Four-Door Bronco: 1990 Centurion C350

Escort one F-Series Ford pickup and one Bronco to a shotgun wedding and you get this! Before the Excursion, Ford had no full-size four-door SUV, a market then largely dominated by the Chevrolet Suburban. Centurion Vehicles filled that gap with this F350-based 3/4 ton 4×4 C350 and little brother C150, a half-ton two-wheel-drive variant. This 1990 Centurion C350 in Boise, Idaho seeks a new owner here on eBay where over 15 bidders have raised the market value above $12,500 without meeting the seller’s reserve.

The fuel-injected 460 cid (7.5L) V8 provides abundant torque for that horse trailer or ski boat. This one’s spun up only 72,000 miles and change and should be ready for a second life of ranching, family vacations, and your spontaneous purchase of a Queen Anne dresser.

Most Centurions came well-equipped and this is no exception, with power everything and captain’s chairs, a winch, rear air conditioning, trailer brake controller, the totally-’90s oak center console, and more.

Without the designed-in articulation of a pickup truck’s separate bed and cab, you gain the option of fitting the world’s longest running boards. This rig looks almost new! Part of the Centurion’s appeal is the interest it generates whenever you park or refuel one. With the 460, all-wheel-drive, and room for seven, it will get you over the river and through the woods to that favorite holiday destination, or nearly anywhere else you want to go… in comfort. With a 2019 Ford Expedition starting over $50,000, you could buy this one, replace all the maintenance items, add $2000 worth of modern touch-screen and bluetooth technology, pocket some savings, and go get that Trakehner you’ve had your eye on. What’s that worth to you?


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  1. dcowan

    I love these. Idk why but I will own one someday. They look right. They look like a truck that should have been brought to the market for years.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Too many doors and too big for my taste. It’s a nice truck for what it is. That is, if you’re into huge pickups that can’t pass a gas station. I prefer a standard cab as it’s a more sensible size and the gun rack is within easy reach.

    I’m restoring a ’95 F150 XLT, loaded, 5.0 with a 5-speed, 2-door standard cab, short bed; a pickup I’ve had since 1999. To me, the pickups today are too big with too many doors. I’ve recently had a chance to check out a new Ford Ranger, Ford’s “compact” pickup. It’s 17-1/2 feet long or about a foot longer than my “full-size” ’95 F150 and only comes as a 4-door. No thanks.

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    • Dan

      My impressions of the new “Ranger” mirror yours. It’s huge, and cannot be had with a regular cab or a manual transmission. Not a worthy heir to the Ranger name in my opinion.

      I used to have a 1993 F-150 regular cab short bed, also with the 5.0/302 and a 5-speed. Great truck right up to the end. I wish I’d kept it!

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      • Ken Wittick

        Fordguy1972, so how well does your truck pull a 28′ enclosed trailer with race car and tool box ?

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    • Andre Joly

      The size is nice if it’s more than just a gun rack you’re hauling around. 2 kids + wife + your gear.. Throw in towing a trailer to the mix…

      Why have 2x vehicles for a family if a 4-door truck (pick up, or SUV in the this case) can do it all?

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        I can see your point if you have to haul a family around and this colossus will certainly do the job for vacations, hauling, etc. I wouldn’t use it as a daily driver; couldn’t afford the fuel. I’d park it and use a car for that chore.

        I’ve always had a car and a pickup, sometimes a couple of each. The pickups were for hauling stuff and trips into the woods to shoot things, the cars were for everyday tooling around. The pickups were mostly pretty thirsty and rode like the work horses they were, the cars usually had nice options and were a little more butt and spine friendly. I know the trucks today do both well but I can’t afford one. And, as I’ve said, they’re too damn big for my taste. Plus, I’m partial to the older stuff.

        I’ll stick with my ’95 F150 and my Dodge Magnum. But that’s just me.

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    • Little_Cars

      In 2017, I needed a truck to haul a two-horse aluminum trailer and the occasional little British car. After doing my research I headed to the dealer to look for a basic conventional pickup with short cab, short bed, no bells or whistles and a towing package. The salesmen looked at me sideways as if it no one would buy a basic truck in that configuration if they kept one in inventory. Sure enough they found one about a week later. Had to be driven 500 miles to get to me. Passed a new Ranger on the highway the other day…barely perceptible geneology from the compact Ranger it was supposed to conjure up. Same with the new Chevy Blazer. No stick? No sale!

  3. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Wouldn’t the 350 be a One-Ton, not a 3/4 Ton?

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    • Oregon_Guy78

      450 is the 1 ton

    • Michael55

      You are correct DayDreamBeliever, the 350 is a 1-ton. I had a F350, then went with the 3/4 ton F250, and now I have a F150. I have less horses to haul to shows since the kids are grown up.

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  4. Rosco

    Very cool truck, hard to find with low miles and in this condition. Great for pulling, or just driving around and not looking like everything else on the road. Spend $50k+ for well a equipped new truck for towing, or if your concern is gas mileage, buy a Prius!

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    • dcowan

      Agreed. It like what do they say? It speaks to me lol

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  5. art

    Very sharp vehicle but that sad, sad, steering wheel drags it down. Shop for a NOS wheel and replace it…fast.

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    • Danko

      I believe these were produced in Canada if my memory serves me right

      • Dan Breejen

        They were made in White Pigeon, Michigan right near the Indiana border. Centurion was a large van and truck converter back in the day.

    • Little_Cars

      Looks like a stock steering wheel with a significant amount of wear. About par with everything else sold in 1990. Good luck retrofitting any other wheel here with the many electronics, horn, cruise, etc built into this stock one! Maybe re-cover with a nice leather wrap (?)

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  6. Dan

    These trucks are pretty cool, but too dang big and thirsty for me. If only Ford had offered a turbocharged Diesel back then! I somehow suspect the reserve will not ne met.

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    • val

      Do like everyone Smart does and drop a cummin’s engine in it . Forget the Gas Trash .

  7. Arthell64 Member

    I had a 96 F250 4×4 with the 460 engine and it was not fun keeping fuel in the tanks.
    It’s not how many miles per gallon it’s how much time do you have until it runs out because if it’s sitting at a redlight it was sucking gas.
    Bad gas mileage usually doesn’t bother me too bad but this was horrible. Other than the terrible gas mileage and the warped exhaust manifolds it was a good truck.

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  8. Car Nut Tacoma

    Sweet looking Centurion. Why it was never sold in the USA is beyond me.

    • Rosco

      The Centurion was sold at many Ford dealerships around the United States. Pretty sure they were never sold at Canadian Ford dealers. I think it had something to do with safety regulations for a modified body/chassis.

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    😲i have a 1968 f250 camper special dove 429 c6 👍💰😎

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  10. Bing

    Interesting vehicle, but I had a one ton pick up with the same motor and it was an unbelievable gas hog, and I mean like single digit gas milage. Currently have two other older one tons and they are diesel powered dodge and chev. Both dualies and I get in the mid teens mpg. Both will pull 34 foot stock haulers with ease.
    Just sayin.

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