47k Genuine Miles: 1977 Chevrolet Corvette

For any person who is on the hunt for an original and unmolested C3 Corvette, this 1977 model is a car that really is worth considering. It is a one-owner vehicle that is in pretty impressive condition, and it also features documented low miles. Barn Finder Ikey H referred the Corvette through to us, so thank you so much for that Ikey. The Corvette is located in Denver, Colorado, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The original owner has set the sale price for the Corvette at $21,999.

Finished in Ontario Orange, this Corvette is a vehicle that has been pretty pampered since new. It has always been garaged, and that original paint has only ever been treated to hand-waxing. Of no real surprise is the fact that the front and rear bumpers have discolored a bit, but that is just a fact of life with Corvettes of this era. Otherwise, it’s actually pretty hard to find much to fault with the car. Even the optional luggage rack appears to be in good condition, and these are one item that can begin to show deterioration quite early.

Ah, the 1970s! Brown interior trim was all the rage, and that is precisely what you get inside this Corvette. I hope that it isn’t just me, but I really don’t find this to be the most inspiring of interior color choices. Having said that, I have to say that the condition of the interior is quite good. There is some wear showing on the edges of the leather seats, and this is more prominent on the driver’s seat. The condition of the rest of the trim is really nice, and this is to be expected in a car of this age that has a mere 47,000 documented miles on the clock. For the 1977 model year, the interior of the Corvette did feature some minor restyling, with the vast majority of these changes providing some real practical improvements to the Corvette. The steering wheel was moved closer to the dash, the gauges were changed so that they were easier to read, while the console received some changes to open up a few options for potential buyers when it came to in-car audio entertainment. Speaking of in-car entertainment, this Corvette is fitted with the factory AM/FM radio. In addition, you get a tilt and reach wheel, air conditioning, power windows, and cruise control.

By 1977, the Corvette most certainly wasn’t a fire-breathing monster. Under the hood of this car, you will find the 180hp, 350ci V8 engine, an automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. In addition, the Corvette has been optioned with Gymkhana Suspension, which should make things feel more sure-footed when the going gets twisty. The owner says that the Corvette has always been well maintained and that it has recently been fitted with a number of new gaskets to both the engine and transmission. This should mean that there will be no fluid leaks with the Corvette. It also looks like the Corvette may have recently received a shiny new alternator. What I do find surprising is that while the owner talks in some detail about the vehicle’s maintenance, not once does he mention how well the car runs or drives. Still, if the under-hood presentation is any indication, then it should drive quite well.

By the time this vehicle rolled off the production line in 1977, the Corvette was no longer the high-performance sports car that it had been only a few years earlier. However, with 49,213 cars being sold, this model year represented the 2nd best sales figures of the whole life-cycle of the C3 Corvette. Values of the C3 Corvette have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the past few years, but they are back on the increase again. This particular car is priced right at the top of the market for its specifications and equipment levels. However, it isn’t alone in that, because there are a few very similar examples on the market at present, and they are either priced at around the same figure, while some are priced considerably higher. Given that information, if you really would love to own a C3 Corvette, would this one potentially be on your shopping list?


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  1. Steve R

    It’s nice, but overpriced. The only 77 Corvette that sold for $20,000+ on eBay during the last three months was a 7,800 original mile car with an L-82, nothing else got past $16,350. That’s probably closer to this cars actual value.

    Steve R

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  2. Jason

    Looks great except for the pinstriping. Would it be impossible to remove that without messing up the paint?

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  3. Frank Sumatra

    Two issues:
    1) Very basic Corvette for the hoped-for asking price.

    2) The Corvette you buy today may be the Corvette you have to sell tomorrow. Good luck if you pay full price.

