1978 Plymouth Fury: Police Pursuit Options

Plymouth Fury Police Pursuit

Given the recent interest in our post on the ’79 Volare Police Car, I thought this 1978 Plymouth Fury here on eBay might offer a more affordable way into ex-police vehicle entry for our readers. Bidding is already active and up to $2,225, likely because of this car’s options and preserved condition. And, despite the 440 entering the beginning stages of its swan song, it was still more potent than what would follow later as power was increasingly squeezed out of these H.P. police motors. From a highway cruiser standpoint, this seems like a great way to get into classic ownership with a car you can use on the highway (thanks to the optional cruise control) while having a little bit of fun (for all the people still driving that remember tapping the brakes when that front end appeared in their rear view.)  The seller notes it will need work if your goal is to have a turnkey, restored example, but that’s not what I’d do with it. Clean it up, tackle whatever deferred maintenance makes sense, beef up the sway bars and tires and then start putting on the miles.


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  1. Mike D

    would love it, it does need a once over though, my guess is that it had it’s share of abuse POST cop car days . I have had enough of white cars in my life, but, painting it a brilliant white would surely make this a looker along with the tinted glass . would probably rebuild the engine / trans . basically better than when It was new, it’s sure to attract a lot of attention

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  2. jim s

    it is now at $3850 and if it is all there still a good deal, i think. i too would make the car safe and then daily drive it. do some upgrades as time/money allowed but nothing that would take it out of service. maybe do some time at the dragstrip when they have oldies/run what your driving events. maybe match race the BF torino but not for pink slips! very nice find.

  3. JW

    I personally would clean it up and do any necessary safety issues then I would turn it back in to a cop car for shows. I run across the usual Dukes Charger every so often so why not Rosco’s cop car.

  4. Ken

    OHH MAN!!! When I was 16 (1980) there was one exactly like it at an impound lot in Standale, MI (long since replaced by an Applebee’s)… the guy let me start it up & check every inch out as if I knew what I was doing. This was a grey or silver color though.

    I fell so hard for that car, for which (if memory serves correctly) they were asking $1750. I BEGGED my folks for a loan, but they weren’t too thrilled with the way I was treating my car at the time (’75 Fiat Mirafiori 131s) anyway. hahaha *cry*

  5. blindmarc

    I was 17 back then and see those headlights in the mirror made me “pucker up”. This would be an easy cheap daily driver.

  6. fred

    Wasn’t that long ago that an ex police car like this was the very last car you would consider buying, because you knew it was driven hard and put away wet – $500 all day long. A lot has changed.

  7. Steve

    I love these cars. I would imagine they were the hot ticket back then for performance because just about every car chase scene from the early to mid 80’s featured one of these. I remember in high school a kid had the twin of this car and man the abuse that car suffered and it just kept going. Seemed like every other day he would do the biggest burn out in the school parking lot. I remember he had the back seat full of spare wheels and tires to keep his burn out addiction going. LOL.

  8. Chris N

    Surprised that there are any left. Thought The Dukes of Hazard trashed them all. LOL

  9. JW

    Wasn’t some of these used in the “Blues Brothers ” movie if yes there were a lot of them destroyed in that case.

    • Mr. TKD

      No. Those were Dodge Monacos.

  10. TAU

    That E86 motor wasn’t @ the beginning of it’s swan song……..THIS WAS IT.
    A 5hp jump in this the final year to 255, & sayonara…….

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