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1988 Camaro RS Project For $800!

Can this really be so? This Camaro is being offered here on craigslist in Needham Heights, Massachusetts for just $800! I know this isn’t the most desirable of years, but it isn’t everyday you find a 5-speed equipped V8 Camaro for under a $1,000. The seller notes that it has plenty of issues, but would rather see it go to someone who will fix it or even use it for part than to send it to the crusher. Special thanks to Scott M for this tip!

The seller doesn’t really say whether the engine runs or not. It’s a 305 V8, which by 1988 would have been fuel injected. It was having some bogging issues, so they started the job of converting it to a carburetor. They state that there is minimal use on the carb and that it might need a rebuild. It already has an Edlebrock manifold installed, so it might be as simple as dropping the carb on it, hooking up the linkage and firing it up. It’s also going to need a new battery, but that’s a minor issue compared to what’s happening inside the car.

As you can see, the interior has seen better days. The upholstery will need to be redone and the headliner is going to need to be replaced, but amazingly the dash doesn’t look too bad. The 5-speed makes up for many of the car’s flaws in my book, including the rusty floors. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about fixing this car back up, but would instead plan on using it as a parts car. Automatic Camaros are plentiful and this car would provide everything you need to convert one to a manual. You could even put the intake and carb to good use. It would be a shame to crush the rest, but between selling any left over parts and what a scrap yard would pay for the remains, you could just about recoup your money and have a sweet 5-speed Camaro! So do you think this one is worth picking up for the seller’s $800 asking price?


  1. Kenneth Neal-Rosario

    Pass. And I’m looking for one. Serious rust on the drivers strut tower.

  2. Steve R

    It’s a parts car. There is too much rust and too many unknowns with the engine.

    Steve R

  3. Tom Member


    Rust looks bad indeed. But this could be a great LeMons car.

    Keep in mind, the going rate for a 5 speed for this type of car is about the price of this car. Not sure if this has the T5 WC or regular.


    • Andrew

      This would be a WC. I’ve got one in my 88 Firebird.

  4. Tom Member

    $800 is more than a good price for the whole car

  5. Coventrycat

    800 bucks is a lot of mullet at Supercuts

    • LS1KING83

      LMAO @Coventrycat

  6. Troy S.

    I would say this has a bit more than “bogging issues” now.

    • Mark-A

      Might be the best place to leave it? Just pray that the Bog swallows it whole, the Suspension Mount Corrosion terrifies me, in the UK the yearly MoT test checks & FAILS a vehicle for Corrosion within 12 inches of Suspension Mount points so it’s basically scrap over here!

  7. James

    I hate to see a Camaro go to the crusher but if there’s that much rust under the hood think of the under carriage being in snow darn waste of a good car about the only thing good would be carb and intake so just take the money from the scrap yard and put towards your camaro

  8. Larry Q

    Yeah it’s got rust issues,but $800 ain’t too bad…probably another $1000 and you got a driver. (Maybe )

  9. Rush Meade

    Only if it was in Georgia ugh. I’ll wait longer again.

    • James

      I agree the right car will come along I had a 78 that I loved but like mid to late eighties Camaro just waiting for the time again these cars were just pretty and still are Camaro for life too sweet

  10. Larry Q

    I would love to have it for a project but I’m down south. .kinda hard to find

  11. Nicholas

    If the driver can’t prove that it runs, then its just a parts or project car. Or you can take a chance and try to make it run. I don’t like cars that have been messed with.

  12. MFerrell

    Reading the news today, this beat up old Camaro is beautiful.

    Love this site, keep it up guys!

  13. LAB3

    Sure it’s got rust issues but the exterior looks somewhat solid enough. Somebody will snag it for the asking price, get it running and drive it.

  14. Tom Member

    I have a 99 TA LS1 convertible. Fast as snot, but the sub frames feel like they are connected with tin foil. My point is that these type are cars where never built that strong from the factory. This car would be an awesome starter for street strip monster. Even with the rust, to make these cars solid, you need to modify them anyway.

  15. James

    Still think you are better off parting this car but then again it’s hard to say how bad the rust is from just looking at the pictures. I also want to give props to this sight I see a lot of nice cars on here and the people that talk about these cars in replys all have something to share. I have learned a lot from your replys also. Glad there’s something in this country that people can still come together over what better than muscle cars.

  16. Odddoylerules

    These cars are no fun to work on. Every time I wax nostalgic for my old 91 350 swapped American Aston gt machine, I remember how excruciating the swap was. Or swapping the rear end. Or changing spark plugs. The list goes on. Gm did some bad engineering in this era.

  17. Kimbo

    Wat I find funny is when someone wants to sell something for a good price irregardless of the issues involved , everyone will pic the thing apart till there’s literly nothing more to say !! Quote unquote ! But if this owner put a price of 3 or 4thousand on this car and lies about the problems , and ,and ,and ! I think the outcome of this car would be totally different ! Does everyone know the big picture here ! Ya it’s simple ,,, pay the man 800.oo
    OBO and call it a day ! Come on guys we’re beter than that!!

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    • GOPAR

      I agree whole-heartedly with Kimbo!!! $800 is not much money for a 1988
      Camaro that needs a little work. Basic mechanics tools and skills would get this thing on the road in no time. The issues some of you have mentioned here are minor by comparison to a lot of the other junk I’ve seen on the sight for a lot more money. Fix the important stuff and drive it! Restoration can come later. A little less whining and a lot more “can-do” attitude will go a long way in our chosen hobby!

  18. Pete

    I had an 84 with a V-6 and a 5 speed. That was a fun car to drive. I paid 4200 for it and wrapped it around a tree. For 800 bucks and a few parts I could get that car running and raise hell in it for a good while and have a lot of fun. You could become an instant redneck with this car. LMAO. Imagine just flying around in an empty parking lot with cones set up in a short course. That would be a good time. Or you could set this thing up as a Dirt Track race car. Strip it down weld some sheet metal to the rusted areas and just go have fun. This is not a 67 Camaro requiring 15k to make it nice.

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  19. Dt 1

    Keep the phase 3 Hood throw the rest of the car in the garbage

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