24 Mile DeLorean Discovered


It amazes me sometimes that a new car can get stashed away for future generations – I’d love to know the details about how this car wasn’t sold. Thanks to Ricky M for this great find, but you’d better hurry if you’re interested as it goes to auction June 6 at Brooklands in the UK! You can read about the auction here. This is the very last DeLorean to leave the factory in 1981 and was intended for a dealership in New Jersey. Stored until 2000 and then re-repatriated, the car is showing only 24 (not a typo) original miles! It truly is a museum piece with the original customs and window sticker still in place. The car is expected to bring 34-39 thousand pounds ($52-60,000). I know there are a lot of low mileage DeLoreans out there, and I believe you can even get a new one built from parts, but there’s only one “last” production car. Are any of our European readers interested in owning this car?


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  1. Dolphin Member

    I wonder how many of these ‘investment’ Deloreans there are left. If I cared very much about these I would do some arithmetic to see whether the payoff would have beat what you could get for the money from a savings account. I’m guessing that it might be about even—if you don’t count maintenance and insurance costs.

  2. jim s

    maybe the goverment that loss all the money they invested would like to have it as a reminder! still i do hope it finds a good home. nice find

  3. Rich

    £57,000. That’s a lot of money, but cars are only original once.

  4. Howard A Member

    I hauled a load of steel to a small metal outfit in Cleveland many years ago.(early ’80’s) While I was being unloaded, I noticed a car up on the top of a pallet racking on a big pallet under a cover. I asked the employee, what kind of car that was. He said, “have you ever heard of a DeLorean”? Sure, I said. He said, the boss bought 2, one he drove, the other he stored in the warehouse. It had 7 miles on it. So I still believe they are around.

  5. Chris A.

    Last one,low mileage, it’s still a Delorean. As for buying a car and liking it so much you buy a spare, urban legend has it a contractor in upstate NY did exactly that with two late MB 300SL’s. That I can understand as he supposedly drove the first SL as his daily driver. If any of these one to drive and a spare stories are true it would make a great book.

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