1973 Saab Sonett: Assembly Required

1973 Saab Sonett

I see it all the time, someone starts a project, gets part way through and then for whatever reasons is never able to finish the car. Well this Sonett is one of those unfinished projects. It was repainted and partially reassembled, but for whatever reason, it was parked in the barn and forgotten about. Nine years have passed since it was parked and it is now out of the barn and waiting to be finished. The seller purchased it for their son, who is 6’6″ and offers the disclaimer that if you are his height or taller, you shouldn’t buy it as you won’t fit! If you are under 6’6″ or think you can squeeze yourself into it, find it here on eBay in Gilbert, Arizona with bidding barely over $500. I’m curious see what other unfinished projects the seller has parked in their yard!


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  1. Mark E

    Don’t know how many projects I’ve seen where the owner figures that step one is to take EVERYTHING apart and then they lose interest and leave it sit for a decade or more! Of course, after all that time, who knows if everything is still there? Not the owner, that’s FOR SURE! I’ve seen over a dozen Panteras and numerous Lancias and Alfas treated that way.

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Triumph Sports 6 (you can just read where the emblem used to be in the large pic) right behind the Saab…That’s a 1600cc 6-cylinder version of the Herald with a quad-headlamp nose. Neat car, picture attached is one that sold recently, I think for ~25k.

    • rapple

      I was wondering how long it would take you to home in on the Triumph.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        About 5 seconds :-)

      • RickyM

        I wondered that too ! I saw it immediately, but then being English I do tend to home in on the English cars in the backgrounds !

  3. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Weird. Picture didn’t show up, now it does and there are two. Sorry for the double post!

  4. Doug

    Hey– yellow still growing on you? Saw the Sport 6 too, neat car wish I had one like the one pictured..

  5. Ken Nelson Member

    Jamie, that’s not the sport 6, it’s just an ordinary Triumph Herald convertible – I used to drive one as a works car when I worked in an engine rebuilding shop in Oxford, UK the summer of 1966. And I just looked at a mostly complete Herald convertible out here near San Jose Ca. which had a larger engine halfway installed, and the whole car was in restorable condition with good body. But – I’ve got too many projects, and the Herald convertibles had a removable top, but the car was a flexible flyer – no real body stiffness – and a real cheap car vs the Triumph sportscars –

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Ken, look at the picture closely…we got the Mk 1 Vitesse over here badged as Sports 6’s for some reason. You can see the imprint of where the badge used to be on the trunk lid if you look closely enough :-)

  6. DT

    Hes got a German Ford,the thing way in the background looks like a Vespa car? The Saab looks like a heck of a deal

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