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    • Superdessucke

      You win the Pulitzer Prize for message board posting for the day. People aren’t thinking in any way, shape or form about #2, on anything related to classic cars these days. Good advice to take heed of though given the uncertain political climate we’re in. Personally, I think I’m gonna wait until after the 2020 election to buy anything big.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        @Superdessucke- Thanks! That is the voice of very recent experience. I have been looking for a 95 or 96 Corvette and I have two on the radar screen. The 95 is a pretty “basic” car with the LT1 and six-speed set up. The price is OK and appears negotiable. The 96 is an extremely low-mileage Collector Edition with the hot 330 hp/six-speed set up and every option available in 96. It is also roughly $7K above the 95. I would dearly love to own the ultimate 96 C4 (Non Grand Sport Category) and a part of me says “Go for the gold”, but I know which one I am going to pursue. I could own the 96 rocket ship for twenty years and NEVER get right when the inevitable time to sell arrives. Probably too cautious, and definitely too practical at times.

  4. Jack M.

    I browse a number of Craigslist ads everyday Adam. You very rarely see the seller state that the car runs great. Most sellers are okay to sell locally and would expect a personal inspection and test drive.

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  5. gbvette62

    Nice car, but way overpriced. Even if it was priced fairly, the pinstripes are a complete turn off.

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  6. IkeyHeyman

    Forget about the price, that’s just a starting point for negotiation. Either you like the car or not. If the seller wants the money more than the car, believe me, the price will come down. Haven’t you ever bought a car with a “firm” asking price for much less? I didn’t like this color combo then but I like it now, you don’t see it every day.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Not always true. Some sellers are lucky enough to have the space and time to wait for their price. I have been in that catbird seat ONCE in my 50 years of having fun with cars and I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of that! (I didn’t gloat, I just smiled quietly to myself)

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    • Tony Primo

      This was the color that Chevrolet used on the sales brochure for the 1977 Corvette.

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  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I thought this year came with the Vega steering wheel?

    • Frank Sumatra

      Due to the uproar from the Corvette-tista, the 1976 Vega wheel lasted just one year. The 1977 also has the Crossed Flag badges on the sides above the vents.

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  8. moosie moosie

    Nice C-3 a bit too enthusiastic on the price tho considering the dead look of the paint on the rear bumper cover and the pin striping, that is not Ontario Orange, just plain ole Corvette Orange. Probably over priced by 8 to 10 K. Shame, because its otherwise a clean car.

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  9. Craig

    Nice car. Overpriced. I’d be torn between keeping it original and waking up that underpowered 350.

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  10. Rick Scherbarth

    I’m really interested in this car and hope it finds its way into my garage
    Wanted me one for years and maybe this
    Is it

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Good luck with the hunt! It is a great looking car. But remember, GM has made over a million Corvettes- There is always another one out there.

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  11. John B

    More curves than a Kardashian tramp, and a whole lot fewer miles. This car is what a Corvette looks like to me. I’m 60 years old now, and having driven any number of C3s and worked at a Chevrolet dealer when these were near-new, this one suits me quite nicely except for the ambitious price. Diggin’ it!

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  12. W9BAG

    IMO, one of the worst ‘Vettes ever made. Off the shelf power train, terrible fit & finish. I liken it to the Mustang II’s. Lost, but searching for something better.

    • Frank Sumatra

      Disagree (Surprise!) Under the circumstances imposed by GM, the UAW, the Feds, and the Insurance companies, the Corvette folks did a pretty good keeping the car alive during the dark days. IMO, still the Gold Standard for cars during that bleak era.

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  13. TimM

    Nice car but 350 and automatic!!!!

  14. Chief

    About the price, about 6 months ago there was a 1977 loaded yellow with black interior with 400 miles on the clock and the factory plastic seat wraps still on the seats that went through Mecham. It was mint and went for 22K top bidder. I wish I was there at the time. I would have gladly paid up to 24K for that one. This orange example is worth about 14 to 15K tops. I am a collector. Have a 58 show car and a 2010 Grand Sport. My first vette was a new 76 loaded that I wish I had kept. I am constantly searching for a mint 76 or 77 blue or yellow so I am constantly seeing prices on these. This one is way over priced.

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