1975 Porsche 914 Lakester: Single Seater


With the abundance of project-grade 914s on the market at a given time, it can be tempting to hack one up to use for something other than a conventional restoration. While plenty have found their way to the autocross course, this 1975 914 on eBay is the first I’ve seen in a Lakester configuration. On a very broad level, Lakesters refer to racing vehicles with a heavy emphasis on streamlining the body as much as possible to yield excellent aerodynamic qualities. Most of us associate Lakesters with the impressive machines chasing speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and this Porsche’s California location may indicate it made the trek to Utah on more than one occasion. Even if it didn’t, a race-prepped 914 could offer some cheap fun on track days depending on the condition and quality of this car’s mechanical and safety systems. What would you do with it – take it to Bonneville or go cone chasing with a local autocross club?


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  1. DonM

    Two ways to make a car faster without increasing power. Make it lighter and reside drag. Aerodynamics isn’t only for straight lines. I think you are assuming something. This car says everything BUT straight lines to me. I’ve seen a lot of stripped 914s dedicated to track duty.

    I used to shave a tenth or two off my AX times by putting the windows up.

  2. cory

    The description leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Based on the price it looks like a lot of cool parts for n9t a lot of money

  3. Healeydays

    Found pictures and video of it a bonneville salts in 2013. It ran an audi with 4 turbos.





    Also results

    8/10/13…… 00.000
    8/11/13…… 86.000
    8/12/13…… 95.020
    8/13/13….. 106.663
    8/14/13….. 108.503

  4. Healeydays

    another picture

    • Jeff Staff

      Thanks for the pictures – can’t see if you mentioned it elsewhere, but do you know anything about its history?

  5. jim s

    looks like 4 turbos and Nos bottle, i wonder why the motor is apart! the seller is taking offers and it looks like a lot of car/parts for the money. have to do a PI on the build. great find.

  6. Healeydays

    Here is a video from 2013 at Bonneville


    A little about the 90 year old racer Lloyd Silacci


    The engine was powered by a two liter flat four equipped with four (4) Audi turbochargers.

  7. Danger Dan

    I have seen this car & bought 2 cars at the estate sale. The owner had been to bonneville for three decades. The quad turbo was blowing head gaskets & there is a Mugen engine that was the next to be installed. It’s a big package deal. Nice pics of the car at bonneville. DD

    • Jeff Staff

      Wow – would love to see what else is lurking in that estate sale. What did you buy, Dan?

      • Danger Dan

        Lotus Europa with fiero power plant, trans axle and column and power
        windows/+ 1 1960 Anglia killer runner

  8. Dolphin Member

    All that to go 108 MPH? Good thing there’s no law against blowing money….or engines.

    I think there will be a pretty thin market for this 914.

  9. Healeydays

    Worst case, this would make a nice cheap display in a car museum.

  10. blindmarc

    Olds engine and transaxle and you’re ready to go.

  11. Adam Wright

    I prefer my single seaters to be center seat!

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