345 + A/C: 1979 International Scout

Finding a vintage car hidden away in the California desert sounds like a dream vacation to some of us. Being able to get that vehicle to fire up for the first time in years and drive it home puts it on borderline fantasy level. But, that’s what the seller of this 1979 International Scout II here on eBay says happened with his recent barn find, and while it does seem too good to be true, the Scout in question looks just tough enough that I’m willing to believe him. 

Let’s face it – these things were built to be used and abused, if not outright survive a meteor strike. Sitting idle for a few years is merely a period of rest and relaxation for a battle-tested rig like a Scout, but there still had to have been an owner in its past that took some level of care to keep it road-worthy. Equipped with desirable features like air conditioning, power steering and brakes and an automatic transmission, the Scout was loaded up when it was new.

But, no matter what condition it was in when it was first driven home, that doesn’t really matter after years of daily use and then early retirement. The seats are split, the paint is covered in surface rust and the graphics are faded. The tires will need replacing and the seller cites an exhaust leak as one of the more annoying features of this unrestored Scout. Fortunately, those are relatively easy fixes, as is the inoperable gas gauge. The seller points out that it comes with five Rallye wheels and the removable top has the desirable sliding glass.

The vintage roof rack and spot lamp on the rear bumper are two of my favorite features, and I dig the faded graphics on the body. Get the interior looking and feeling mint, replace the tires and recharge the A/C – and don’t touch another damn thing! Well, except for the fuel gauge and the exhaust. Then, just drive it. I care less about the seller’s claims regarding prices for a good Scout on the upswing, and I’m pleasantly surprised that his buy-it-now of $7,999 isn’t completely crazy. Anyone here ever drive a barn find home?


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  1. alan

    Though not among the worst of IHCs to be seen what little rust is visible begs the question “What is the condition of the backside of the panel?”. It looks worth saving at a more interesting price but a total redo is required.

  2. JW

    This would make for a great DD and weekend toy, nice find !!!

  3. KevinW

    Had a ’77, and yes it was a daily driver. It had the coldest a/c and face melting heat! Mine had the tractor like 345 and with dual exhaust, sounded pretty good. Before my youngest was born, I decided I wanted to bring her home in the Scout. For some reason there were no back seat belts. Took a lot of salvage yard excursions before finding some in what was left a stripped out tub. Parts (as far as I know) are hard to find.

    • Dave Wright

      I think there are plenty of parts but they are getting expensive like the vehicle it’s self. I think mine will be worth close to 30K but will also be near the total investment.

  4. Vince

    Drove my 65 dart barn find home also my 66 A100 van

  5. BeeMoe

    Scouts are pretty much bullet proof. Driveline parts are as near as Your closest auto parts store if needed having been used in everything from Scouts to dump trucks and busses. Their biggest shortcoming was their susceptibility to the tin worm, but there too patch panels are available if you are handy with a welder. I’ve tackled much worse in my ’78.

    It wasn’t long ago that trucks like this one would barely draw a quarter of this price, but cancer free tubs are getting harder to find.

    One of these days I’ll find a reasonably priced Scout in the West and road trip it home. The incredible network of the Scout owner community would keep me from being stranded anywhere along the way for long without help.

  6. Dave Wright

    I am doing a 75 like this. I wish it had an IHC engine like this one but it came with the AMC 258. I am installing a late model fuel injected 4.0 engine with a 5 speed OD trans. It might be a bit high geared in high but we will see. It is picking up nearly 100 Hp over the stock engine and bolts right in. Next, it is going to the body shop. Should be done in the spring.

  7. Jubjub

    Had a ’78 in this color and same wheels but white Rally stripes and an earthtone interior. Neat rigs. This one needs the correct grille and shell. Guess they found the ’74 grill and painted it black for an SSII look.

  8. Adam Wright

    I had two of these, paid $300 for one and it had a UGA Faculty parking sticker so it was priceless, the 2nd one I paid $500 for and drove it everywhere, they are a blast!

  9. Howard A Member

    The upside here is,,wait long enough, and EVERY vehicle ever made, will come thru here. The downside, and I’ll admit this statement is getting old, but dog gone it, this is an outrageous price for this. They weren’t that nice. One by one, I cross off vehicles from my wish list,( I’m down to the Pinto wagon) because, I could no sooner afford 8 grand for a rusty Scout, than a seat on the Virgin Galactic. Scouts were great vehicles, you could get some well optioned Scouts, remember the ads, “It’s not a truck, mom, it’s a Scout” and the next year, 1980, they were gone. Me, I’d dump that motor,( yeah, yeah, I know) and PUT the 258 in. But that’s just me. Apparently, they’re still out there ( anywhere there isn’t salt), but boy howdy, you’re gonna pay for it. California,,,, gotta love ’em ( for driving the price of vintage vehicles up out of the hands of folks that don’t have sprawling ranches)

    • Dave Wright

      Howard……….you need to invest that Social Security in a business where you can make some money…..you are a bright guy, make some money so you can afford the toys you like. It is much more effective than feeling left out because everything has become more expensive.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Dave, too late, 35 years of trucking has taken all the “umpshecoo” out of me, but that’s ok. I haven’t been left out, as, like I’ve said before, I enjoyed these things years ago when this would have been a $500 beater 4×4. You can see the craziness. The problem is, I (we) can’t RE-enjoy them, and I’m sure I speak for many here. Is this Scout worth $8 grand? Of course, it is. To someone that has the money to spend on this. Just to repeat, it eliminates the little guy from enjoying this stuff.

