1982 Porsche 928: Cheap Supercar

1982 Porsche 928

Rear wheel drive. Check. 50/50 weight balance. Check. Two doors. Check. V8 power. Check. When we think of the ’70s and ’80s front engined Porsches today, we think of mild performance and mechanical nightmares, but when the 928 was first introduced it offered performance that was better than a 911 without the fear of losing control mid turn and luxury that put it on par with the finest GT cars. Today’s supercars are a mixture of performance, comfort, and technology, which is exactly what the 928 was in 1980. This 1982 example is looking a bit rough, but is complete, unmodified, and runs. Fixing an ’80s supercar isn’t cheap, but this one is being offered here on eBay without a reserve and could go cheap! If bidding stays low this could make for a great entry into the Porsche club and the world of ’80s supercars! So would you take on this Porsche is would you put it back in the barn? Special thanks to Jim S for this tip!


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  1. Rich Truesdell

    Condition in the photos and probable deferred maintenance says “money pit” to me.

    • Trickie Dickie Member

      Oh Yes, money pit for sure!! I have had three Porsches, loved every one, but were $$$ to maintain. But, never a 928. My German Porsche repair shop owner told me a while back to never buy a used 928, unless you know its history in detail, Parts and labor on these are very expensive. These are difficult to sell, their history of costliness is well known, especially to serious Porsche folks!

  2. Ian @ Jewel or Jalopy

    If it were a manual trans that would be fun, but not for an auto. Nobody buys a project like this and takes it to a mechanic, so saying they are expensive to maintain is why they are cheap for wrenches like me!

    Of course I’m crazy, I just bought a non-running Alfa Romeo at auction. :)

    • Jimmy

      Not that hard to get an Alfa running again as long as nothing major is wrong with it. At least you didn’t buy a non running British car.

  3. Clay Bryant

    If it has sat for any time better check the timing belt first.They get old sitting and if it breaks,you got a 3 grand valve job on your hands.Had one and only one.These have to be driven regularly.

    • Trent

      This is an earlier non-interference motor. It wasn’t until the 32 valve 4 cam 5 liter engine came out that the car became interference.

      Overall though, this car needs a LOT of work. I honestly cannot believe it’s going for the amount it is, and there are still four days left! Makes my asking price of $6.5k seem too low!

  4. krash

    When these first popped up in the late 70’s, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven….loved the design….and as the model evolved into the S4 with the rear wing I lusted after this marque….
    Today, one can be had cheaply….(.if I want to park it in my garage and just look at it.)…
    If I plan on driving it, then (I’m warned) I’ll need to hook it up to an IV filled with Ben Franklins….

    ….looks like I’ll continue to admire them from a distance…(sigh)

  5. Jarod Rose

    They had the potential to be such cool grand tourers. Too bad so many ended up being automatic.

  6. sparkster

    Risky Business Porsche , I just can’t remember if it floats . Was that a stick or automatic in that movie ?

  7. Chris

    Do you think the seller is a U-boat commander? Best line ever.

  8. hhaleblian

    Cheapest part of this deal is the purchase. Run Forrest Run!

    • Ross W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      Great engine and powertrain, body work also good. Porsche ran out of money
      before they finished the car, having spent the budget on the above items. That engine is sweet.
      Unfortunately the interior quality was a cross between a Fiat and a 60’s era Lotus. I’d like to pimp slap the engineer that came designed the window regulator system, heater blower box, and in general the interior.
      Memory fails me but when this series was introduced I could have sworn that Porsche had taken out ads on back pages of automotive mags showing 3 different cars. The 924, the 926 and 928, a 4, a 6 and an 8 respectively, yet find no mention of a 926.
      Like I said memory fails me.

      • Pat

        Low quality interior on a 928? your memory does fail you.

      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings Pat,

        The cars came with leather and a houndstooth cloth insert. German loop carpet that would have ben fine in my Mercedes Ponton from the 50’s. Leather was thin to start with and they seemed to use cotton-based thread that tended to pull through. Whatever the door panels were shrank enormously in the summer, so much the it was easier to recover the door cards than try and stretch it back.

        No problem with the mechanicals but the Porsche books back me up. Funding was pulled early. Porsche decided this car was not going to replace the 911. Freeing up this money allowed them to concentrate more on getting the heat out of the 911’s air cooled powerplant.

        For Porsche’s top of the line the interior was inferior to it’s peers.

  9. Jimmy

    They would’ve gone faster if they didn’t have to haul all of that water around…

  10. John C Cargill

    Certainly worth the current money. It doesn’t even need paint. My experience with German paint tells me that car is just oxidized and would buff up beautifully.

    • Mark H

      Let me guess. “Wax on, wax off?”

  11. charlie Member

    A good friend had one in the late ’80’s, automatic and all, and it was a wonderful driver, room for luggage, fast, comfortable, and the interior was not plush, but better than a VW, but not an Audi. But so few that parts have to be hard to source.

  12. Daryl K.

    I once had a Porsche mechanic friend acquire one of these when the owner could not pay the repair bill. He told me (only slightly joking, I think) that he would give me the car for free but I had to pay him for servicing the car for two years. When he explained the cost of a transmission and labor I knew I could not afford this 928. They are very expensive to maintain and fuel thirsty.

  13. Karl

    This is a very good-looking car. I think that whoever picked the tires and rims for the car was a genius because they are just a perfect combination with its looks.
    After that my admiration fades. Based on a couple of people’s experience with these beauties, the best thing to do is stay away from this handsome stranger. Don’t make eye contact. Keep your hands in your pockets and keep walking.

  14. dj

    This was the year of the first Porsche I drove. I loved that car and it was Risky Business color too. That was when I was young, dum and full of….. Well you know the rest.

  15. EU Collector

    Back in the 80’s a buddy of mine had one of these with an automatic, I think it was an early model, 78 or 79 maybe. At the time I had a 635 CSi with a dog leg 5 speed. I remember mine being a much nicer car (or at least I thought so). Always loved the looks of these though, especially the later models.

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