1970 Lotus Europa: Barn Racer

1970 Lotus Europa project

The Lotus Europa may not be the most handsome car, but when it’s sitting on a set of Minilites at the track, all awkwardness is forgotten. This one is going to need some work before that’s happening though. A previous owner flared the fenders and from the looks of it, was preparing things for paint. The mismatched panels and a crusty interior may not get everyone’s blood going, but I believe this barn found racer has potential. The only problem is that the seller seems to have gotten excited about their  new discovery (can’t blame them there!) and priced it a tad high. Find it here on craigslist out of Haddon Heights, New Jersey for $5,900. Also be sure to checkout the photos on the seller’s site. Looks like there were a few other treasures where this one was found. Thanks goes to Clayton H. for the tip!


WANTED 1990 Jaguar XJ40 aka XJ6 Museum-Quality! Located in Phoenix, Az. $15,000 4802784449 Contact

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  1. Alan (Michigan)

    In one word: NO.

    Whoever did the flare job should be horsewhipped. As for the seller… Wake up dude, you are dreaming!

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Ok, what is it with the Herald/Sports6’s/Vitesse’s in the background of these pictures?

    • John


    • cory

      I’m more interested in that Herald as well. I would love to have a clean little Herald to drive . With a warmed up motor of course

    • RickyM

      I think Jamie could spot a Triumph from half a mile away ! (Shocking wheelarches on the Lotus by the way)

  3. Dale Leier

    Drop a VW 2.0L Turbo into that Europa and HANG ON!.


    If it had the lotus twin cam motor it my be worth the price, but a renault, no way..

  5. SoCal Car Guy

    Drop one of the zeros from the asking price and I’d be interested.

  6. Tom

    A Europa is an ideal candidate for an Ecotec turbo swap or even better, a Ford EcoBoost 4 or even Ecoboost 6. Even a Ford SHO V6 swap would make one of these scream. This car however needs too much work to justify that price.

    Maybe $2000 at most….MAYBE.

    • John

      Interesting thoughts….In Europe there is a Zetec 2.0 liter found in some Mondeos, 130 bhp using Suzuki motorcycle carbs, and wherever a Lotus Twink would fit the Zetec seems to too……Many in scrapyards so not an expensive motor…..Hmm

  7. fdrasek

    I’ve been looking for one of these for years in project form to restore to factory condition, still haven’t found the “right” one.

  8. Rancho Bella

    My only issue with Europa’s is the A pillar inches from left side of the face. The angle in is just a little to much for my big German head.
    And, don’t short change a Renault engine. With the weight just under 1500 lbs the car can be made to go well. And the cornering ability is quite something.

    I would rather a 914……..if you can find one that isn’t rusted to hell…………

  9. Barry P

    It looks like the Herald is a convertible, too. Nice easy car to work on.

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