$2,800 Movie Car: 1983 Honda Civic Wagon


This 1983 Honda Civic Wagon is in Whitefish, Montana, about 16 miles north of Kalispell. This rust-free car is on Craigslist for $2,800! That’s a bargain as big as the sky in Montana.


For such a nice car, there are only two exterior photos and this is one of them! The other one shows the car with the doors open and you can’t get an overall glimpse at just how perfect this one is, according to the seller. But, rust-free is rust-free and for me those are about the two most important words when buying a vehicle. This car was used as an “extra” in a movie filmed up here in northern Montana and it doesn’t look like the crew messed it up like unfortunately happens with a lot of movie cars, from what I hear. This car has 112,400 miles on it but it looks like it has 12,400 miles on it to me.


This photo shows a detail of just how perfect the body on this car is, at least in regards to rust. It looks brand new and for a 33-year old car of any make from any country to look this nice is a find. NADA lists the high retail of a 1983 Honda Civic Wagon as being $2,775, this one is $25 better than that! Seriously, you can not get a used anything this nice for $2,800, crash-safety-not-withstanding..


The Civic 1500 had partial-cloth seats and as you can see, these are absolutely like new. In fact the entire interior is like new. The back seat looks great, too. Although, this view of the rear seat shows what has to be a replaced piece of vinyl that didn’t quite work out too well, but that can be fixed, and it doesn’t appear to have the correct, factory beading on the edge on either side, weird. You can also see the 5-speed manual, a lot of folks were expecting to see an automatic in here I bet! I know that I was. This car also has cruise and ice-cold AC! I really like this one, a lot.


Here’s that 1.5L four-popper with 65 hp! Zoooooom! This engine just needs a good detailing, and then fix those vinyl pieces on the bottom of the rear seat, and you’d have a serious car for any vintage/nostalgic Japanese show. Or, just drive it, you’d get more looks than most people do in their new melted-bar-of-soap-looking cars. What do you think of this Civic Wagon? I’m surprised that the book value isn’t more on these, but that time is coming soon, I guarantee it. This is a good buy even at the top of the range.


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  1. Another Bob

    I’ve gone 95 MPH in a 65 HP Civic for hours after hours as a passenger. These things can do big miles before wearing out if they don’t rust out.

  2. Rocko

    A melted bar of soap looking car, i like that! Don’t all cars look the same nowadays ? My son points out this Car and that Car as we drive down the road and i just don’t see it. To me its just a grey one or a red one or a black one. Cool wagon, almost tempted.

  3. angliagt

    If it’s as good as it appears,how could you go wrong.
    Fly in,& drive it home.Keep it long enough,& it will basicly cost you

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      I agree! I need to start driving a car-hauler. I’m here in Montana now but once I go home it’s $1,000 to ship that car back, making it not quite as good of a deal.

  4. Scot Douglas

    This would be the perfect home for a modern 16V Honda powertrain. :)

  5. Howard A Member

    This is incredible condition for this car. They didn’t remain looking like this for long in the midwest. Serious, SERIOUS rusters, and I think gave Honda kind of a bad name for a while. If this was a “movie car”, they very well could have spiffed it up. Even still, can’t go wrong here. It would be great if these companies would re-introduce simple cars like this again. Great find.

  6. Dolphin Member

    In real good condition for 112,000,000 miles.

    Rami who?

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha! I know, who? I said the same thing; never heard of him. (I had to look up the name to even know that it was a he!)

  7. Paul Bellefeuille

    Two of my cars have been in movies.. “Olive Kitteridge” and the upcoming “Patriots Day.” In both cases, as happens in most films, I drove the car. Crew has nothing to do with driving the cars in films. As a background actor you get compensated for driving your car in the film.. Usually it’s anywhere where $25 to ..if your car is very important. $200 for the day on top of your background actor pay.

  8. bowlzo

    Drove an 87 Civic Wagon from 94-99. Great car – versatile, economical, quick enough with the 5 speed. Got t-boned (repaired), then hit from behind and knocked into car ahead (repaired again). Drove home from both collisions, even with massive body damage. Would love to have another, but this one is too far away.

  9. Spencer Walsh

    It was my first car in 1997 (parents hand-me-down). Worked great in Colorado, not so much in Alaska (RIP 2005). Would love to have it again.

  10. GrumpyOne

    I’ve been driving an ’82 Civic DX automatic hatchback daily for the past eleven years and even though it’s approaching 206K on the odometer, it just keeps on going and going!

    Generation 2 Civics really had and still have real mojo…

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