jimmy the orphan

    John is 100%. I’ve had more than one of my 60’s bowties with the speedos out of line. some straighten up and fly right some don’t. And I know the mi. are right. There are mild speed parts you can get for the GM sixes. I’d have to go look but something tells me in my dim 66 year old brain the OHC poncho 6cyl. is the 250 chevy find a head and Paxton super char…………point is make something different. 292 GM 6 195h.p. out of the box. Anyway I believe what the guy says about the car. Just call me a cockeyed risk taker. Love that color of blue. JIMMY THE ORPHAN [ DAREDEVIL]

  19. w9bag

    I’m getting tired of seeing these in car shows with a V-8, big block or other wise.
    I would imagine that this car, with the low miles, and the 250 and PB would be the show stopper. Love it !

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  20. sethjohns

    Ooops? The mileage is listed elsewhere as 80k…


    Even so, the seller wants $35k. (Canadian).

    • JOHN Member

      As I said, buying a car with this mileage and price, you need a personal or professional inspection. The car does indeed seem to indicate the low mileage. The ad you referenced also said 80,000 kilometers, that is something like 49,700 miles, so I believe it is a misprint. But as I said before, get a professional appraisal or do an in-person inspection. The seller *appears* to have all the info to back up the claims.

  21. duke

    remember boys and girls —its only original once-leave this the eff alone and enjoy its rareness-and SMILE
    if you cannot adhere to that simple rule-move onto the next one-
    P L E A S E

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  22. PatrickM

    I saw this when the ad first came out 5 days ago. there is a reason it is still for sale, even if it is one fantastic looking car: 6 cylinders. If it had any sort of V8 configuration, it would have sold by now. don’t get me wrong, I would love to have this car as is. That 6 will get me around quite well. And the gas mileage would speak for itself. Love the car. Sharpest looking Chevelle ever made. Really Wahnt Wahn!!

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