1968 Buick Sport Wagon In Sunshine!

It’s always nice when a beautiful car is photographed well! And I’m a sucker for the swoopy curves on this generation of Buicks–now add the Vista Cruiser-ish windows over the second row and this 1968 Skylark “Sport Wagon” is a family hauler that will catch my eye anytime! It’s listed for sale here on eBay where bidding has not yet met the reserve, and is located in Flagler Beach, Florida.

The red line tires set off the rally wheels nicely, don’t they? And with a functional roof rack, there’s no excuse for not being able to carry enough stuff with you (never mind the trailer hitch)! Shiny paint, which is largely original according to the auction listing, has been kept up nicely due to garage storage from new. There were some areas repaired on the upper surfaces, but the story behind that is original damage while being transported to the dealer.

“Grocery Getter Limited Edition” say the signs on the windows, although I’m pretty sure those were owner added. See the little “pouch” for the spare tire on the right hand side? That shows just a little rust on close examination.

I’m impressed that the owner showed this picture, as it could have easily been overlooked. That gives me a lot of confidence as to the accuracy of the description of the car.

I can believe the claimed 83,000 miles looking at the inside of the car. I found a reproduction seat cover here for $260 that might be the first thing I’d buy for the car. I find looking at this car that I really miss colored interiors on new cars, like blue, red and green.  Gray, tan and black get old after a while.

Surprisingly, the seller doesn’t include under hood pictures of the two barrel equipped 350 V8. However, I did find the facts behind this picture interesting. Someone decided this car needed a high-volume sound system (witness speaker grilles), but they have hidden the sub-woofer in this period Coleman cooler. That’s right, that cooler is non-removable and contains an speaker. Yup, that would go, too. But don’t let that detract from what is a really cool looking wagon! What do you think it will end up selling for, and what would you pay for it?



  1. Jonny the Boy

    What a nice wagon! My mom drove a ’68 Skylark Special coupe that was the same color blue.

  2. D

    I bought one from a friend of mine to sell to my ex’s sister. That was an early mistake. I should have kept it, they had it trashed early on.

  3. redwagon

    redlines then, redlines now, redlines forever!

    seriously i am thinking of adding them to my current car. what a nice way to add a bit of color.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Yeah, I think that the redlines really add something special to the look of this car. I always love the longroof cars, and this one looks like a super project.

  4. Al

    Dad had a 67 Sport Wagon, loaded. The only wagon I was impressed with back in the day. Don’t recall engine size do recall it had what I thought was the biggest 4 barrel I had seen till then. It would light the tires up real nice which helped on cruise nights when getting harassed for driving Mom’s car! LOL

  5. Steve

    My parents had one of these when I was a kid. I think the far back seat, when pulled up, faces backwards. I could be wrong, that was a long time ago.

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    • Al

      Our 67 was backwards!

    • Bob Mulhall

      68 rear seat sat forward…had a 3 seat 68 like this in Blue & woodgrain…350 4bbl…even had a buick under dash 8 track player

  6. Tom Driscoll

    That spare tire well actually looks pretty good, most long gone…whole car looks pretty good really.

  7. CapNemo

    Personally, I like seeing things like that cooler trick. To me it shows creative thinking. Nice car!

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    • Hank

      I agree.

  8. CKKurtz Member

    This could be tweaked into a very serious road-trip car!

  9. HavasuDave

    I grew up with one of these and was the car I learned to drive on. I remember hating the glass roof cause my dad insisted on keeping the AC on low; he was convinced that turning it up would cause the car to use more gas!

  10. Rod

    Nice car and in decent shape but I would be Leary on the mileage. Take a good look at the 83 and it doesn’t line up with the rest of the numbers. This usually indicates it has gone around at least once.

    • Mike

      That’s an old wive’s tale, lol…cars back then barely lasted 83K miles, let alone 183K.

  11. Chebby

    Antarctic Blue Super Sports Wagon with the optional Rally Fun pack!

  12. Chris In Australia

    Nice wagon. I’d be happy to add that to the collection.

  13. jimjim

    Beautiful design. It’s kind of a shame it doesn’t have a third row.

  14. Jason

    Auction ended near $16K, reserve not met. Damn!

    The days of cheaply enjoying old used cars are well and truly gone.

  15. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff
    • Jason

      Old used cars are getting more expensive by the minute (or at least by the day, considering my post on Feb 6 above!).

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