1970 Monte Carlo SS 454: Genuine Article?

Monte Carlo SS 454

The Monte Carlo may not be the raciest car on the block, but there were some packages and options that could up the ante quite a bit. If this 1970 Monte Carlo 454 SS is the real deal, this barn find here on craigslist could be worth checking out. Despite looking quite rough and filthy, the badges appear correct and the low suspension could indicate this car has the factory Automatic Level Control that may have de-pressurized, leading to the car’s slammed appearance. The pictures are pretty awful and don’t really tell you much, other than the car does have some rust and the flattened tires indicate it’s been sitting quite a while. But if it has the factory 454, dual exhaust and F/R swaybars, this could be a hoot to bring back to life. What do you think – is it authentic and worth the $8K asking price?


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  1. sunbeamdon

    mmm? Let me think about this one; oh, I know – another patinated keeper.

    Clear coat the rust; throw some carb cleaner at it; clean the crap off; drive the snot out of it!

    Then resell it as a “survivor”

    Jeez, I’m getting jaded in my declining years; just like this POS

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  2. MH

    Would be a really fun car. But not for 8K as it sits. 2K maybe.

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    • justin

      I have to agree with MH…to an extent…
      Having to deal with rust on the fenders, quarter panels and floors are one thing, but dealing with the rust on the largest and most seen area, the roof, is another
      I think that repairing that issue would be time consuming as patch panels may not take care of the thinning metal that also may be found. The car may have to have the complete roof replaced.
      The car is worth saving but not at that price. Maybe $4-5k since it seems to have the 454 and possibly some other rare items. I would have to verify a lot before handing over any cash.
      As a rule of thumb, when a car that has a vinyl top and it becomes torn to allow moisture to enter, go ahead either seal the tear or peal the rest of the vinyl off and paint the roof, even if the color does not match. It is best to use Self-Etching primer on bare and rusted metal before painting.
      Cars that had vinyl roofs from the factory came bare metal to allow the glue to adhere to the car, thus are prone to rust if exposed.

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      • skloon

        I only recently re did the roof on a duster that was like this due to an aftermarket sunroof- I did it the real hard way leaving the underside and welding a donor skin on it- with afterthought a cut and shut would have been easier, This thing is optomistically priced to put it mildly

  3. A.J.

    When I was in high school (82) guys were grouped by their cars. We had the cougar guys, the camaro guys, GTO guys (that was me) and the “Monte” guys. Never understood the Monte or Cougar guys. A factory 454 car with the 4 speed (very very very few of those) might interest me (Just like a 428 CJ Cougar) but otherwise I never was into them.

    • justin

      Our high school consisted of GM, Ford and Mopar guys. I never found that the Fords had anything pretty under their hoods unless the air cleaner and valve covers were replaced with aftermarket components, with the exception of a Boss 429. There was nothing that could be done to make an engine compartment nice with the ugly a/c compressors on Fords and Mopars however.

      The Montes, Regals,Cutlass’s, Cougars were considered as a “gentleman’s car” and were wolves in sheep’s clothing. Real sleepers but a small following.

  4. JW454

    To answer your question “Is it worth the 8k asking price”? That depends on;
    1. Does it have a build sheet proving it’s a real SS?
    2. How much rust is in the floors and trunk etc.?
    3. How much of the SS equipment is missing.
    4. Is the engine original?
    5. How bad is the dash and interior?
    The flipper failed to answer any of these questions. So is it worth 8K? Who knows? It would be interesting to know if it is a real one and the rest of its information.

    • Jeff Staff

      Good input. If it had, say, a build sheet and the original motor – what’s a fair price? Let’s assume at least some rust in the floors.

  5. don

    sell the drive train, and sell for a REASONABLE price and scrap the rest.

  6. joeinthousandoaks

    Looks to be a real SS, value was never there for someone to be cloning a Monte Carlo. If matching numbers on the block it is probably worth saving to someone out there but agree the price should be in the 2,000 to 3,000 range. Always worth looking if in the area. just because he’s asking 8000 doesn’t mean he won’t take 2000. Roof panels are not that difficult for a good technician to replace and the skins are available although need to be modified for fitment on the Monte Carlo

  7. Tom Member

    Wow, I have been wrong before but that motor is not striking me as a big block..?? I have had just about everything but this specific car including a 72 Monte Carlo 350 (tons of room in the engine bay), a 72 Stingray 454 (no room in the engine bay), I still have a 74 Monte Carlo, bought it brand new, with a 400 small block (I think technically a 402?). I have had a bunch of Pontiacs, which most Pontiacs from the late 60’s starting at the 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, and 455 are V8s and built on the big block platform……I have just not seen a big block GM with that much room around the engine. You know, like you could actually change all of the spark plugs from the top with plenty of clearance. I have a 59 El Camino with that kind of room with a small block 283. A big block would, again, remove all of that room and the engine bay in that Monte can’t have more room than a 59 Chevy. Again, maybe I am wrong. been wrong before (just ask my wife) but I am wondering if this isn’t an SS with a 400/402 in it ???? Again, is it a numbers matching engine? Looks too narrow for a big block??? Cool Car, hope there isn’t too much more rust that what we see. Rust, not good. NOTE: I once saw a super cool 1 of NONE made 70-72 Monte that was a custom convertible, very-very well done (blue) and this would be an excellent candidate, in my opinion, for that thought process.

    • Ezrel

      I had a 1970 MC 454 SS big block turbo 300 transmission. Plenty of room under the hood. Even replaced freeze plug without dropping the engine

  8. The Chucker

    This brings back memories of a high school buddy of mine who’s father bought him a ’72 Monte Carlo (same body style as this one) in the early ’80’s. Although not a 4-speed, that car had a factory 454, cloth bucket seats and the console/stirrup shifter set up and power everything.

    I fondly recall that car having torque for days.

  9. Gary Fogg

    I thought the SS Monte did not come out until 71 ?

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  10. MH


    I’d much rather buy this one and be money ahead.

  11. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I had a 72 Monte, and it was a while before I saw Chevy had made SS454 Montes, I think they are pretty rare, and desirable to a Chevy nut like me. Chevy should have put a SS454 emblem in the middle of the grille like they did for Chevelles. This might be priced right, depending, like some people have said, on what’s missing. When was the last time you saw a 1970 Monte Carlo SS454? I saw one at a car show, years ago. They only made 3,823 SS454s in 1970, and only 1,919 in 1971, the last year for Monte Carlo SSs. (Until 1983)

  12. nxpress62

    Tom, your 74 Monte 400 small block is a 400. 402 was a big block (.030 over 396..), the engine in the picture is definately a big block chevy.

  13. Chris

    The factory level ride option was rear only wasn’t it? Pump up shocks,an underhood air compressor & sensors & plumbing.

  14. pontiactivist

    I bet this was a nice car years ago. Triple black big block. Oh yeah I’m sure of it. Shame time has taken it’s till on it. I myself love the gentlemen’s hot rods. Prefer grand prix’s myself though. Grand prix cougar Monte Riviera gtx were all cool upper class muscle. Not sure why they aren’t followed more than they are.

  15. RegalRay

    I purchased this original numbers matching 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo 454 SS in September 15. All numbers and parts were intact and it is a true SS car. I paid half of the asking price of 8k brought the car home, added fuel and she fired up on the 1st hit!! The drivetrain has been since pulled as its gonna get a total restoration including a new top from a donor. This was one helluva find!

  16. Addiction

    St Def a BIG BLOCK! The other cars that you mentioned in your comments was smaller sport / muscle cars. This is a B-O-A-T! Lol

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