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340 Light Project: 1973 Dodge Dart Sport

The Dart Sport started life with a different name, The Demon, Dodge’s version of the successful Plymouth Duster. It ran under that name for the first couple of years and then changed monikers supposedly because the name Demon didn’t sit well with the church community. This 1973 Dart Sport began life as a regular driver that someone decided to convert to a muscle car by dropping in a 340. This happened prior to the current owner acquiring the Dodge and we’re told the work wasn’t done particularly well. He’s made some progress in improving the drivability of the car, but more is needed. The Dodge is available in Phoenix, Arizona, and here on craigslist for $12,000 OBO. Thanks, rex m, for the tip.

This car has been advertised for sale on behalf of the seller’s neighbor who has found another project that better suits his fancy. In calling this car a light project, we’re referring to mechanical fine-tuning and the interior.  Whatever work was needed on the body has already been taken care of along with a new paint job in the original color that set the owner back about $4,000. We’re wondering if this car came with one of those glamour packages that Chrysler offered in the 1970s, given the interesting seat covers. I’ve seen that look before but can’t place what the package is. The seams in the seats are splitting and the dash has been modified to accept some aftermarket gauges (but the originals were kept). The seller doesn’t mention if this a factory A/C car given the hardware under the dash.

At one time, this Dart Sport had a 318 V-8 under the hood. But that has been replaced with a 1971 edition of the hotshot 340 and a 727 TorqueFlite. Some further dialing in is needed to get it to run well. Perhaps the gearing is left over from the 318, so some shorter gears would help get the most out of the 340. We’re told other modifications that accompany this transformation include a kit in the tranny, an Edelbrock carburetor and intake, and a dual 40-series Flowmaster exhaust. A hood scoop was added with the paint job. Unfortunately, no photos of the engine compartment are provided.

The seller says the owner may consider a partial trade with cash to make a deal happen. Online guides suggest a 318 Dart Sport in good condition could be worth high four figures while a Dart Sport 340 is in the low five figures. Given the work remaining with this car, the seller’s neighbor may be optimistic about the car’s value. Why not make him a demon of an offer and see what happens?


  1. Terry

    Well, one thing’s for sure. The current Demon is much more devilish, and isn’t exactly marketed to a church-going crowd.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I wonder why don’t THEY complain?, like they did back then about the Dodge Demon to the extent of getting the name of the car changed!!, especially when people seem to complain & protest about a lot more things these days.

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  2. DON

    Those seats are from a 1974 Dart Sport “Hang 10” . Those cars had the optional fold down rear seat , but from the pictures you cant see if this car had one and the builder of the car used the Hang 10 seat for the rear too.

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    • Sunshine

      I think the front seats were “found.” Back seat is black vinyl. 318 with column shift auto more likely had a bench seat.

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  3. Arby

    Wouldn’t have much use for a lawn mower in that neighborhood…

    Didn’t a shoe salesman drive one of those?

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  4. Rosco

    $12k for this? Keep dreaming! Way overpriced for what you’re getting as well as what it needs. I also have a hard time believing that this belongs to an “elderly neighbor”.

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    • jerry z

      I’m sure if someone showed up with cash, they would take less! Just the thought of buying a rust free Dart/Duster is a miracle in itself! Sweet ride!

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  5. jeff sanford

    best offer $5500.00 if you transport

  6. EPO3

    Hood scoop looks like it came off a four door wanna be

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  7. John Jennings

    Boy! More flipper cars. An incomplete, mixed up, build-asking over 10 grand?

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  8. George Louis

    Missing front and rear bumper guards which were required for 1973 models. Door panels are cobbled from something? Dash pad requires replacement. Instrument panel is botched hokey looking gauges. I wonder what the headliner looks like? . Do you see any front seat belts? Outside rear view mirrors look like they came from J.C. Whitney not Factory correct pieces, and that is just for starters !!!!!

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    • DON

      If the color is original, this car likely had a cream or gold interior. the white interior panels probably came from the same “Hang 10” edition Dart where the seats came from . The black panels have either been sprayed , or come from another parts car. The seller is confused about the Bumblebee stripe ; it would never have had that, but it could have had the over the roof “C” stripe that was popular on the Dart Sports . The headliner could be the old fabric and metal rod, but it could also be fiberboard, , and they are pretty durable ,so it could be in good shape. The dash would be the biggest issue if its hacked up- which it seems to be . For a 340 clone, and likely rust free , I’m thinking maybe 8 -10g – if its been mechanically put together right .

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Those door mirrors are masterpieces, compared to what Ford put on the ’79 mustang & Ferrarri put on Magnum type cars.
      & the plastic factory ones ever since mounted where there should be door glass!

  9. Tim

    The seats look like the Bicentennial package they offered –

  10. Desert Rat

    Boy you guys are hard to please, sure 12 grand is a lot of money but when you look at the rust buckets that come through Barn Find that cost three times this much and need every thing this little Mopar looks like a great buy to me. Body and paint look good and it has the small block that all you Mopar guys droll over, so what’s the problem…( I know ,I know it’s not a 68 Charger)

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    • RH

      You’re right. Just need to spend another $8K fixing things to make it safe, reliable, and really nice and you will end up with a great $12,000 car. I don’t see a problem with this.

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    • John Jennings

      Bondo and undercoat cover a world of sins: There are many flipper cars for sale that look good but will fall apart in a short time.

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      • bone

        True, but if the car spent its life in Phoenix , odds are any rust issues are at near zero

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  11. Sunshine

    Nice paint. From all the pics of the painted car we know the lister is proud of the paint. But not even on pic under the engine to show the mechanical work?

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  12. Piper

    Send some of these cars out to Australia! Well maybe not exactly this one. We need more cool American muscle cars out here 👍

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