Furniture Find: 1968 Mustang Bullitt Desk

We have all seen those couches made out of ’57 Chevy or Cadillac tails. While creative, their use is limited. This sweet looking Bullitt desk is a different story though. In fact, I think it would be the perfect addition to Barn Finds HQ. The $5k price tag here on eBay might prevent that from happening, but let’s take a closer look anyway.

Here you can see the actual desk. It’s nothing fancy, but there are plenty of drawers. Just imagine being able to look out over the hood of a ’68 Mustang every time you take a break from paperwork or answering emails! Sounds like a great way to make the daily grind a little more enjoyable.

The craftsmanship of this thing isn’t bad either. Someone put a lot of time into the paint and woodwork. All the edges look like they have been finished nicely and the knobs have even been replaced with miniature shift knobs!

The 5-spoke mags and California black plate are nice touches too. Not only is this car-desk functional, but you might even be able to convince the IRS that it’s a justifiable tax write-off. Maybe. Either way, you’ll have one of the coolest desks around!


  1. Moparman Member

    This is just TOO COOL!! Wonder if the lighting is functional?? :-)

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  2. P


    You will see Paul Lynde JUNIOR before I’d pay that much.

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    • Mark

      Your comment will probably go right over the heads of many….
      And on the other hand, there’s plenty of us old enough to appreciate the sarcasm….lol

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      • M.Balmer Member

        Sadly, old enough to pick up on the reference here😆😢

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      • Mountainwoodie

        I’m still laughing!

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    • M.Balmer Member

      …or maybe his friend, Rock Hudson Junior 😉

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    • Big_Fun Member

      Replying to “P” – How about if he throws in the black ’68 Dodge Charger credenza? Then do we have a deal?

      BTW, Arte Johnson thinks this desk is “Veeddy Interesting.”

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  3. art

    Geez…why not Mustang exterior door handles or the chrome grille Ponies as drawer pulls???
    Concept is neat, the execution, not so much.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      I have to agree, while the workmanship appears to be excellent, there is a lack of imagination to turn this nice Mustang desk into an incredible Mustang desk.

      For example, what’s under the front hood? A mini bar? Paper shredder? File cabinet that is top loading? Do the lights turn on?

      I took a wrecked Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I back end [from the base of the rear window to the rear bumper], & turned it into a love seat for 2 [the tapered and curved trunk lid is a bit narrow for a couch, it’s more for 2 people to snuggle in.

      It had a wired remote [this was before wireless stuff was so easy to get] that opened the trunk lid using a 12 volt screw jack from a ’57 Ford Retract, it also turned on the taillights, and the 2 small reading lights inside the trunk lid. A battery charger inside powered everything. The entire unit was painted white, with light blue leather interior. We painted it white because a dark color made it look too large when in a room.

      I loved taking the remote [on a 20 ft cord] and hit the switches to turn on the lights, then open the trunk lid. I had planned on adding a sound system, but never had the chance.

      Sadly, soon after the Rolls-Royce love seat was finished, my shop was destroyed in a lightning-caused massive fire. I still have another back end from a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, but don’t have the time & energy to create another one. [Want to tackle the job? contact me; email is my name (without the space)]

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  4. canadainmarkseh

    With west rods and customs formerly out of Texas know out of Moab Utah makes nicer ones. Oh the access found on the internet.

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  5. H5mind

    Needs a clock masquerading as a hood tachometer, and an accelerator to operate the ‘vrooom-vrooom’ sound recorded from a real Ford big block. Don’t forget the vintage ignition switch to fire it up .

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  6. Joe Machado

    Speaking of the car couches, I met the inventor, Mr Dooley in Levelland, Texas back in late 80’s. Bought 2 1960 Chryslers from him. He had in the showroom, a 1961 Imperial couch.
    Mt Dooley said he went to school with Buddy Holley. Spelling?
    I may do this to my 61 Plymouth Savoy wagon. A couch and a desk. From both ends.
    We all could have ideas to either change, improve or personalize this MustDesk.
    In Knoxville for breakfast. See ya

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  7. the one

    Old, yes, getting older, ok., Beats the alternative!. Lose a zero and it might sell.