  10. KeithK

    I own one. First gen Scout 800 cab top. If you can visit this site you can buy any part you need from 3-4 major online retailers plus eBay. Although re-pop fiberglass tubs are gone a niche market of Scout “light line” components are still supported by the manufacturer. Asking price a bit high but start with a good one right? Who doesn’t want a man sitting on a tractor? |-i-|

  11. George A

    Wow! Had the same truck same year, great vehicle! Passed down from my uncle. Decades ago purchased a 1971, first year of the scout ll, with a production date of 4/71, possibly the oldest scout ll in existence , rust free 32k, great trucks, cant wait to start restoring mine in a few years!! Love um!!

  12. tasker

    My buddy has a ’73 that he bought years ago out of Oregon….thought at the time he paid too much but I told him to wait….it will be well worth it. The truck is spectacular and any nut or bolt on it comes undone with hand tools. 345 underdash AC unit, Rallyes and the panel stripes…..it’s as awesome as it looks and totally original

    • Dave Wright

      My 75 came out of an Oregon junk yard last year…….1500.00, complete and not rusted. It has original paint, interior hub caps, a front warn winch. As it turned out, the engine was worn out……hence the new 4.0 transplant.

    • Savoy

      Those are not the original rims. However it is a beautiful truck.

  13. Neal

    Been waiting a while to find a Scout on Barnfinds.

    I am living the Scout life vicariously these days because of constraints of time, money, and a family. I just haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’ve been tracking craigslist ads and ebay for a few years now. I’ll have to wait a lot more to realize my dreams of keeping a Scout in this world, but I can always feel it just around the corner.

    I grew up in Philly with and learned to drive in my mom’s tahitian red ’79 Ralleye. It was a perfect color to match all the rust that was to come as a northeast daily driver. We were all so proud to own that truck! Never wheeled with it except in snow. Trailered our camper around Lancaster County with the 345/ 727. Parents kept it through ’92. I’d come home from college in the later years and pop rivet scales of roofer’s aluminum over all the new holes to keep her going. Loved it then and guess part of me still does. Anyway, someday I hope to have another of my own.

    As the license plate holder on my family’s Scout said through all those years: “Keep on Truckin” (Does that date us?!?).


  14. Greg Member

    Already sold. Someone scooped it up quickly!

  15. Steven

    Nice old Scout , but had rather have a Long Wheel Base CJ Jeep like Clint Eastwood drove in that movie 🎥 Cooligan Bluff

  16. Brian Scheel

    Very nice to see a Scout listed on BF! Owning a 77 Terra since 91, found in a garage while climbing poles in Van Meter, Ia. Owners late model Pontiac sat outside in the snow! Took 2 years for him to decide to sell it to me! 300.cash, New battery, cleaned plugs, starter fluid and she started up a few hours later and drove it home to Waukee! 345v8, 4Bbl, factory dual exhaust, 727 floor shift, a/c, pwr stg/bks, tilt, cruise, am/fm, speakers in the half top, factory push bar, roll bar, chrome rallies, 31×1050-15, 355 trac-lock rear, auto locking IH/warn front hubs, it was a dealers vehicle from Sparks, Reno, Nv. List was over 11K, lot of money for a truck in 77, remember smallest bolt on motor 5/16, gear driven cam, industrial built HD! 118in wheelbase, not 100, actually longer than a newer Tahoe, gives it a great ride. Still have it needs some tlc, but runs when I decide to! Plus the half top is removable with 4 nuts and 4 screws and a wire harness connector! Not many left out there? Also have a first year 61 4cyl, twin stick 4sp, has sliding door glass windows, the heads would interchange if wanted! Let’s not forget Evan Walker won class at Baja 1000! Keep listings coming! Current project is my barn find from Wisconsin, sat since 77, A 68 GS 400 Convertible!
    Tks for reading my post! Brian S.

  17. JMC

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.My grandfather owned several Scouts,one identical to this one was the last vehicle he ever bought.He owned a neighborhood bowling hall in Rochester,NY for nearly 50 years,he lived around the corner from it.He used his Scouts for clearing the snow from the parking lot,and after he sold the business,to keep his friends driveways clear so they could get out..Always thought these were cool.Saw a diesel equipped one a couple of years ago.

  18. Brian Scheel

    Not to pop your bubble, but those are the factory chrome rims, when you got the Wrangled RWL 10.50×15 tire package and they were 31inches tall too!

  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold for the buy it now price of $7,999.00. Bided to $6,100.00 when someone got nervous and sprung for the BIN price. 29 bids.

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