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20 Years In The Barn: 1978 Camaro

After being left in a Michigan barn for the past 20 years, this Camaro has rust and plenty of other issues. However, the seller is asking $1,700 for it and if it’s complete, it might just be worth it. The odometer is showing 81k miles, but the 305 V8 isn’t running. The seller claims the engine does turn by hand though. You can have a look here on eBay in Attica, Michigan.


  1. Steve R

    It looks like someone actually stepped up and paid $1,700 for that $500 parts car.

    Steve R

    • Brian Crowe

      it is relisted with a $500 bid on it with 2 days to go.

  2. Alex

    I would love to buy that for my mom she had an 1978 and it had a 317 in it and I would do anything to see her happy again having her dream car again.

    • TerryC

      That’s what it’s all about right there!
      I hope you find her one. 😁

    • Mike

      What’s a 317??

  3. Sparkster

    Love the mud flaps. My father in the 60’s had his cars get the ” Ziebart” treatment when buying a new vehicle living in Michigan. Moved to California and never had a problem with rust. Whew knew ! I really miss replacing the standard tires with studded snow tires at the start of every winter. NOT Shoveling snow off the driveway at night so dad could get to work in the morning. Ya I won’t be leaving California any time soon.

    • Tom Member

      Love the CA rust free cars. Ziebart dealers for 40 years. Great stuff when applied correctly (like everything else !!) 15 years under our own label doing it far better than Ziebart (corporately mismanaged mess!!).

      Hopefully CA won’t be physically leaving the continent any time soon!! Or making it 49 states when CA joins Mexico!!

      Hate the cold and snow too….stuck here in Illinois. Huge fault line running through our state too!! Uh-oh.

      Rarely say this but send this one to the crusher !!! I don’t think they mentioned the barn being in the middle of a lake!!

  4. Dolphin Member

    A lot of these Camaros seem to be showing up lately, many in very poor/rusty condition from the rust belt, like this car. I think they will need to appreciate in value a lot more than they have before they will be worth taking on as viable projects.

    These cars are plentiful and are not worth much, and all that rust, wear, and the ratty interiors will cost a lot to fix. Just be sure to go in with eyes wide open……and a lot of skills and resources, or else a lot of $$$, to get the job done.

    • Chris Hale

      This Car is a nightmare…a poor man’s Camaro…not a z-28…very nice examples of this Camaro can be purchased for well under 20.000 usd…..why spend 20.000 dollars on this car…and realize its value is 8.000 usd….its dumb to buy this car to restore. …its a donor/parts car only….here in Texas. .its sales for 500.00..and wont have the rust like they do up North…

  5. Andre

    If someone gave me this car i’m not sure I’d take it.

  6. LAB3

    Can’t see this being anything more than a parts car but who knows what thoughts lurk under a mullet.

  7. Dee Cox

    Give it to me. I was 16. My mom and dad buying me a car (appreciated) — Chevette, brown, 1.2 gold racing stripe. I was drooling over this black Berlinetta pamphlet. I sat next to them, opened the brochure and got ignored of course. We had to wait for the car. I guess that is why I had the racing stripe. Lol. I loved the look of the black camaro. 😊

  8. hank

    I was in the navy when those were new. I wanted one, but the 73 Charger SE 440 that I had was pretty cool. I’ve been looking for one of these for a project. But this one was obviously a parts car. I’d bet whoever bought it will end up selling it for less than half what he paid for it once he sees what it would cost to make it even a rat car.

  9. mike D

    click where it says it was relisted, price is at 500 as I write this

  10. 62 Nova

    Just finished a 78. But this one isn’t worth anyone’s time or money.

  11. 62 Nova

    My customer loves this 78.

  12. Luke

    Not enough metal left to restore this car. Have seen too many cars from Michigan where the entire undercarriage is nothing but rust. Ha d one customer come into the shop and complain about a squeaking noise coming from the undercarriage in the rear, 1980 full size Ford, the entire frame was rusted into. only thing worst is a Florida car that has been run on the beach for its entire life.

  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Reminds me of my ’81 plain jane black Camaro from back in the day. All of these must be in junkyards now, usually all you see for sale are Z/28s.
    I wouldn’t mind having another, just not this one.

  14. tyler

    turn in in to a race car go drag racing or oval racing with it.

  15. Luke

    Yeah, would make a good drag racing car as it will be a lot lighter then it was new, rust is the champions of weigh ins.

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