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  8. Bob McK Member

    This belongs in my shop…

  9. Vudutu

    Coolest auto shop reception desk ever, or most intimidating exec desk.

  10. Little_Cars

    Agree about the execution…wheels, drawer pulls, where the cuts were made. If you look at what else is sitting in the showroom with the desk, you’ll understand why they start with a $5000 ask. Isn’t that the Speed Racer car sitting right next to this, along with a 63 Biscayne? As far as Paul Lynde is concerns…update your joke…you’ve used it a bunch and there are far more current celebrities in the same category as Mr. Lynde. Center “Square” lol

  11. Paul

    I didn’t know that this sight was for furniture finds as well. Nothing but some reproduction parts here.

  12. Mike Winick

    Garbage bottom of the barrel work here. Sure, they had their in house body shop man repaint the car panels, but the desk is nothing more than a Steelcase brand customer service supervisor’s desk from the 1980’s. They shoved it into the space between the fenders and had one of the guys from their service shop use his Skilsaw brand jigsaw that he keeps in a milk crate with some other miscellaneous tools in the truck of his car to cut out wood filter pieces to try and make the desk look “custom”. “Hey, other gearheads in the shop, come look at this great job your mechanic coworker did in his lunch break!” Now everyone get back to work. What a joke. For $350 maybe that works. But for five grand at least hire a woodworker to mill up a desk that was actually designed to fit in the space and look like a five grand desk.

    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      Mike, I have to agree. This is what is known in the home building industry as “builder grade”, just the bare minimum needed to make a decent LOOKING desk, with no real attention to important details.

      For example, the piano hinge to open the hood should have been recessed into the front of the desk top and recessed into the edge of the panel attached to the hood itself. That way, when the hood is closed, the only part of the hinge to be seen is the central round hinge area itself. That’s how true craftsmen do it. But that takes a couple of extra hours of work.

      The last desk I modified included leg supports using piston rods, using the original desk adjustable foot ends, threaded up thru the rod cap end bolt holes.

      And if it was my creation, I would have installed a digital LED clock in the left turn signal area in the hood scoop, and the matching LED day/date in the right turn signal nacelle.

      And there is no imagination or creativity in simply attaching the fenders to the top of the desk with bolts or screws [can’t see close enough to tell]. Ideally the desk top should have been placed on top of the fender edge to give a far better look.

      But that’s just my $2 [inflation].

      These comments from someone who has built a lot of car couches, desks, and car part home accessories like table lamps.

      But my biggest creation in this type of re-purposing was in the mid-1980s when I took the back half of a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith limousine [the car had been in a terrible front end collision], Restored it and made it into a 2-wheel trailer equipped with a Mitsubishi Video Printer and camera [cutting edge electronic photographic equipment at that time].

      We took it to the Washington DC ” World of Wheels” car show, with signage that offered “Have your photo taken in the back of a Rolls-Royce Limousine for only $10!” We had a line of people waiting to get their photos taken! We had planned on only having one person
      running the photo booth at the show, but we had so much demand on the first night, we needed one person to handle the money, and the other person handling the video prints. It spent the next summer at an amusement park in Ocean City, MD, and was quite popular.

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      • Vudutu

        Send us a link to your stuff. Love to see

  13. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Sorry, but all that stuff was created and sold many years prior to the internet or digital photos, so nothing permanent exists today. Regular photos were lost in a massive lightning-induced fire at my shop back in 1996.

    Sadly, all I’ve got are fond memories!

    As for the Rolls-Royce photo booth limo, at the end of the summer season, the amusement park tried to claim it was theirs, suggesting their contract claimed that right, however we sued and the court found in our favor as it was an illegal conversion of TITLED property, but by the time the verdict was announced, the amusement park had hidden it outside on a family farm they owned, and it was a mess.

    And yes, we placed a claim against our insurance company. When they refused to pay, we sued them as well, and they brought the amusement park into the suit as co-defendants! We won that suit as well, with the amusement park ordered to pay back the insurance company for the damages they caused. By the time it was all over with, it had been outside unprotected for 3 years and the car was a mess, so we ended up scrapping it, selling off the few Rolls-Royce items that were still usable.

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  14. Little_Cars

    Would y’all rather have this? LOL

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