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Designer Duds: 1978 Lincoln Mark V Pucci Edition

If you were cornered and forced to name the four different Designer Editions offered on the Lincoln Mark V from 1977-79, could you do it? I’ll admit, if I found myself in this bizarre scenario, I’d get Bill Blass right away, I’d get lucky with a wild stab at Cartier, I might remember Givenchy, and poor Pucci would be my downfall. Lucky for us, reader Matt Williams has shared this pretty nicely preserved Pucci edition Mark V to remind us what this corner of the Designer Edition quartet was all about; it’s here on craigslist (listed in Dubuque, Iowa, on the Madison, Wisconsin site, with a clean Minnesota title—figure that one out) for just $3,700 (archived ad).

My ability to list the Designer Editions almost corresponds with their success in the marketplace; the Bill Blass edition might be more memorable to me (largely because I saw one parked on the street not too long ago, truthfully), but the Cartier sold as many units each year as the other three combined. Blass was second most popular, with Givenchy and Pucci trading off from year to year for the bottom two spots. In ’78, Pucci pulled ahead, 3,125 sales to 917, while in ’79 the tables were turned with only 763 Puccis sold to 2,262 Givenchys. Generally, the color combinations inside and out changed a bit from year to year; the Puccis were relatively conservative, with a black and white theme in 1977, this silver, black, red, and white combo in ’78, and a mix of turquoise, navy, and white in ’79. I wonder if this conservatism contributed to the Pucci edition’s relative lack of success. Fans of the label mostly know it for its wild use of color and patterns (as a non-fashionista, I’m most familiar with Pucci’s groundbreaking work for Braniff Airlines in the ’60s and ’70s), and even working within Lincoln’s available palette, perhaps something more eye-catching would have seemed more true to the brand.

Still, as the seller points out, it’s pretty tasteful by ’70s standards and this long-stored car, which also benefitted from a respray about 20 years ago, looks pretty sharp. There’s a bit of rust on the front passenger quarter panel, and one piece of missing vinyl rub strip seen here, but otherwise a solid foundation. Likewise the interior shows a bit of wear, most notably in the form of a small hole in the driver’s seat bolster, but is in overall very nice condition with a fully functional slate of power accessories.

Also fully functional, but in need of some deferred maintenance is the 460-cubic inch V8. The largest remaining production engine in 1978, the 460 was no longer standard equipment (or available at all in California), but it still found its way into the majority of Mark Vs in place of the standard 400. This one’s had an oil and filter change, and fired up with gas poured into the carb and drove itself onto the trailer as pictured above, but it’s going to need other fluids flushed and a bit of reconditioning before you’ll truly be pounding the pavement in this Pucci. Still, it shouldn’t need anything too complicated or expensive, and $3,700 is a heck of a deal for a designer label, don’t you think?


  1. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Love that the seller has AC/DC ‘Back In Black’ in the 8 track player

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    • Adam T45 Staff

      Brilliant. You’ve given me my laugh for the day!

    • Aaron Crabtree Member

      There is also an 8 track of Styx sitting on the floor. This is great!

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    • Matt G

      And that they got that 8-track from Columbia Record Club- 12 albums for a penny!

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  2. DrinkinGasoline

    I have 3 FoMoCo in-dash AM/FM 8-Track OEM units from the mid to late 70’s if anyone is inclined. I also have numerous period correct 8-Track tape cassettes that play like new.

  3. Joe Haska

    Bought a 79 T-Bird brand new, after the 80 models previewed, no one wanted the old Birds and Mark lV’s after the newer smaller fuel saving cars came out. Paid $7,500 for it , but no designer title, just limited edition and it was a boat.

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  4. ccrvtt

    $3,700 is a STEAL for this car. All the money you’ll save on the purchase price can go directly to the gas tank.

    This car and a 1931 Model A Cabriolet were my dad’s dream cars. I could see him in the Lincoln driving to bowling on Wednesday nights.

    Very cool find.

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  5. Poptheclutch

    I didn’t even know they had names for them.shows you how much i know about Lincoln’s!

  6. Steve M

    Oh the lewd jokes that could be made about Pucci

    • Dallas

      True…good thing we aren’t in elementary anymore hey?

  7. Superdessucke

    The color combos on the Mark IV Designer Series were way better than the ones Ford chose for the Mark V. Those first ones popped off the brochure like delicious candy to my eyes. The Mark IV Pucci was a beautiful deep red and silver color. The Cartier a stately yet manly gray. The Blass a beautiful deep blue and cream. And the Givenchy a yummy aqua and white. I get goosebumps just thinking of those tasty hues.

    Of course, they bleeped that up with the Mark V for the sake of change. Why they did the Pucci in gray and black while they had the Cartier which was gray and gray made no sense at all, IMHO. And that darker gray with black vinyl top looked like it belonged on an Olds, not a stately Lincoln. I do admit that I found the Mark V Givenchy’s jade/gold combo somewhat fetching, though not as cool as the aqua/white combo of the Mark IV Givenchy.

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    • Ken

      Only one thing you said I have to pick on. Lincoln designers didn’t choose these colors. Designers like Pucci, Blass, Givenchi, and the French based company founded 170 years ago, Cartier, were contracted to choose the colors, patterns and textures of these Lincolns. Here’s an elegant touch. The Givenchy insignia can be found on the hood near the hood ornament. It’s a capital G back to back. A fine touch

      The Bill Blass edition. Elegant. White leather seats with blue piping. Deep blue carpet with white door panels. The seat bottons have anchors in them indicating that Bill Blass was into a more nautical theme.

      Hey!! Today is much better. Right? All cars come in silver with black flame retardant pseudo interiors. The most low budget, entry level shades known to all mankind.
      Just like watching a 1940s B&W television set.

  8. 408 interceptor

    If I had money to burn I would demolition derby that tank, not rare at all, prefer the French Connection version.

  9. Ken

    Pucci, in an early prototype:

  10. Maestro1


  11. Kev

    I have a 1978 Lincoln Town Coupe’ (aka Bella) with the 460 ci. A very nice cruiser and its like driving your sofa down the road. I will argue the fuel mileage though. I have constantly got 14-15 mpg city and 18-20 highway. Compare that to a new full size truck. Granted if you put your foot into it (or in my case hand controls) I have experienced 6 mpg’s easy. I set the cruise at 70 mph and have achieved 20 mpg. I check the mileage often as people state it must be a pig on fuel. I guess its how you drive it.

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  12. carsofchaos

    Let’s not forget the rarest special edition of this era, the Diamond Jubilee.

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    • Ken

      Commorating Ford’s 75th anniversary. The Diamond Jubilee option was a $7000 option that brought this Lincoln above the 20 thousand dollar benchmark. 22 thousand to be exact.

  13. Steve

    This is my car for sale. If you have any questions, just ask!

  14. erikj

    Had a cartier edition wat a boat. All grey. cool, but what a boat!!!

  15. David Miraglia

    I would love to get a hold of this mark 5. Take my girlfriend around New York city blasting the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

  16. Tuto

    In 1977 my father and my uncle flight to Miami and bought two of this jewels.My father got the Cartier gray on gray and my uncle got the Givenchy in dark grenn (NO METALLIC).Both with leather seats and the Cartier with the moonroof.Loved those two.

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